The low point of your day


That must be such a traumatic experience :sob:
I hope your dipping candles can provide the soothing you need for your :heart:.


Sorry for your loss because I know the pain is real. In a way, is good to know he’s no longer in pain and suffering. This virus leaves many aches and pains, and symptoms that destroy the spirit and will to live.

So far I lost 3 family members to this virus, and 2 very close people I knew. This virus is not playing and I hope people stay alert and on guard bc is still out there trying to get many more.
My neighbor who lost her husband has it again, and her father too, BOTH had it before. They refuse to wear mask and get the vaccine so it’s on them. People think bc they get it; they become immune to the virus, but there’s no such thing, my oldest son got it twice, but thankfully he got the vaccine, and now is going for his booster.

My sister and her daughter got it too, and they can’t walk a block without feeling like they ran a marathon, but they still go to work, and try the best they can to protect themselves.

Send my condolences to your aunt, and keep in constant touch with her because her pain must be so much deeper since she lost her husband, and her best friend, companion of so many years. It must be so hard on her right now my heart goes out to both of you and your family.

I know how hard it must have been to witness your mom dying bc I went through that several times. I have been in a Hospital or the bedside of a person passing to the other world, and is something that stays on our mind forever. Letting it go can be easier when you repeat to yourself that the person is no longer suffering and is finally at peace with no pain. I actually begged GOD to forgive two dying people, and begged HIM to finally let them go, so they could stop suffering already. The screams of agony is something that will live in my mind forever, and is the main reason I TRY to be the best person I can be so God have mercy on me on my dying day.


Well, it distracted my mind. The place was swarmed with mostly little kids they had 3 stations of 6 colors each. The last time I did it was like 30 yrs ago, anyway I messed up on, the lady fixed it and the second started to get hard and I finished it at home, it’s not perfect but it made me happy :blush: I don’t know why picture is the oblong, on my phone it’s normal



Wow, it looks great! :open_mouth:
I can’t even tell that you messed up.

Do you use a mold for this?


The one I messed up, I likely missed the first time to dip the candle dot after dipping in hot wax to dip it in the bucket of water so halfway the candle just slipped off and the lady cut it in half and placed the dot between two parts and twisted it and dipped it again in hot wax.

Anyway, the candle in pic is simply dipping in hot wax, after each dip you must dip it in cold water and you can mix various colors… they wax they had was more translucent. It’s a winter tradition it’s the old fashioned way of making candles, you can search for more videos on YT.


No I haven’t, I never bought veg. shortening as it’s hydronated oil. But when I lost power I made this emergency heater with candles and terracotta pots and it indeed would warm the room I used large pots so they take up large heat.
I’m not sure, he put on the glas jar the lid which has plastic lining and a candle needs air to burn… here something different, I did this once, you can also make it with orange and I used olive oil, it’s a little fun project :rofl:

Update: I bought Clementines, I love them. When I studied in Malaga, Spain, I saw the trees on the sidewalk and the fruits just fell down and were crushed…
I made the candle like in video and it’s burning for 2 hours and there is still oil left, it’s smells indeed orangey… a nice smell for holidays, give it a try; if the “wick” is too long trim it…


I feel really tired right now. The last few nights, I keep hearing this low frequency sound not knowing where it comes from. It sounds most like an engine and it keeps going on. At 2 am I even walked through the house to see if I could identify it. It seemed to come out of the walls and I could hear it best in my room and in the doorpost of the front door. Still don’t know what it is, but it kept me out of my sleep until at least 4 in the morning :unamused::tired_face:
So I asked my landlord to come take a look to see what it could be. I really hope he has any idea or solution for this


Aww that sucks :sob:
I hope they find the solution soon.
In the meantime, would earplugs help? :thinking:


I hope they can help, I’ll buy some. Last night I even tried listening to music so I wouldn’t hear the sound, but that doesn’t really help with falling asleep :woman_shrugging:


Today, I lost my wallet with over $500 cash as well as the credit card I just got. There were also several gift cards that I bought for my friends as Christmas gifts that were taken. Adding to that, candles that I bought as gifts came broken, and even if I order more now, they’re probably not going to come in time for Christmas. Feeling very shitty right now, but I’m trying to get things solved.


Wow, that sucks.
I’m hoping for you that someone returns your wallet with everything in it or that you happen to find it again.
I don’t know what else to say :crying_cat_face:


Thank you! And things are starting to get better, there were security cameras around the place I lost my wallet so we are starting to have clues about who took it and where it could possibly be.


That’s a terrible experience. I hope everything gets sorted out.


Thank you! A couple minutes ago


I got a phone call about the fact that they’ve tracked down the person so I should hopefully get my wallet back soon.


Oh, I hope so! That’s good news :blush:


Yesterday there where no snow and 15c, wet though due to the recently melted snow. Today -2c and it’s snowing. Tomorrow probaly it melts again, the next they it freezes to ice and the streets become icy. Could the climate be more schizofrenic, most of the winter has been this crap. Could the world just stop messing with the climate please.


You are not alone with this situation. Not long ago we had Sahara dust, I couldn’t recognize my car and last Saturday it snowed for 24 hrs, this was the most snowfall we got compared to winter and temperatures dropped crazily, it was so bad that I had to take indoor all my seedlings I had in a small greenhouse and small plants on my balcony, now I have a live garden in my living room :astonished::tired_face:

Another annoying thing is when I ran out of bird food/seeds and as it snowed they fought for every grain/seed. I went next the day in a store and grabbed the last 3 small bags, it had different feed and guess what, most birds aren’t that happy.
Now a raven even comes on my balcony to feed on the nuts I guess, it’s very funny, I’ve never had so up close a raven eating birds seeds, well likely the peanuts.

So now, what do I do with the rest of the birds feed?? Perhaps even birds are getting spoiled. :grin:


Wish you could come here, closer to the tropics :flushed: Its hot hot hot extra hot hot rain rain storm hot hot extra hot all year round. Snow will never fall here, and we’ll probably never see a temperature lower than 10 degrees celsius


Below 10?
The lowest temperature is ig 18 degree Celsius
That too will stay for hardly 2-3 days and then only above 25 are recorded. In summer it record upto 40 degree Celsius.
And in states like rajasthan it even hits 47 +
It even hit 50.8 once i wonder how they will stay for a year, i couldn’t stay for 2 months.