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This will be short and sweet… and ignore if this has already been mentioned. There are so many categories to read.

Am I the ONLY one who is a bit peeved that we are no longer able to receive notifications that we are tagged? I have to go to an older drama to see who tagged me. But slowly, as I get newer dramas, the new boards are there. We can’t even like a post that tells me that a person has seen and read my comment.

I am beyond annoyed. Is there a reason behind this? Every time I get into a new TD I tell them that I don’t like it.

If there is someone in the know, please enlighten me!!!


You are not alone. Most of us hates this new TD.
We want the like button back, the notifications, and the ability to click on the profile to be able to tag someone (even when there is a comment from them, sometimes the tag doesn’t work).
I usually go to a channel and look in “comments” to see the notification. But, honestly, this feels like overwork and more time spent in something that could be simpler and faster if the notification was still on TD.
It’s nice that now we don’t get the comments “being taken hostage,” but at what price?


What?! They removed some of the most important features of TD?! They have to be kidding… hopefully they fix it asap.


I’m also missing the “like button :white_check_mark:”. It was useful


1.In order for someone to tag you, you need to introduce yourself in TD
2.Also, you no longer constantly put @ and the person’s name but , in order for your tag to be seen @bepina, if you have more people to tag in one file, don’t delete the first @, but put another name in front of the first person you tagged (I gave it name , tagging back.)
Let’s say you wanted to tag me and the first person is me @@bepina, but after that you don’t continue forward but go back so it will be @@cerejacult,@bepina, … in TD

This is how the old one was, at least for me. I did that and also got to tag without them having to comment there beforehand, so this was not improvement, at least not for me. Maybe different profiles get different experiences with this, I don’t know. Still, even when you get tagged, some of them doesn’t show on the notifications (that we need to check on older TD or comment section on the channels). I don’t know if they are working to improve this, but so far, this hasn’t been a very helpful nor improved experience for me.

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Bepina, I already know this. This is old news. I was the one who informed everyone about how to tag multiple people in the old TD.

In the “new” TD, even if you tag someone, you won’t get notified. You have to go to the “old” TD (meaning older dramas) to receive notifications.

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For now, I’m getting messages on new dramas as well

We are getting messages, but not NOTIFICATIONS. You know that little red bubble that has a number that tells you how many notifications you get. It’s gone on the new TD. The old TD still gets notifications.

@kakashiandme the like button is back, at least one thing is back o/


OMG! It is! And the evil words… English, translation and sub are no longer censored!!

Now, we wait for NOTIFICATION bubbles to reappear!




That’s still not working for me. If I click on it, I still get rerouted to disqus’ site :sob:


I just came back here to update it and you already did! LOL! Also, you can toggle back to “old” disqus or stick with “new” disqus.


Oh no!!! That’s so sad :frowning:

Yesssssss!! I was so happy I just ran over to share the news LoL

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I’ve always had them, they haven’t disappeared.