The low point of your day


I was dreaming about strange things and also my late cat appeared, I thought he was making himself comfortable behind my upper back and neck and then I felt like it was shaking my neck at that moment I woke up and jumped out of my bed, it was around 6.15 am still dark and I had to turn lights on and check my bed I swear I thought something was crawling in my blanket so I turned it around and nada. I felt really weird!

I couldn’t go back to sleep so I feel sleep deprived… and I’m still thinking of that weird shake… was a ghost trying to wake me up :disappointed_relieved:




Let’s say I’m glad you woke up, and your (dead?) cat was there to protect you. I don’t want to scare you, but while we sleep earthbound spirits might try to get into our body. The feeling like you have a seizure (neck shaking) it’s a sign. It was trying to enter through your spine/brain (some try through the bottom of your spine).

If you have sage do a spiritual cleansing, and put camphor squares (if you can find it) under your bed. Try to have the house smelling good like perfume, fabric softener. Throw away things you don’t need, and I hope you didn’t bring an object from outside that should not be in the house.

Try to never sleep in total darkness (use a nightlight).Above all, don’t get scared or let this fear take over you.


Wow, that’s some interesting theory I have never heard of. And the feeling in my neck was very eerie, I really jumped of my bed thinking there was something, yuck. This has never ever occurred to me. - I’m still decluttering boxes from my late mother. Step by step and yes there is always stuff to throw away like recycling. No I didn’t bring something from outside that shouldn’t be here… I could burn some sage I have and I do have tiger balm which has camphor. and other essential oils… I will research this… thank for the tips! :pray:

Btw it was full moon that shined in my bedroom, I don’t have shades…




It is very eerie and yucky. I have experienced that, too. It would have been very yucky if it had been able to get inside you. I believe your dead cat saved you from that horrible experience. Try not to be in total darkness for at least 7 days(the light of the moon is not enough). Try to be awake from 6am to 6:30 am for 7 days. Do whatever your heart tells you; follow this direction or don’t. I suggest you throw out your mother’s stuff like clothes (if you still have them) out of your house. (not pictures) .Turn on a white candle and dedicate the candle for any souls that need light and say out loud: Follow the light and get out of the darkness. Rest in Peace, and leave my home. I hope it never happens again but if it does, is not a good sign.


Today I realized that it already has been 4 years that Kim Joo Hyuk died in a car accident, on October 30th in 2017. Somehow, I still think that poor guy finally had success as an actor, found someone to love and planned to marry and then …
You never know about life.
What do they say John Lennon said: Life happens while you are busy making plans.

I didn’t see all of his dramas only Lovers in Prague, Terroir, …
His last drama Argon is still on my list, couldn’t get myself to watch it till today.


It’s hard when someone dies but such a beautiful young girl. She died February 12, 2020. At the prime of her life due to an illness.


So sad :cry:. It’s been 4 years?
Cried so much during the episode they did to remember him on 2D1N.


18 months ago, we were happy that my uncle survived the C-infection, that he evaded intubation and could after some days leave the hospital again.
It was a high price, though he lost 35 kg through this and in the long term might be considered a victim of the virus. He never got back to being healthy as he wasn’t to begin with, those 18 months might also be called a gift, he had several health issues and one alone could have been enough to say that he is a high-risk patient.
His eldest brother died last year and my dad a few years ago, now all 3 brothers are gone and only my aunt is still alive.

Today I am just sad, I wished, I had better news …


I’m so very sorry to hear this news about your family. Sending you good thoughts and prayers for comfort to you and the rest of your family! :heart:


I’m very sorry for your loss. Condolences :cry:.


I hate November… since I was a teenager I hated November, why, it’s like dooms day weather, fog, gray sky, “naked” trees… cold and rainy… and shorter days, simply a depressing month! :fallen_leaf:

A good friend of mine died also in November and today 2 years ago, my mom took her last breath in my arms :cold_sweat:. Although it’s a nice gest to say farewell to your loved one, the picture I witnessed will stay forever in my head, that’s why I have a really hard time to let go…

Life goes on, it’s just that something is still missing… folks, treasure precious moments, life passes so quickly. it’s indeed too short to be unhappy about unimportant things… Pray, Eat and Love :heart:

I’m going to make dipping candles to sooth my hear.t… to you all, be safe and happy :sunflower: :sunny:


My thoughts are with you, it is very difficult for the remaining who continue living. This is the circle of life, coming and leaving. I’m sending you a virtual hug lutra :hugs::heart: You are not alone :candle: May good memories comfort you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


That must be such a traumatic experience :sob:
I hope your dipping candles can provide the soothing you need for your :heart:.


