The King's Woman - taking a vacation to binge Oath of Love lol


The King’s Woman

Day/Time change! Now on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9:30 ET, 8:30 CT, 7:30 MT, 6:30 PT

Starring Dilraba and Zhang BinBin


You all are gonna love this drama!:grinning: I did, passions run deep, and high! Strap on your seat belts!


TONIGHT! Tuesday, Feb 1 @ 9 PM ET

The King’s Woman




Slight delay! Waiting on people who are stuck in traffic to get home. The expected start time is 9:15 PM ET.



Too sad for me, I can’t! :sob:

I love Reba & VinVin but not this one!


Ok Peeps! Tonight’s WP is Feb, 2 @ 9 PM ET

The King’s Woman EP 3 & 4 - 9 PM ET.



ONE HOUR PEEPS! Get your snacks ready!

Feb 2 LINK


Hello Peeps!

Monday Feb 7 WP The King’s Woman EP 6 & 7 At 7 PM MT a.k.a. 9 PM ET.


Tuesday, Feb. 8 @ 9 PM ET / 7 PM MT

The King’s Woman, EP 8 & 9

Link =


Is it only once the party starts, fans who join, can start the chat for a watch party?
Why can’t I talk?


Hello! You should be able to talk. Try reloading the page

Sometimes it hangs if the page is up too long.



@leerla73 Are you on a computer browser or some device like a phone?


Everytime I come back it loads, but no keyboard to chat pops up.
I’m on my phone


How are you watching the show? phone? ipad, computer? Kindle?


I’m on my Phone


It may be a problem with the phone’s Viki app Do you have a laptop?


Nope, guess I’ll be a silent watcher then. . .


I’ll ask Queenie She was using her phone for a bit and she had issues too


Queenie is not answering right now. She may not be back from her snack hunt


I found it! I’ve been chatting away! Do you see me now?:joy::joy: