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I’m so sorry to hear your sad news. Take the time you need, and we will be here for support whenever you find your way back. :revolving_hearts:


I’m sorry for what you are going through.
Take all the time you need and thank you for all you’ve contributed till now :bouquet::bouquet:


My dearest drama sunbae, so sorry for what you’re going through. Praying that you will have the strength and peace to take each day as it comes, and hopefully come back to us sometime in the future. Thank you for all the help, drama reccs and pleasant conversations you have exchanged with all of us here - and also for the gift of this sweet little ray-of-sunshine thread :two_hearts: This maknae will miss you lots :heart:

PS: highlight of my day - I’m finally free, everyone! I can spend a lot more time here for a few months because I’m done with high school forever :sweat_smile:🥲


Sending you much love and light that your spirits may be lifted during any dark times ahead.


Dear Lutra,

I’m so sorry for your loss. I know what it’s like to lose a parent. Take all the time that you need to process this intense loss and remember that we are here for you. :heart:
Also remember that she will always be with you, not just in your memories, but also in all the habits and character traits you got from her. And whatever the future holds, she’d want you to be happy so never feel guilty about that.


So sorry for what you’re going through. Please take care of your health and remember to give yourself a break from anything stressful. :blue_heart:


I can’t remember any bad ones.

Oh no, such sad news :cry: Dear Lutra, I’m giving you a BIG virtual hug :hugs: and wishing you strength to overcome whatever is difficult for you, I’ve been there in 2019 so I feel with you. Hang in there and take the time you need, and I look forward when you visit here again.
Sadly nothing lasts forever… may good memories comfort you :angel::candle:
Love, Simi :heart::heart::heart:


I had to leave my house and son to take care of her, last fall, and expected to do so for a long time. I knew that it wouldn’t be TOO long, but I never thought it would be so short. Letting her go? I didn’t have to, covid took care of it for me, and I wasn’t even able to cry when I heard that it happened, as I had no breath and, a few days later, no voice either. When I came back, it took me weeks before daring visit the empty house. Taking care of all her clothes, books and other belongings and sorting what is going where was like letting her go a second time.
You really are forced to become an adult when you lose your parents and especially your mother. Then there’s no escaping, you have to solve everything alone. You have to only be the one who comforts others now. Nobody in the world who loves you unconditionally and puts you always first and is always on your side, no matter what. The world becomes a bit more scary and cold. (There may be moments when you even resent your children because they have a mother).
I don’t know when it passes, but I’m told it does, eventually. It becomes softer, duller, they say. You don’t burst out crying at random times, when talking to the electrician, for instance, just because some word or some object made you remember something. They say you’ll only remember the good times, the gain and not the loss.
Waiting for that. Of course I knew that six months wouldn’t be enough. But that too will pass. The good things pass and the bad things pass as well.
As auntie Scarlett said, “Tomorrow’s another day”.


Just an update …
My mom left this world last night. She never has to be fearful or in pain again, and that is what I am most thankful for.

Her favorite song:

Please do not reply to this comment, I just wanted to let you know if you want to send me :hugs: or well wishes just click on the heart symbol, that’s enough for now.

I will try not to take too much time off, …
Thank you for all the wishes I received and comfort you all gave to me.

Till then :yellow_heart:


I watch my Asian dramas which take me to exotic locales since I can’t travel anymore. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I just accepted my first “gig” as a freelance interpreter and I am glad that it is going to be for a marriage license interview. Since I am more interested in helping people than any monetary compensation, I couldn’t be more thrilled to help a couple obtain a marriage license.


So cool! Hope everything goes well! Tell us about the experience :sweat_smile:


The interview went well. Originally, I was envisioning it would be something like the American movie “Green Card” but the interview was more about the paperworks involved for obtaining marriage certificate in the state the couple reside in.


My highlight now is, I took a shortcut and was initiated into the 1st Reiki degree…
And can only say, placebo effect it is in no way :slightly_smiling_face:


My treasures I found while jogging this morning! :open_mouth:


:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: this is a beautiful flower…
And the colors from the leaf, you would think it goes back to autumn, very beautiful :slight_smile:


Took the lower range Korean DLPT (Defense Language Proficiency Test) today and received the maximum possible score. Since the six-hour-long test is known to be notoriously difficult, it felt good to do well.


Wow that’s a beast choitrio!!! We used to do department of defense trainings (is that a doxx for me) every year and the dept would be really busy as a result.


Thank you. I wanted to take the upper range test but apparently upper range DLPT5 is not available in Korean, at least not at the Los Angeles MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Station). I might still go ahead and start the federalization process for mission readiness as a civilian consultant, although I may be a bit too old, lol.


You are never too old for things that suit you and make fun, as long as you are happy, everything is good :bouquet:

That’s what I say :joy: who is always in her own way :wink: :partying_face: