The Hottie I DONT Want To Be In The Same Room With

In anticipation of Halloween, which originally was, millennia ago, simply some kind of prehistoric harvest festival (that’s what I was taught), why not a brief thought or two about the K-drama hotties it might be wise to avoid?

Park Seo Joon is one of my faves when it comes to meticulous acting and a high hottie rating. I have never seen him do less than stellar work. However . . .

Ji Sung is another one of my faves, but his most really amazing drama had me alternately screaming in shock and weeping at the tragedy of the character he so amazingly portrayed . . .

Who else has been in dramas that make you say, “I’m hiding until Thanksgiving!” . . .


ahahahahahaha! Oh Well. Even though a monster inhabits him I will take Ha Ram anyway! Just have to find a way to evict the monster!
hehhe this gif moves just enough to probably freak out misswillow! :rofl:

Park Seo Joon is the GOOD guy! He even has stigmata! (It’s a Catholic thing - I don’t know if other Christian religious groups recognize stigmata.)

Park Seo Joon is FIGHTING off the bad hottie who is Woo Do Hwan! He’s a real cutie in real life but I do have to admit his character scared the bejeezus outta me! I had to make the sign of the cross while watching that movie to keep him at bay! YIKES! EeeeEee Scary dude!


Here he is as just a plain old body guard in King:Eternal Monarch



I want to be in the room with all the HOTTIES :fire:


Kim Ji Hoon… HOTTIE but I was absolutely TERRIFIED of him in Flower of Evil. My heart would drop every time he came on screen.
I’ve never ever been so scared of a drama character before.


I’m a fer-shure Presbyterian, but growing up, I had several friends who were Catholic, and my parents had no problem with me going to Mass with my grade school bestie. I learned all about stigmata, bilocation, Lourdes, Fatima, and burying a statue of St. Joseph in the front yard if you are trying to sell your house (though that’s more of an American folk superstition).

I tried hard to watch Divine Fury because the synopsis was so compelling, but it just creeped me out.

A few things happened when I was a little kid (about this time of year) that have always made it hard for me to cope with ghosts and monsters creeping around in the dark. If it had been more in the mold of a good, solid “I’m taking the bad guys DOWN” kind of drama . . . maybe I would have watched the whole thing.

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Could not get through two episodes. Now that I know how that kind of story goes (pure and persistent love overcomes evil but gets pretty beat up before it wins) I might be able to watch it.

Koreans over the history of their culture have perfected not giving away emotional cues that could cause them or others harm or worry. That comes out in some interesting ways in K-dramas.

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What? No! Halloween is in fact the festival of the dead and the undead. Each year, on October 31st, relatives and friends who have passed away pay us a visit, so it’s always a good way to receive them with joy and plenty of food. :pizza: :confetti_ball:
Of course, it’s taken on a commercial spin, but the concept hasn’t changed: Remembering the deceased. :heart: :jack_o_lantern:


kdrama kisses


Suspicious Partner -
Dong Ha
Jung Hyun Soo

Brilliant Brilliant performance - He scared the begeezes out of me!!!

This guy right? @misswillowinlove


You know it! Dia de Los Muertos! But she’s on the right coast and may not know about it.

Misswillow - It’s a memorial day not scary!



New Mexico Nomad

The one regret I have after living there for 15 years is I didn’t buy more dia de los muertos
memorabilia - I really wanted the salt and pepper shakers :smile:

There is a tradition of spending the day in the cemetery and putting stones on the grave. I have always thought this was beautiful I don’t know what culture does that.

I love All Hallow’s EVE



This guy from Falling for Innocence!

The betrayal that he produced was beyond measure
and he is such a HOTTIE - but I HATE HIM!



The Villain from ‘Under the Power’ is the most ruthless I’ve personally come across in drama land to date. He is pure evil, through and through. He made my stomach turn every time he was on screen.


After the arrival of Christianity in Europe, a lot of pre-Christian traditions got at upgrade. Where it is celebrated, Halloween has a lot of symbolism related to the end of warm weather and crop growing, preparing for a season of rest and meditation, and remembering people no longer part of a community.

However it’s done, Halloween marks a turn in the year.

And it looks like, at least as far as Viki is concerned, this year things will be spinning, baby!


Oh! I recognize him! He’s Han Dong. He’s been ia co-star in Cheng Yi’s shows. Promise of Chang’An, Stand By Me, and all kinds of shows.


Dia de los Muertos is a whole different celebration than Halloween. More thoughtful, more family-oriented, and certainly the food is better.


I was born in Corpus Christi, Texas. Duh.


It’s the day of the crack between the worlds when the veil separating them is easily passed. They can come here to visit. You can speak directly with your loved ones.

The fearful church turned it into a scary monster night.


Man he’s Handsome though!

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Gwi - From Scholar Who Walks the Night

Um - I might DIE happy!!! bahahahahahahaha!


Yeppers! I know but the original festival or event was based in Christianity, so say some scholars. Today’s celebrations do stray a lot away from it though truthfully.

My brain is not working it is needing more K2 but I’ll see if I can find some more history!

Oh! I thought you were from New York. So you know about Dias de Los Muertos then! :grin:

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