The low point of your day


A counter-balance thread to “The highlight of your day”, this is meant a bit as a tung in cheek thread, but also if your having a shitty day you can feel free to rage, rave and be as real you feel like. I personally find it sometimes telling somebody/others/the ether, that x thing is dragging me down today very helpful, like a weight getting off and then I can go more easily about my day afterwards.

Some ppl are full of sun shines and rainbows, this thread isn’t meant to drag anyone down. So lets se how this thread fares :smiley:

Anyways, let me start. Today, like most days the past days have been a full pain in my ass, why? Because of the climate. It’s currently 29.8c at about 18:00, super sunny still. The sun burns. When trying to sleep my options are basically to burn in hell or have a huge fan producing noise pollution. Not only that it’s super bright, super early til super late. In addition I constantly feel awful due to the never ending heat. Due to all this I basically have no appetite except for icy cold stuff, Finns usually drink lot’s of coffee, this is something I currently can’t stand due to the heat. This climate makes me consider fleeing north to Lapland. A few years back I visited Lithuania, nice country with tons to see, but only a few degrees hotter, though, there where no wind at all, none. It made it all worse, where I’m at now, there’s always a tiny breeze at least. So I’m dealing with insomnia, irregular eating, constant shitty feeling, moodiness etc. it’s like being in Hell. People keep telling me I should stop complaining and just enjoy it when it’s warm, but now one seems to get how hard it’s to function with out going up the walls. I seriously miss winter. If the human race one decide to destroy the planet’s ecosystem, and this dump becomes a cold planet, I would probably love it. :smiley:

Now, I need to go about my business and get things done, hopefully this helped, thank you ether. x)


I’m glad you got that off your chest, and I hope you feel much better now, and ready to ‘‘make lemonade’’ you know the thing that…’‘when life gives you lemon…’’

I learned a technique during the time I went to Florida, and was at Disneyworld under that sweltering 100+ degrees, for up to 12 hours; going from ride to ride. I hope you look into it bc it worked for me. For some reason I was able to endure the heat bc in my head I managed to convince myself that it was cool and not so hot.

I remember I looked in the internet (something like this) ‘‘How to psych yourself out of anything, so I can start enjoying life.’’ Don’t remember much of the exercise to follow but I do know it was a male author ,and they had several suggestions from different authors, but only that guy method worked for me. I’m talking back in 2012 so I can’t remember the guy’s name… I followed the exercise he suggested, NEVER expecting that it would work and was so happy when it worked for me.

You never Know…Best of Luck and stay cool.


Now my low point of my day

I had to bring my mother to do her food shopping and she’s showing signs of dementia but refuses to get a Home Attendant, and for those who don’t know yet, I have an autoimmune disease that is creating havoc in my body. Every step I take is very painful and even driving has become very painful.

When I got back home every bone in my body hurt, and after taking a hot shower and some painkillers I felt asleep and woke up feeling better. Now she’s trying to convince me to take her to the July 4th fireworks. LORD have mercy…:rofl::rofl::rofl:


Actually it helped, I was going up the walls. So I decided to go outside. Enjoy the nature by taking a little longer walking path to the shop, where I bought ‘kana suihkale’ (chicken something) etc. On my way home atm. Telling somebody is a ‘tool’ that I’ve developed/use so I get my mood changed to something better and get things done. Now I will also be having some good food to balance out the almost no food previously.

My grandmom got dementia and refused help, til she fell while at home and injured herself so bad she had to get help. Do they have some treatment for the auto-immune disorder? I tend to try to ‘engeneer’ my way out of problems by figuring out ways around the problem if it can’t be fixed. Maybe get a mode of transport that avoid the painpoints but still give you enough added mobility. :slight_smile: Hopefully it gets better


I’m glad you feel better. I am receiving treatment and take medicine for it, but I have Lupus in an advance stage; not so much I/they can do at this point. Thanks for the tips!


Yeah I’m upset I tried to write custom papers for a small package for daughter’s BD to US. It’s required to do online but oh the obstacles of several hours, I called 5 times… did it in German then in English then they said must be in German (yet some directions are in English) and I’m still not sure if it’s correct, I called again but oh “customer service” of Swiss Post closes at 6 pm… I have to bring it tomorrow to post office and see what they say… it’s a headache… and such unproductive day!! :disappointed_relieved::flushed:

Well you are probably not alone if that helps, lol, it doesn’t make it cooler will it? - We had here few hot days, I have a under roof apartment so go figure it gets about 28 C hot, I shower few times drink plenty water eat water melons, iced coffee and use small wet towels on my body to be able to fall asleep.

But now in many places central Europe is experiencing temperature drop, ongoing rain, flash rain, hails, floods and recently a tornado in Czech Republic… my veggies on my balcony I have to protect with constantly rolling down the sunshade since I have no shield above it… tonight 9C expected… I guess you would do a dance… if you had this…

Don’t you have an AC or a water cooling unit… I just have a portable one a really small unit I can put on my countertop when I’m working in the kitchen…


June 25th was a terrible day back in 2009 when Michael Jackson died. I always liked his music but became a fan since I was 9 or 10 years old. He was always there for me with his music when I needed it the most and I was so scared to lose my save heaven and he was so important to me and then suddenly he was gone. So the first time I saw him live also became the last time while I was supposed to see him live again in London in September 2009 :frowning:
I used to bring flowers to Michael on this day, we had a History statue located at a Mac Drive in The Netherlands we fans went to to remember him. But since that disgusting docu full of lies, Leaving Neverland, aired Mc Donalds decided to remove that statue due the overall public opinion. It was given to us fans to decide what to do with it but it’s still kept in a warehouse till this day. I kind of hope one day we will get a spot again to go too when we feel like it.


Thank you for this thread! It’s so good to just throw out your worries somewhere and then move on! And it also reminds you that everyone has bad days and you’re not the only one suffering :smile: Don’t have anything to rage about right now but I appreciate this thread :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hopefully you get it sorted soon :), customs suck, at least here there are new customs rules incoming 1.7.2021 from the EU, which will slow things down coming from outside the EU. Don’t know why. Expect things might get worse :stuck_out_tongue: .

9c would be awesome. Most central Europe I’ve been is Switzerland, was surprisingly hot, even though the temp never got higher than 25c, when I where there. Same as with Lithuania, no breeze or winds, which makes it feel 10 degrees warmer. Location matters 9c might be like 19c. I’ve thought about an AC, but can’t really justify the expense atm, and by the time I can summer might already be on the way out.


I dropped it off at the post office and he just cut out the (1 page declaration that I printed), taped it conventionally on the box and I paid the shipping fee. - I can now track it, but Im not sure if it will show the tracking process in the US. I know if you ship something from US globally either at flat rate or priority registered it tracks every process. It left the country but should have arrive in US with the plane at least today… but it doesn’t show anything… perhaps it just hasn’t been scanned…
It’s still cold here I had to take out my sweater and my veggies aren’t doing well on the balcony :tired_face:
In many places there was hail again yesterday as big as a doughnut, damaging roofs and cars… the crops :scream: and it keeps raining… doomsday… alike, gray skies, restless winds…


It’s usually up to the companies, with whom they have linked their systems to etc. Usually if it works from the US then the tracking should work both ways.


I came down with a mild throat infection… it’s been almost two years since I was sick in any way, so it’s extra-uncomfortable! You never realize how happy you were when you’re not sick until you get sick :grimacing: Well, I’m gulping down hot water and honey with pepper and all sorts of other home remedies… let’s hope I get better soon!


Truth. I really hate even having a cold. I’ve gotten sick so little over the last year and a half compared to previously that I hope mask-wearing–at least when sick–catches on here like it has in Japan. My husband brought home a cold (no not covid) from a work trip and I felt mad at him. I was like a beginning-of-a-drama CEO, avoiding being near him and constantly washing my hands. It worked, though; everyone in the house got sick except me. I hope you’re feeling better soon!

The low point of my days right now is that we’re prepping for an international move and getting everything ready is such a drag. Trying to sort everything into store/ship/fast ship/luggage/get rid of… and the house is small with no space to easily separate all these different categories.


:persevere::persevere::persevere:It’s sooo warm and I’m on late shift again :hot_face: that’s so bad…
Actually it is supposed to rain, the clouds would already be there, but instead of rain the air becomes more and more oppressive…
So, enough whining… Let’s get to work


Yeah, I feel you, what’s your temp?


:grin: For you it is probably not warm at all 26 degrees we have


Officially it’s supposed to be 25c, but it shows 31c in the meter. For me it’s hell, a good metabolism is a curse during summer. Hopefully you get stuff done you want :slight_smile:


I did the things I had to do and I did them with a mouth guard. :mask:
It is done, All are happy :slight_smile:
Then tomorrow off to the and daily greets the groundhog. :expressionless:


Feel better soon @gaby_heitmann_975


I hope you’re seriously resting eight hours at least. One of the best medicines, is to give your entire body a real break from anything but resting.