Sorry for your loss because I know the pain is real. In a way, is good to know he’s no longer in pain and suffering. This virus leaves many aches and pains, and symptoms that destroy the spirit and will to live.

So far I lost 3 family members to this virus, and 2 very close people I knew. This virus is not playing and I hope people stay alert and on guard bc is still out there trying to get many more.
My neighbor who lost her husband has it again, and her father too, BOTH had it before. They refuse to wear mask and get the vaccine so it’s on them. People think bc they get it; they become immune to the virus, but there’s no such thing, my oldest son got it twice, but thankfully he got the vaccine, and now is going for his booster.

My sister and her daughter got it too, and they can’t walk a block without feeling like they ran a marathon, but they still go to work, and try the best they can to protect themselves.

Send my condolences to your aunt, and keep in constant touch with her because her pain must be so much deeper since she lost her husband, and her best friend, companion of so many years. It must be so hard on her right now my heart goes out to both of you and your family.

I know how hard it must have been to witness your mom dying bc I went through that several times. I have been in a Hospital or the bedside of a person passing to the other world, and is something that stays on our mind forever. Letting it go can be easier when you repeat to yourself that the person is no longer suffering and is finally at peace with no pain. I actually begged GOD to forgive two dying people, and begged HIM to finally let them go, so they could stop suffering already. The screams of agony is something that will live in my mind forever, and is the main reason I TRY to be the best person I can be so God have mercy on me on my dying day.


Well, it distracted my mind. The place was swarmed with mostly little kids they had 3 stations of 6 colors each. The last time I did it was like 30 yrs ago, anyway I messed up on, the lady fixed it and the second started to get hard and I finished it at home, it’s not perfect but it made me happy :blush: I don’t know why picture is the oblong, on my phone it’s normal



Wow, it looks great! :open_mouth:
I can’t even tell that you messed up.

Do you use a mold for this?


HELPS to beat those low points in your days. OFF TOPIC but can help to take away that low point of ur day (imo)


Have you tried making that eternal candle they have on YouTube? It stays on for 12 hours to many days. Is good for emergency situation and even more, I have all the ‘‘ingredients’’ in my home, and feel prepared. Instructions are very simple.

Large, Medium or small glass jar
Vegetable oil (Crisco preferred)
Piece of napkin (to make the wick)
survival food


The one I messed up, I likely missed the first time to dip the candle dot after dipping in hot wax to dip it in the bucket of water so halfway the candle just slipped off and the lady cut it in half and placed the dot between two parts and twisted it and dipped it again in hot wax.

Anyway, the candle in pic is simply dipping in hot wax, after each dip you must dip it in cold water and you can mix various colors… they wax they had was more translucent. It’s a winter tradition it’s the old fashioned way of making candles, you can search for more videos on YT.


No I haven’t, I never bought veg. shortening as it’s hydronated oil. But when I lost power I made this emergency heater with candles and terracotta pots and it indeed would warm the room I used large pots so they take up large heat.
I’m not sure, he put on the glas jar the lid which has plastic lining and a candle needs air to burn… here something different, I did this once, you can also make it with orange and I used olive oil, it’s a little fun project :rofl:

Update: I bought Clementines, I love them. When I studied in Malaga, Spain, I saw the trees on the sidewalk and the fruits just fell down and were crushed…
I made the candle like in video and it’s burning for 2 hours and there is still oil left, it’s smells indeed orangey… a nice smell for holidays, give it a try; if the “wick” is too long trim it…


OFF TOPIC but can help to take away that low point of ur day (imo)


Love it! Never saw this before; too bad the clementine are so expensive here, that I no longer buy them. Maybe if I get them on sale I’ll give it a try. Thanks for sharing…

he put on the glas jar the lid

The lid I use it only if I’m not using the candle,and after it cools down completely