The highlight of your day


Thats not it, young lady!
A drama lover never gets old.

Everytime I go to my town, I always clinge to me Grandma to listen to stories of her time and everytime she comes up with something different that makes me excited, I am almost an adult and I still go to listen to her stories, probably that’s my highlight of the year, I’d say.
Nevertheless, I really want to appreciate your time and want to know about your youth and school and teachers and friends and neighbourhood (nothing personal just things that are general :slight_smile:)


thank you so much!! now back to youi and granny, you be sure to record those stories! genealogist here,
and a lot has been missed cause we didn’t record those stories! and I am one that didn’t! find out stuff, you won’t regret it, and quality time with granny!!


I never thought of this idea. This is so good to keep my granny eternal. I’ll do this next time when I visit her.


a reminder to y’all and I hope it does make someones day a bit brighter!!



:hugs: Unexpected discovery! Try to read something that someone would recommend and liking it?

Bought some of her books after reading the poem you posted.
Nikita Gill!


this may be a little thing to some of you, but with me(us) being so called locked up, don’t see anyone, no calls, etc. these discussions open the door for me

I can talk , laugh, yeah even cry with some, I sometimes put silly stuff on these discussions, and to be sure a lot of you may think I am crazy or something, I am not crazy, or whatever.

a person thats lonely and especially a senior , will go to lengths to do something. write a book, read, crochet, sew, genealogy, yeah I do that, but contact is something else, and I am sure there are others here like that too, but won’t say it.

I guess I am venting a bit, and please excuse me, if I offend, but today , just a little thing , something I wrote in another discussion, a lot of people responded, and I admit it wasn’t much, but how good I felt to know they responded!


May I know your birthmonth so that me and you or if somebody else wants to, can enjoy some virtual celebration here?
This month is my birthday :birthday::smile:


all righty now! happy birthday!! twinkling, mine is November!


Mary, just tell us when you’re not feeling fine or feel sad! We don’t always feel it or notice it, because we can’t see your expression from where we live!

I find on this forum you’re such lovely and lively! A mood lifter! Really great to get to know you and talk with you! You’re really younger than your real age :yum:

I also think we share the same kind of humor LOL

The other day, I was watching a genealogy documentary, but haven’t finished it yet, it’s like a mini-series in French with 5 or 6 ep?
While reading the synopsis, I thought it was a pity you couldn’t watch this, you could have liked it!

In short, it is like when people are gone from this world, they leave an inheritance.
However, their heirs are not always easy to find, so the lawyer has to call some genealogists to find them!
They show us how they do to find heirs, the clues they get from investigating, questioning people, friends or neighbours, showing pictures or asking or looking in city hall old files to find the register of family! Once they find someone who might know something, they go in a far away city to see that person that gives them more clues.
They have like a giant database where they store data about each person, their blood relationships…

There’s also History: like we had a lot of people migrating from all over the world because of WWII or wars, so finding their cousins, uncles, aunts in all Europe, Poland… Sometimes, it’s an old person from an Eastern European country that learns she’s inheriting a big house or thousands euros from a distant cousin that migrated to France.

They even had the case where the mom was abusing her 9 children. She kept 1 child and abandoned her 8 children to orphanages and when she was gone from this world, they did research to find back these children now adults. It was like a family gathering! Since they were adopted from different families, they didn’t see each other since childhood!

So their job is to find heirs! Quite a quest and special job!


:fireworks::tada: Happy Birthday!!


that genealogy documentary sounds real good interesting too Piranna, thank you so much, I may be boring at times, but I really appreciate what you said. so I need to say I’m lonely or I’m sad or… ok I will.


I don’t find you boring! The image you got from yourself or you want to put in my eyes is not the image I’ve got.

Oh no, it is fine if you don’t want to tell about your feelings!
The only way for us to communicate is through text and emojis, so we skip all the signals we can get in real life to know the mood of a person.

I’m assuming a lot of wrong things: If I talk a lot, it’s because I’m in a good mood, I become talkative and demonstrative.

For you, it seems I’ve misunderstood your signals!
I have to be more thoughtful of my surroundings, in real life or Internet. It’s not easy to understand how people feel. A cheerful tone can hide something else, right!


If I find anything on genealogy, I know whom to share it with right @frustratedwriter ?


:star_struck::heart_eyes: well of course! twinkling!!

piranna, you haven’t misunderstood my signals at all yes the cheerful tone is a great give away, but a lot of times I am cheerful. ok a promise to you and the others, I will let you know when I am blue or sad and so on.



Yes, I use Duolingo as a supplement for my studies too but I never understood why certain countries have totally unrelated named in Japanese!?
Germany is ドイツ?


I don’t think it’s unrelated, it just doesn’t look like the English word. Germany is Deutschland in German and Duitsland in Dutch. So they probably just directly borrowed it from German.
オランダ comes from Holland, which is the informal word for The Netherlands (and also the name of 2 Dutch provinces).

Haha, I also used to think it was weird that the English name for the language of The Netherlands looked so much like the German (and Dutch) word for German. :rofl: But it has something to do with the history of the languages …

Btw, Finnish has 2 names for The Netherlands: Hollanti and Alankomaat. That last one seems totally random, but it actually literally means the same as The Netherlands (the low countries).
Although Finnish has a lot of country names that are hard to recognize: Viro (Estonia), Suomi (Finland), Ruotsi (Sweden), Venäjä (Russia) …


Yes, I admit I never knew Deutsche is German in German. I thought it is Dutch in Dutch.
It took me, two years and some volunteering at Viki to realize that Deutsche is German and not Dutch.


The Dutch word for Dutch is Nederlands. Makes much more sense if you ask me. :wink: