The highlight of your day


My highlight for today, first time I wrote this when only the sun set but it’s not dark. My mom’s final physiotherapy appointment today, and we were in the garden where she enjoyed cleaning out some old flower stems, while I made room for all kind of root vegetables.
That was a wonderful hour and gave both of us some peace.

Hope everyone can enjoy a peaceful moment, there are no other times, than what we have right now. Don’t lose faith. :sun_with_face:


Lol, would you join for the volunteer version? For now I get as far as feng ya feng ya qi lalala lalalala.
At least this course gave me some better idea about the pronunciation:

Beautiful song. :slight_smile: And here’s some more fun:


Not right now, but I remember printing out lyrics of “That man” sung by Hyun Bin from Secret Garden and the Hello Hello song by Jang Gun Suk from Mary stayed out all night. Back then with windows 7 you could play the song and record your singing at the same time… not sure it works today… W10 :-1:
Have a wonderful Happy Easter with many Eggs!! :hatching_chick::rooster::rabbit2:
I’ll be off the radar for a bit :wink: :raising_hand_woman:


A very Happy Easter to you too! :rabbit2:

I never had Windows 7. I went from XP to 8 and then 10. You could record yourself with but I’m not sure it would work to record the video along with it. So we might get a solo from you. :wink:

I just looked up the songs you mentioned, cause I didn’t know them, so thanks for the recommendation. :slight_smile:


I have done a bunch of stuff this week so I think I wi9ll rest & relax, some genealogy and finish crocheting that air freshoner doll dress, funny I am kinda tired today. so y’all have a fantastic weekend! Easter and drive through church, happy Easter anyway


Happy Easter to you too! :rabbit:


The highlight of my day was receiving after waiting two months after online order three small bottles of alcohol based hand sanitizer to use if and when I go anywhere and from a dear fellow viki-an through the mail, some hand lotion (because I complained to her about my hands getting dried out from the frequent washing) and a fabric face mask for the unlikely trip I make out of the house. So I am “all dressed up” with nowhere to go but at least the skin on my hands is not dried out!
I expect my highlight tomorrow, Easter Sunday, is going to be watching Andrea Bocelli being live streamed from the cathedral in Milan.


My highlight of, oh my I really limited my time going online, not my highlight but it somehow happened.
So, my highlight on Friday - Good Friday - just sitting in the garden without doing much, other than watering the plants, listening to the birds, smelling spring air, feeling the warmth of the sun.
On Saturday ordinary little things became my highlight after 2 weeks I finally got vegetables from my favorite market traders. Finally apples with taste.
My mom had her own highlight, I brought home 3 more small puzzles she has already 3 of this series of smaller puzzles and yesterday our supermarket had the other ones left, so I just took them, so she can do a new puzzle every week and then it will be her birthday in May.
We were joking since we planned on doing her b-day like last year, going to the hair dresser, after that to a café and afterwards listening to a concert. I guess I need to work all my creativity …


Maybe you could do her hair, then serve tea/coffee and cake and after that sing for her? :wink:


@mirjam_465 I was thinking about that but I would need hair curlers and it’s not that easy at the moment to find the right size. Haha, she used to have shorter hair but since she was sick since January the last time she got her hair cut was in December. I am not that good with making hairstyles but will try my best at least we will have something to laugh about.
I may try to order her favorite cake to pick up and maybe something good will come from our local community TV program, they are livestreaming artists from the region to have a stage, since many of them struggle in these times with fewer opportunities to make a living as an artist. If I don’t find anything for her I might need to rely on good old movie - her favorite of all time - Dirty Dancing.

Don’t miss out on your highlight of the day!


I learned hair stylist :joy::joy: However, it was 27 years ago… I could have revised myself there :thinking:
It’s a shame that you live so far away, For quick times, I would have cut your mother’s hair​:hugs::slight_smile: Assuming she has a simple cut :grin:

My day was wonderful today… short form:
33 km of cycling…
Enjoyed the sun…
To my horse… :heart:
Played darts And unfortunately lost :slight_smile:
It doesn’t matter, it was a great day :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I love the sun, It brings strength :heart:


I might not be the only one who watched this, the streaming numbers showed 2.6 million viewers for me at least. Clicks are now on a way to reach 20 million shortly I believe.
If you missed out on it, you might want to check it. Andrea Bocelli’s concert in Milan.


I can’t tell about yesterday (maybe finding Brian May’s YT channel, was the hidden highlight since without that I wouldn’t have today’s highlight), but I just found my highlight for today maybe this day proves me wrong and will bring another highlight … Who knows?
I was looking at Brian May’s YT channel and then went to his web page and found this - it rocked my day … And now I can’t stop singing …
And push the replay button

Have a good day


Itoday is the beginning of the rest of my life, so I am planning to do some new recipe cooking, found some on YT this morning and going to make that riceball! I goit the ingredients is all.


@frustratedwriter You just reminded me that I almost hadn’t a highlight for days, I am experiencing heart palpitations since yesterday, maybe even Saturday evening without realizing it. The highest was 160, this morning 140 now I am at 130, which already feels more relaxing.
My highlight today is that the last purchase I made other than in the grocery store is a steaming unit, which came to a lot of use in these lonely days.
And now that I am not feeling all that well it is even better, since I just need to scrub the potatoes and some roots put some water in the pot and that is pretty much it, a little butter and pinch of salt.
Healthy and easy, oh the kitchen timer is ringing, that’s what I call timing.
Another blood pressure check - bp okay, heart rate still to high. I guess I will take a slow walk with my mom in the garden after we had our meal.
Edit: Forgot - have a good day and stay healthy, stay away from to much sugar and salt …


Lutra made that rice ball, but turned out too watery. The gu said 4 tablespoons of mayo, I should have stuck with onme! then roll it in the rice, so I learned something today, and btw, even if it was mushy, it was kinda good. so next time less mayo!


Ugh that sounded bad I can’t picture eating that. I love Mayo but with rice ugh. Can you put the link here: I need to see that recipe. Watery rice I throw it out I gag when my rice comes out watery. hahahahaha

Try baked potato on the microwave, and add whatever you like (I like sour cream and chive or organic imitation bacon taste so good)! Butter is good but I avoid butter too


mine is going to be calling some people, esp a couple that are about my age(70’s) lift them up a bit, also going to check out growing a couple seeds in water and a pot with dirt. and see what other “trouble” I can get into by just staying in the house!! hehehehehehe


I was called by a couple of my Korean friends after sending them a message. It was nice to see them again :smile:


Cool! Did you ever see them in real life?