The Hottie I DONT Want To Be In The Same Room With


We don’t celebrate any of that pagan stuff round here. No, Sir! :joy_cat:

I can’t wait! Wooohoo! :tada::sparkles::confetti_ball:


It ain’t pagan! It’s TRADITIONAL! :sunglasses:


I have always loved Halloween - well you know the candy and the costumes! But I do love learning about the true traditions behind it and the Harvest beliefs and celebrations of the dead! I have been a clown for years - all dressed up and everything and I can paint everyone’s faces! Trunk-or-Treats here have become the tradition where cute little mermaids and princes can come to a decorated car trunk and get their candy!!! :candy:


Righto! :smile_cat: Hey, we should start our own tradition(s). How does that sound?


What about strange people from the Internet like yours truly? Please paint my face too. :grin:


Tell me where and when and I’ll be there!!! :wink:


wow I was thinking the same thing


Park Hae Jin on Cheese in the trap

Lim Ju-hwan on Oh my ghost

Drama Wiki


OMGoodness, yes to both of these guys! Yikes.


Lee Soo Hyuk! Mr. Cheekbones!

Anybody sit through both seasons of Vampire Prosecutor? Season one was scary but somehow satisfying. Season two, of which I saw only one episode, was gory beyond the point where it made sense.


yeah, this isn’t a thriller for thriller’s sake… it’s a melodrama about marriage where the writer just heightened the tension by adding thriller elements. The good thing is, we can always rely on kdramas to blur out knives and open wounds, and pan away from brutal death scenes.

ooooh I remember this guy… he was DESPICABLE. I hated him to the bone but I wasn’t scared of him. I’d probably jump into the screen and punch him, if I could. This guy reminds me of Leo from Ashes of Love. Ohhhhh I hated the guy so muchhh… while the rest of the TCs mourned with SLS and “why’s he so hot” I sat there full of rage and frustration, wishing I could slap Mr. Fishface -_-


I wasn’t scared of him in the sense that I had to look away or through my fingers, but he did unspeakable things to people, particularly women, and I most definitely would NOT want to be in a room with him, ever.


I think it’s Viki that blurs out certain things, not K-dramas in general. When I saw Vampire Prosecutor on DramaFever, they used a lot of ketchup. And season two was worse.

However, there was something good to come out of the show.


No, Korean TV networks blur everything themselves. They have to comply with broadcasting regulations because the dramas are being aired in homes.

Viki wouldn’t bother because it’s a streaming service. If you ever see graphic violence with no blurring, it’s either a Netflix show or a web series.


OK. I guess standards have changed for whatever reasons in the past number of years, because I have seen some gory stuff. Then again, it’s possible what I remember is the very clever editing to make things appear worse than they are. Sort of the reverse of what’s done to make it look as if the ML and FL of a rom-com are having lip sex


Yeah… I remember being sickened by the terrible amount of gore in Team Bulldog, but I can’t remember any actual graphic violence. Flower of Evil also had its very violent moments, and so did He is Psychometric and a number of other psychopath-based dramas. I feel sick because of the crimes and everything that’s described, but we never actually see anything. Using scary camera angles/movements and graphic storytelling, they’re able to instill terror without showing us much.


As it turns out, there are several actors in Lovers of the Red Sky who are alternately creeping me out and making me smile. Some I am familar with and some I am not.

“Supernatural saeguks” are definitely perfect for Halloween.

Aegiya, do you want your Rice Krispies treats extra crispy this year? Ma Hwang oppa can make that dream a reality . . .”

(Kpopmap screen cap of someone’s recent Tweet)

I had to “shop” the image so the figure in it is easier to see. Way too much post-production smoke and mirrors for my taste.


Ha Ram is Hot even when he is EVIL! sorry!

Evil Incarnate this dude - cuz of the CAT - and he is just plain EVIL - nope I can’t EVEN!
_ Kwak Si Yang in Chicago Typewriter - NOPE_


At this point, I actually prefer him in his evil form. H.O.T. Hot.


Well - rewinding his chest scene was pretty darn good! BUT SAME - I’d be in the room with him!!! and his little dark self - hahahahahahaha!