The highlight of your day



Happy Birthday to your Dad. May he be blessed with many, many years in perfect health, and may all he wish in life, comes true. Enjoy!



Thank You both so much :heart:

:joy:The old generation is celebrating, And the younger one is at home again :sweat_smile::joy:
You can’t keep up with that


Yesterday, finally made it to my favorite baker at the market and got 4 muffins with gooseberries, yummy.
My Mom and I later played a short round of Indiaca, beginners level, so it dropped a few times, and we had to take it from the ground more than once, but we had fun and something to laugh.
Another highlight, weather forecast said it a thunderstorm may come in the evening maybe heavy rain too, nothing … At night thunderstorm warning, heavy rain, gutsy wind, hail … Well, thankfully it was a peaceful night nothing happened at all.

Wish you all a peaceful Sunday!


yeaaa, another Sunday! and really enjoying this weather, really nice and cool at the moment, but tomorrow, here in NC we may be weathering that hurricane out there in the water! so I am going to enjoy this while I can, storms a brewing but I know the storm breaker!


Hope all is fine by you and you all stay safe. Enjoy your day.


Dear Angelight!
Thank you!


In short :pensive::grin:
Celebrated last week…
And now full of sadness…

It is nice, To fall asleep with the world…
And wake up with her again…
To smile in to the sun
And yet stand in the rain…
It is so cold And yet it is warm

I am at the sea and can feel it
Feel his strength… I see a daisy that is so small,
But smells so wonderful…
I see the sun sink into the sea, I can hear it hissing softly…
I am so grateful that I can take everything in me

With a smile on my face, thinking of the crying heart


gaby! that is absolutely beautiful!! and why are you sad??


Thank you @frustratedwriter, That’s dear of you :blush:
Why I’m sad…
That so many can no longer experience and feel all of this :pensive: As the saying goes
The table where we sit together, Is getting smaller :pensive: :broken_heart:


Whern sadness fills your heart. when tears flow in your eyes always remember 3 things
God is with you
Still with you
Always with you


A Cup of Tea

When the world is all at odds
And the mind is all at sea
Then cease the useless tedium
And brew a cup of tea

There is magic in its fragrence
There is solace in its taste:
And then laden moments vanish
Somehow into space

And the world becomes a lovely thing!
Theres beauty as you see
All because you briefly stopped
To brew a cup of tea.


:roll_eyes: Today was a beautiful day :blush:
We too have finally reached the 20 ° limit,
Work was exhausting, And yet beautiful :smirk:
I was already looking forward to tomorrow :grin::sweat_smile:
Sleeping in nicely is after all a weekend, No alarm clock that rings… Just calm and quiet, no stress… My beloved Saturday :relieved: yes…
Someone asks me:
“Why do you shine like that?“,… I answered…
Well, tomorrow Saturday, free,Sleep in :sun_with_face::grin:
what more do you want?
She laughs at me and says…
But Gaby, it’s only Thursday… :astonished::flushed::pensive: Oh nöö :slightly_frowning_face:
I swear, The morning was a highlight


today is the beginning of the rest of my life, I found something I thought y’all might like

no matter what ,count those blessings. with all thats going on , I needed that uplift today
so yes set the goals, live my life at its fullest. smile more, give more, count MY blessings!

sing more laugh more , etc etc etc!!


Thank you, I really needed this today! :gift_heart::gift_heart::gift_heart::gift_heart::gift_heart::gift_heart::gift_heart::gift_heart::gift_heart::gift_heart::gift_heart:


I needed this too today, this virus is kinda getting me down, so this put a spark in me, got thingd to do. glad you liked it


Thanks for sharing this beautiful message that came at the right time to lift up your spirit, and many of us that need encouraging words like those that will be the highlight of our day. Many Blessings and abundant health.


:blush::blush::blush: thank you!

and P/S I got er done!!


maybe I should have put this on laugh for the day, but highlights, , I needed the laugh


something woke me up at 3;30 thjis morning, couldn’t get back to sleep, so I got up, started my day early, I started cleaning. so I got a part of my house clean, got clothes folded, ate breakfast, turned on this"monster" read my email, went to the news"good grief!" what next is all I can say!

went to you tube, watched some there, then here on Viki, going to watch a couple of dramas,drink some coffee,
I think I am going to do some crocheting and genealogy today, Haven’t done either one in a few days.

and I discovered a couple of dramas coming on, think they were Chinese one was singing pheonix or dancing pheonix. and way I understood, another time travel one!! yeaaaa! so 4 hours into my day, and really motivated, energetic! hope this stays like this the remainder of the day, maybe a nap later on…

and a p/s don’t think God called me this time, but y’know it does happen. reason for it . y’all have a great & blessed day!!