The highlight of your day


Congratulations to her! Hope she enjoys her job :heart:


Thank you!


I made a new friend!


I almost feel like celebrating - since insomnia put a spell on me, I finally managed to sleep at night and 7.5 hours without waking up in the middle. Finally!

On the next “construction site”, I could eat well this week still not at old portion’s size and amount but even here another finally!!! The weight loss stopped, and I got 2 kg back, so I am slowly starting to get confident.

Number 3 I am working on is my physical condition, that will be even more to work on. Well, since I am making progress with sleep and weight, I have hope this will be better too.

Patience, I always thought I was the patient type, but I guess that was only because I always had the goal in the visual range, so it was never tested like this.


I didn’t think I would write another comment so soon in this topic.
And I can’t tell you why I get excited every time I get to hear the cranes when they head south. They just flew over my home, I couldn’t see them but, if you ever heard them once you will know what they sound like, so there is no doubt, I think they are a little later than usual, but I’m not sure about that.


Our family watched the annual sandhill crane migration in southeastern Arizona. We saw thousands. To see them flying in formation and hear them was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


@my_happy_place congratulations!! :+1::+1:


Dear all!
Last year was rough on me and so were the first 2 weeks of this year, when I not only fell down around six steps of my stairs at home (first highlight no bones broken, no major damage only some bruises between shoulder and neck, not even one scratch). Just one week after I fell down a second time, spare me the details on that, anyway from there on it was kind of a wake-up call or like a déjà vu since I had a similar experience with my mom last year. My health and condition was just like a rollercoaster, it went up and down all the time it was really frustrating to motivate me again and again, when every 3-4 days it felt like: reset, reset, reset, … I just didn’t want to fall a third time, so I was more thorough on what to eat and do some exercises.
So last Saturday I had to clean up the pedestrian way around my house we had quite some snow up to 10 cm (no major storm or blizzard) and I managed it, with two breaks to warm me up in between. In the afternoon, I was walking to a grocery shop that is a bit further from my home, and I was able to walk the same distance home all together 2.5 km. It finally feels like I am gaining strength again, for a whole week I was able to do a bit more every day and my health not for once made a reversal to what I kind of was used to the past months. I really hope from here on my health will be stable and that my condition all in all will increase.

Thank you to all who reached out to me in the past months, for exchanging thoughts, experiences and even recipes. I am so thankful of having you all and appreciate your kindness.
May all of you have some good times as well, wishing all of you a good health and people around you, who care.
See you around!