The new beta design of Viki's homepage

…looks inspired by Netflix, completely designed for viewers.

  1. Has no mailbox. (In general, the volunteer tools are less and less accessible with every upgade.)

  2. Has no appreciation corner for translating teams and the invite to become a contributor. Viki shooting itself in the foot here a bit? Or stating that it has more than enough volunteers, but not enough viewers?


I dislike the new look.

Watch list gone?

Easy to find search and inbox gone…

How do I know then what I watched last and what I’d like to watch next?

I also miss the header with the languages… for easy finding…

The Netflix layout is also annoying when one watches several shows. I always have to search again because it is so chaotic.


Don’t understand why the new versions always are worse than the older ones these days… (it happened to so many pages & apps)


I have a few things to say, but I’ll resume to one: I want my Inbox backkkkk!


I will only say one thing: UGH!


thanks everyone, I was going to check it out,still will so its bad huh?

to me yes I hate changes but if in makes it better why not, I did go through it, and the updates and all,I didn’t think it bad at all. as for copying netflix, maybe maybe not. those other places has the same thing so did they copy Netflix?

ok.ok I know some stuff is missing, , how about just giving it a chance, be it for new customers or whatever. the watch list is still there, just named differently ,

I very seldom used the inbox, I don’t remember seeing an appreciation corner for the volunteer subbers,
the watch list well its there just have to look.
maybe I am wrong, but hey, this isn’t the first time they updated this, remember just a couple of years ago, what we have they changed it to viki rakuten, and so many complaints!

so again give this a chance. yeah, not crazy with the black background! and just found inbox, look under your name


And as for what you were trying to say in your post, I understand. But they say strike while the iron is hot.

We must have at least the inbox back. Like that’s the bare minimum. Enough is enough! We already lost Projects under the profile picture. This is ludicrous!

It doesn’t costs them anything to have it back.


it’s not about giving a chance. We will come to use it.

Still it should not mean that our voice shouldn’t be heard. When things are not right, or at least could be better, we should tell them. We’re partly here for this, since we’re the primary users. So why not complain about the thing worth complaining for.

Black background? You’re probably in dark mode right? Otherwise it’s white.

And do know that they’re asking for review, if anyone is interested :


I was also about to mention that there is a feedback button on the bottom of the page


It’s there under your profile picture -> messages

Nope, mailbox is there -> checkout the profile picture -> drop down shows messages.

Watch list seems to be below if you scroll down. I kind of agree that probably should be up there

You are right.

However, the question remains if it’s a smart idea to “hide” it in that way. Why do I have to click on my profile just to check if I have any messages? And why do I have to double click to get to them?


A quick look and NO it’s horrible!
Gone are the shortcuts in the righthand corner to Watch history and Messages. I use Watch history every time I visit.
The layout looks too big for my screen and messy with all different categories and I have to scroll down to get to history.

I really don’t see it being better in any shape or form but I assume they don’t care and will implent it anyway :rage:

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I feel there is no need for panic since they always start new things and after a while they usually go back to the way it was before.

As much as I like to show appreciation for volunteer’s work here at RakutenViki, I’m glad they removed that from that page. I have no interest for it and I think that is enough when the teams are mentioned in a segment in the finale episode.

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When I tested it there was no such box on the page. But I agree: it usually pops up while watching a show and I always click it to say thanks. I think that’s enough.

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I also do that one when they show the heart, and it says show appreciation, I click on the heart. But the one @bozoli showed in the screenshot annoys me a lot bc is usually the same team in there bc they make sure they are always on top, so the other teams are never shown there.

Yes, I also see that team everywhere. I thought it was because I just happen to pick the shows they translated to my list.
Hopefully it will be random if they implement the new layout to make it fair for all.


My answer to their survey:

Why is the default night mode? I was in white mode when I visited and suddenly everything black. Fortunately I could change it, but if this is what Viki welcomes users with, it’s so oppressive, dark and full of anxiety.

More importantly… Why did you take away the inbox from clear view? It’s the first thing we want to see when logging in, and it has to show immediately whether there are new messages or not, instead of having to actually click on our picture, find it on the menu and go there repeatedly to check. This is a HUGE NUISANCE! The inbox is a precious tool and it should be very handy. You should actually work at making it better (with folders, sorting by name or subject, mass delete etc., and especially a bigger window for writing and text wrapping so that we can see the whole message we’re writing).

Then, our Watched history. It’s also not on the top menu of the home page, and instead there is a strip of watched near the bottom of the video thumbnails. Very inconvenient to go there looking for it.

For now, if I go to my profile page and my inbox, I can see everything alright: inbox, Watched History etc. But will this change in the Beta Version, or just the homepage?
Frankly, I don’t visit the homepage that much since the previous change. But don’t dare change the inside pages, okay?


OH! yeah, I got it now. I do remember that. sorry!! that was a nice touch