The odd things C-Dramas taught me about China!


Lol. Your plagiarism was obvious, yeah, but still there’s a K in the title! :rofl:

What’s next? The odd things Taiwanese dramas taught me about Korea? :wink:
Now that I think of it, there is a Taiwanese drama where they speak both Chinese and Korean … But what did it teach me? :thinking::joy:


yeah thats it, Born again (no,it was oh my mama)

so why don’t “someone” do Taiwan or Japanese or any other country? think it would be fun, funny interesting, and what better way to do stuff when we are so bored?? hey Denmark, Sweden, and that other part of the country why not!

here’s one, the Chinese bowing to others, the servants, always in a bowing manner, even just standing around! oh another, why so many stairs, and steep at that, to the palace or whatever? yeah, temples too. I have always wanted to learn those martial arts movements, as for the pressure points, you be sure you know what you are doing, may cause more harm. as for the pressure points, you can google it and find a book on them.

as for that rope, at my “young age” I do remember, but I was always afraid of swinging on that rope into that water.

the untamed again. I don’t think he was reincarnated, he just had an evil spirit the second time around, haven’t seen the second version yet.


Yes! Let’s do that! :grinning:

Maybe you’re right. I guess it also depends on our definition of the term “reincarnation”. Basically, he died and woke up in a new life, but it was by means of someone else, so maybe then it doesn’t count as “reincarnation”… :thinking:


Ahhh. You paint a very idyllic picture, alas, I lived in the middle of a city. The equivalent dive would result in, not swimming with the fishes (as there are none), but entanglement with abandoned shopping trolleys, old tyres, drift wood and plastics. The rainbow like reflection off the floating fuel left by the myriad of river traffic looks nice though.

So now I know who to start with! :no_good_man: I better set out to find that lost manuscript ASAP, it sound like there are some western educators in dire need!


That’s a relief! :rofl:


Not to worry, be rest assured that unlike the Kung Foolery of my younger days, the other thing that C-drama and films have taught me is the respect of knowledge. That these skills are not passed on like candy to anyone and that the student must prove themselves worthy of receiving such knowledge from the master. (The modern equivalent being entrance exams to med school, law school etc). Mr Stan Lee’s motto of “with great power comes great responsibility” is a very good motto I live by and would never poke people willy ninny with any chance of hurting them.

I think I know the pose you mean, the one’s standing upright but with head forward at about 45 degrees, the exact same posture of cell phone zombies seen in the streets now-a-days.
I believe this stems from knowing one’s ranking by the level of ones head. The Emperor being top dog, no one’s head should be above his (problematic were he to be a shorty) which is probably why so many steps.
Official 1 “Since we the lowly, should not have our heads higher than the Emperors, lets just make life easier for ourselves and build his palace wayyyyy up there! He won’t know our ulterior motive if we BS him that we want him to be ‘closer to heaven’ or something.”
Official 2 “Great idea, Batman!”


So I guess the Emperor would also be the first to trip over some object lying on his path …


the bowing, yes their heads lower than the emporer. that was funny, tripping over something,


:thinking: Hmmmm, quite the dilemma. Through the study of royal court protocols in C-dramas, I would let his aides and advisory tend to him, whilst I fall to the ground taking the humbling posture similar to the great sphinx of Giza, with face buried deep into my arms with this expression :confounded: thinking “Don’t laugh, please don’t laugh, by the mercy of Guanyin (goddess of mercy) PLEASE don’t laugh…” .


one thing more, those high, entrance ways, they have to step over, boy if someone wasn’t looking what or where they were going, thats a big fall there! stumbling big time


The Emperor can’t look, cause he has to keep his head up. :wink:


Can we add ‘when European shows include Chinese dialogues and signs’ too :D?

I recently saw couple of Western shows and movies that included Chinese dialogues and signs and sometimes I was able to understand some of the Chinese which was funny because the characters in the story did not always understand it and sometimes there was no translation for the story’s characters :smiley:

I think this thread’s title might be bugged that it says K-Dramas taught… about China.


And there’s that…The mother or the empress of the emperor are always the ones that raze the entire imperium into the ground.

But spiting blood I think, it does refer to Qi / Chi *vital accumulation of energies of any of the 5 taoist elements − which can mean they have hurt their meridians *the vital energy flow by over using their Chi powers at doing things as airal side kicks and soup or medicine is something a taoist would use to balance his energies. Thats why they always end up at meditating or going into a retreat also a possibility is if they have a companion healing them from holding hands on to the back.

What is funny: cultivators, cultivate to be immortals but yet immortals die to…


Thank goodness now-a-days in the modern dramas, meeting the difficult mother of your love interest doesn’t result in the fall of nations.

Spitting blood, a very good indication of you didn’t just get a beating from me, but I also knocked your Chi into next Tuesday too.

So true! :joy: with many laying on of hands you mentioned, that I now fully accept that a master can, with beads of sweat on forehead and intense concentration, inject Chi through the palm into the back of blood spitting injured person like a wireless human charger. (probable the inventor of the popular Qi wireless cell phone charging system was also an avid c-drama watcher. -citation needed)
Though it’s not clear why said master would inject the lung area rather than the meridian rich spine of 10% charged student.


OMG…this is so good :rofl:, im totally looking forward to the chi-phone! …“no more cable salad - no more dieing phone on the roads”. Imagine with enlightment we could illuminate the dark instead of nuclear power plants…


I just had this in mind, If chi-phone was a thing and you where working at a call centre and you had an angry customer. They’ll be yelling so badly at you that your meridians would get injured and thereof you’d be caughing blood all over your phone will be like: “Ill be calling back as soon as I healed my meridians”. Or " im sorry for your inconvenience ill be going on a retreat and will call back as soon as my chi is charged."


Of course they would have special anger filters in their phones to prevent that from happening. :joy:


(Ssshhhh onion ninja must be English… :thinking: :face_with_monocle: :grin: )


hmm Does anyone know the cultural reason for such high threshholds?


um maybe floods in the region??