The highlight of your day


2 highlights today in the morning after doing some breathing exercises heart rate was at 80, but didn’t last too long I was back in 130-150 beats per minute, but this evening I was walking slowly back and forth in my yard and a little later my heart rate now is 99. I am under 100!!! That feels so good. I know it is still too high, but so much better than all day.


My highlight of today is you guys. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


One of them came here in 2018 and stayed with us during her vacation, others I have met while they were on vacation here and the rest I haven’t met in person, but I know them since 2016 :slight_smile:.


Me and my bestfriend went on a long walk and talked about everything, then we took the year first swim in the ocean. It was so damn cold.:smiley:


Was just outside To get my cats in
And looked up at the sky
There are so many bright stars up there
It is so wonderful to look at them
I just had to smile
Because today I could perceive them at that moment…
I am still smiling :heart::heart:


That’s so nice! So far I met only one Korean in real life and only for a day, but it still was great.

Is one of them in your profile pic? :slight_smile:


Yes :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: it’s my Emma
She will be 8 years old next month, I first saw her when she was 1 week old… It is so wonderful❤️
Do you have animals?


She’s beautiful! :slight_smile: Did you get both your cats around the same time?

No, I don’t have pets. When I grew up we had fish and chickens, but never a dog or cat. Nowadays I am a regular guest at the cat cafe though. Or at least I was until the virus broke out.


I have met 3 koreans , they were some lovely people. and her spring rolls (>) were delicious!


That’s so nice! :slight_smile:
Did she give you the recipe?


Maggie :heart:is my other cat and will be 6 years old in August, She was probably released in a parking lot at ca.12 weeks And is a gray black tabby cat with white… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Unfortunately, the two don’t get along very well And yet they are sometimes very fat together :grin:
I’ve heard of a cat cafe, I think there is one in Berlin…
Although cats rather for yourselves, it is interesting that such a café arrives, but they also radiate an inner calm…
A horse belongs to me too :heart:

Did you Fish in the aquarium, or in the pond?
Chickens are cute too :heart_eyes:
Although I was once chased by a rooster :face_with_raised_eyebrow::joy:
That Beast :neutral_face:. :joy:


someone from my church came by, he stayed in his car and me on the porch, that was definitely a highlight in my day!


The highlight of my day? SEEING THIS WONDERFUL NEWS!!! So happy for them.


The highlight for me the other day was a skype session with Irmar, Justine and Anna. I met all of them on Viki over the past few years - same team or on this forum - and I am speechless that until this day, we’re still in good terms with our respective character. It’s TNT x 4.

They provided me great support, some advice (not always good by the way) and also some headaches to be honest :slight_smile:
It’s part of any relationships, right?

Irmar is also a great singer, she would blend easily in our karaoke sessions, but Anna won’t bear 3 people singing while segmenting.

I’ve had great laughs and I thank them for being there :ok_woman:


The highlight of yesterday, a few times my pulse was around 100 and sometimes even at 80, didn’t get stable till now. I am walking and walking to get my heart back in shape.
And I am having white anemones in my garden and they have started to bloom now.


Seems your cats can’t live with or without each other. :laughing:
I’ve never been to another cat cafe, there’s only one in my province and not even in my own town. But there was a time that I went there each week and later at least every time I would visit the city. So I know all the cats by name. There’s a private room where the cats can retreat when they get bored with the visitors, haha. And you have to watch out that they won’t steal your food. :rofl: This cafe has only hard to place shelter cats, carefully selected to get along with each other. The cafe is their home and we are their visitors. But I have no idea how they’re doing now that everything’s closed.

O, a horse! That’s so cool! What kind of horse?

At first we had just 2 goldfish in a bowl, but then my fish ate my sister’s and died. Later we got an aquarium full of all kinds of fish and in another period we had guppies.
The chickens stayed in a hennery in the backyard.

OMG, did you escape, hahaha? :rofl:


This must be the highlight for today, woke up measured my blood pressure and I have a resting pulse rate of 80. :dancer:
I feel like dancing


I had a 2nd highlight today, this evening my mom and I were sitting by our small pond in the garden. We “have” a blackbird in our garden and only my mom saw it while I was getting a seat ready for myself. So the bird came into our direction, the pond between us and then went away again. I didn’t see it until it was sitting in a thuja another 3 meters away watching us. I know that bird, sometimes in the winter it sits outside on the fence and when I am showing an apple through the window it will wait in a tree nearby until I bring it outside. So today, I just talked to it, to come closer and use its usual bathing spot. After a minute the bird finally sat on its spot not without watching us closely but bathing anyway. It was just nice to see that the trust is that big.:bird:


I had to flee the Rooster, I had no chance :grimacing:
My horse is a trotter, 20 years old, May one actually show private pictures of the animals,
Or is that not desirable?
:astonished: Your fish have eaten each other, Were the hidden piranhas? :joy:


Yes, show us your horse, please! :horse:

Must have been! They were disguised as goldfish, though. :joy: