The Hottie I DONT Want To Be In The Same Room With


Yeah, so go ahead and send that ghost/demon my way. It’s not like he wants to rip my eyes out - they aren’t the ones he’s looking for. :woman_shrugging:t4:



I could talk him down - totally calm him down!!! and he has gorgeous eyes!


The Viki community has so many unselfish, altruistic members. It’s truly heartwarming.

Meanwhile, give me less of the “Twisted Sister and Marilyn Manson have a baby” vibe and more butterflies and bunnies. Because Ma Hwang, for all his over the top melodrama, weirds me out just little too much.

“You got the wrong weirdo! I heart bunnies! I’m vegan!”

(NPR World Café)


The new eye colour is intense
Lee Joon Gi (The Scholar Who Walks the Night)


Always amused by the dark-eyed character having blue eyes to denote being in a state of blood-lust.

Given the treatment of “Asianese” cultures by “Europeanese” cultures throughout the history of humankind, it’s justified symbolism.