The highlight of your day


The days are getting shorter again, the summer is slowly fading away, It will not be long before the yellow leaves of the trees fall to the ground,It will be cold and the days will be grey.
And yet there is hope for the beauty of nature…
Feel power and draw energy…

Even in the dark times is hope for life

There will always be highlights


ok this may not be something for everyone, this week I started that keto diet, and not too bad. I really had to do something. so been diligent, followed what to eat and all. (miss the ice cream) no haven;t touched. the blood sugar has been quite high for years, well today, 143, the lowest its been in many years, thats my highlight for the day. and do plan to stick with this as well


can y’all do it? no icecream yikes, I thought I would give this a try, goes right along with my other message.


see that message above? 1 1/2 week into it, no weight loss as fo yet, but my blood sugar, today 135! the lowest its been in years, I mean 5-10 , better believe I am thankful, see me I am happy dancing!!:blush:

ugh no ice cream! so this made my day!!

ok heres my highlight for the day!

i did that quiz on soompi , and got 15-19 as my age, yeah my highlight for the day!! a spring chicken here and didn’t know it! heheheh, soompi quizzes


The highlights of my day happened in the fitting room of Primark and an other clothing store: I had to get myself a size smaller because the size I was trying on, and had for at least a year, was way too loose on me. I bought work out pants and jeans. And that jeans was 50% of 50% so instead of almost 40 euro’s I only paid 9,50 euros.:smile:


that sounds great!


Glad I survived today. Tomorrow another rough day coming.


:pray: Thinking about you.



Thank you so much I need them so much in my life. Blessings to you and your family.


I hope you are ok, prayers going up


Whatever you are going through, I hope you can find the strength to get through the difficult situation :cry:


@feyfayer Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Amazingly all of your prayers, gives me the strength that keeps me going for those in my family, that needs me so much right now.

@frustratedwriter Thank you! I’m ok so far, holding on to my faith, and going strong with all your prayers.


if you need some to “vent” just email me I will listen, all of us here we got your back!


My highlignt of today wasn’t it nice?


very nice, want to share something that gave me a laugh and made MY day so here goes
I am almost there enjoy


Found some time to subtitle … It’s been too long.

And found The Fiery Priest on the broadcaster’s YT channel, didn’t know they had one since this week and didn’t know that drama was there either. Subtitles English a u t o - g e n e r a t e d, so I guess I will have fun or I should have bought more potato chips.


I found something I thought y’all would like


image for anyone that is down here is what you need. and excuse me, didn’t find a guy one.


I am going to give this a try, and hopefully, this will be shown. anyway, I listened to two sermons, which were awesome.

I think we all discussed about depression, loneliness and all, that was discussed, well y’know I have to say my 3 cents worth. if we including me, that’s lonely, depressed, reach for the phone and call someone, that Facebook

hey contact someone, even an email! we need each other more than ever, this virus thing is grabbing a lot of "us " folk,not just us senior citizens either, and no people contact for one, we get discourages, despondent, depressed disgusted, that was a sermon many years ago, anyway, we need to just wake up, call, email, Facebook or those other things that are around,

I hate it when I feel down, no reason, but it happens, but just that one phone call can lift a person’s spirit big time, oh and I don’t mean getting long distance calls from y’all, that’s just an example

those sermons were a highlight for me today, yeah on Facebook, but made me feel like I am not alone
and today I really do feel great! y’all have a great& blessed day

the other day someone called me, this is what we are discussing, but thought I’d let you in on this . first start, she mnentioned no one calls her, I told her no one calls me either, esp the children, they just don’t know or realize that phone call is what we would like . anyway mI let her ramgble, she even asked me if I had a gun! wow out of the blue. anyway I talked her out of that and just listened to her rambling. I believe if we just listen, boring or not we could help someone out of their depression and wanting to take their life. yeah I guess I don’t listen enough


My highlight for Sunday…
Made it today, between the rain, to have a long walk with my horse :blush::heart:
And for the 2nd I could save a bird from my cat today :blush: