The odd things C-Dramas taught me about China!


Yep! Read the K-Drama one if you haven’t already then come back for the C-Drama version. :grinning:

The odd things K-Dramas taught me about Korea!

Barely concealed plagarism follows :smirk:

The Odd Things C-Dramas taught me about China!

All warriors in the old days were able to take great leaps and bounds, flying through the air, chasing each other across the tiled roofs of numerous buildings, doing prolonged aerial sideways kicks, all while defying the laws of physics during sword fights and totally kicking butt.

Patients are able to drink medicine and eat large medicine pills while unconscious without choking. This has been a proven treatment seen in most C-Dramas.

All illnesses start with spitting out copious amounts of blood. The amount of blood would normally signify a terminal gastric illness elsewhere in the world, but in China, this is alleviated by feeding medicine to the unconscious patients.

Travelers can march from the tropics to the Gobi in just a day or so even though China is a huge country of about 9.6 million square kilometers.

The clothing in the old days is fabulous with bright colors, wonderful brocades and rich finishes and they go well with the black cactus kicker shoes from the steppes. (The shoes that have the turned up toes which protect delicate tootsies from any wayward cactus spikes when the warriors are leaping about.)

There are so many more important things to add but I’m tired now so you’ll have to add to this list. What are some of the things you’ve leaned from C-Dramas?


those hair pieces they wore!!


Do you have a picture of that?

And let’s not forget they all have multiple lives and even remember their previous life as soon as they wake up into a new one (as a full-grown adult who exactly knows everything that’s going on and how to handle it).


No one really needs a name because they are all uncles, aunts, sisters, brothers, grannys…


and how come we don’t see street chases, or other stuff we seen in korean dramas, love how they dress, and how did they dye, or even sew those gorgeous clothes! I have got to find “storm in a cocoon” again! hee was another abut making silk too. awesome dramas

reincarnation? isn’t a 100 years to come back? wow. would it be in their family or another family, or be an animal or… hey one thing, they don’t stuff their faces when they eat, or at least I haven’t seen any, um, passing gas, or bathroom scenes, not sure about the sex scenes, anyone slapping anyone?
the one drama I am watching, spitting out blood !! and they aren’t sick, battles. and yes so much more!

another thing, flute playing so beautiful, so mysterious, and that other instrument they play, don’t recall that name, but its beautiful too some is haunting too


Fully grown bamboo is very strong yet slightly flexible and is often used in modern China as a substitute for metal scaffolding.
However, given the ease with which whole swaths of bamboo forests are sliced like soggy spaghetti by the swords of feuding assassins/emperor’s soldiers/blind swordsmen, it’s clear that such a trust in the superiority of bamboo is misplaced and they should instead look to make scaffolding out of whatever the sword makers from the dynastic periods used.


I think it differs per belief system/region/whatever. In Born Again it was 30 years, but then again, that was a Korean drama, and there they started out as babies in their new lives, while in Chinese ones they get “reborn” full-grown and with all their knowledge intact. They might even get annoyed about the circumstances they wake up in.

I guess China is probably the most conservative about that matter from all Asian countries. Their is violence though.

I think that’s more a Korean thing. Then again, I haven’t watched enough Chinese shows yet to say they don’t have it at all.


Do you mean like being ressurected in an adult’s body?
I watched couple of Chinese dramas that include reincarnation in one way or another but it was not all the time that they knew everything but maybe you aren’t talking about fantasy like stories but ‘modern age’ stories? I didn’t see modern age dramas with reincarnation as topic, could you recommend some?

The sad thing is that we don’t get the arthouse/adult movies here (that counts also for Korean). Some are so good and way more mature than the TV dramas. The TV dramas are often even without a kiss and only topless guys when they are injured (or in a swimming hall). In one drama someone jumped off a building because of thinking suicide is the last option to deal with his shame for fraud (business related) and they showed the whole scene and falling down and it was without any injuries or blood at all (I dislike violent scenes but somehow it felt weird that this guy jumped off the building and looked healthy like before; I saw a EU TV show with a similar scene and the dead person looked quite terrible).

Not sure about bathroom scenes, like taking showers? I saw some Chinese dramas that had bathtub scenes, modern drama and fantasy drama too (but of course not like European show with 100% naked actors; you could only see their heads, arms and sometimes legs, when it was a female). And they often talk about period and the problems it causes for women and that guys should be nice to women then bc they suffer from pain (that was included in historical and modern age dramas as well). I never saw it in that way in TV shows from other countries.


I saw it in The Untamed and I think somewhere else as well. But you have probably watched more C-dramas than I did so far, so maybe I just interpreted it wrong or don’t remember it accurately.

That’s a sad thing indeed. I wonder if some of them might get banned in China?
Tazza: One-Eyed Jack (Korean) had a naked man in it, but you only saw him from the back. There was quite extreme violence in it as well.
The sex scenes are probably most explicit in Japanese shows. Not that they show every single body part, but it sure goes further than most Korean shows.
The falling, getting into all kinds of accidents etc. and getting back up again and keep running around seemingly unharmed, is something you also see in a lot of American comedies. But if it was a serious drama, then it’s even more weird, unless the victim had some kind of special power.

I thought @frustratedwriter was referring to toilet humour, but you could be right.

That’s interesting. I don’t think I saw that in an Asian drama before … Periods are occasionally mentioned in shows from other countries, but mostly not in that kind of way. It’s nice, though, that they tell guys to be nice to women during those times. :slight_smile:
I do know an author who seems to have periods as one of her main themes, but she writes in a quite TMI way about it. She’s Romanian, but she writes in Dutch.


I finally got a decnet screen capture…
Navajo and Apache wore the same type of turned up toes. I call them cactus kickers cuz that’s what they do - protect your toes.


I was thinking both scenes, men taking showers the spas, and the toilet scenes etc. an Yes about Untamed, (but was he reincarnated) I’m watching Nirvana on fire, I am thinking the guy was reincarnated, but maybe not. as for untamed, just not sure on those two

I love it when the guys fighting twirl,swirl and so on, how they don’t get tangled up in those wires & pulleys!

reincarnatin stuff, that new one, think on NF about the woman dying and coming back? or is it on here, (oops thats Korean!)

I also have only watched the ones of past stories. only have watched a few of today’s versions.

what I have seen on cdramas, they do look much better. the Your secret, also interesting.


That a very powerful martial art technique seems to have been lost from the past. I’ve seen that they could render an enemy motionless like a statue by striking certain acupressure points on the body. (The unlocking of which can also be achieved by striking the same point like a human button.)
A skill I would love to find that secret manuscript for, with beautifully calligraphy illustrated man with meridian lines and dots to indicate the striking points.
I would make my fortune teaching this much needed skill to western teachers having to deal with entire classes of unruly kids and bring the ingrained eastern culture of respecting elders to the west.


I wonder how comfortable that could be … :thinking:

Yeah, when I would try, I would probably step on my robe, fall over and get defeated. :rofl:

If you mean Born Again, that’s on Viki. And it has more than one person coming back, who were all in each other’s lives 30 years ago.


I know which character/scene you mean in The Untamed. For me that wasn’t a reincarnation but instead some kind of black magic ‘soul’ transfer (more in the way it is used in horror stories with possessions; exorcism). The other Cdramas I watched had reincarnation in the way it is defined within Buddhism/Hinduism (in that case it is quite similar to the reincarnation in Japanese anime; before I watched so many Cdramas I was watching many anime and it was very often a topic in couple of them so I’m used to see it in stories).

Some Korean movies (that you cannot watch on VIKI) are quite explicit as well and some Chinese movies too (although the Chinese movies are probably more HK or Taiwan or much older - from a time when there was less censorship than now).

Yes, it was a serious story, no superheroes, comedy or fantasy. I watched 3 different dramas (European, Mexican, Chinese) and in every story someone jumped off a building. The European show was quite explicit with blood, the Mexican didn’t show the body with blood but instead the blood stain on the ground (so you could imagine it by yourself because you saw the person falling) and the Chinese character/ground was without anything. Neither injuries nor blood but they filmed the whole scene with focus on the character and even when he hit the ground nothing ‘happened’.

I didn’t know this author before. What means TMI?


Too much information


Indeed. So basically she describes things in a quite graphic way that might make you think: “I don’t need to know that.”


Btw, did anyone notice the title of this topic is What K-dramas taught me about China?

I’m not sure if K-dramas taught me anything about China … I vaguely remember a K-drama with one or more Chinese doctors in it and at some point they even went to China, but I don’t remember the title.
Oh, and in I Have A Lover the twin sister flees to China for a while, so I guess China is the place to be when you need to escape from getting murdered …


Yes! Quite tricky that they are so similar, I’ve started to post in both and need to make sure the shows country of origin applies to which!
But having said that here’s one that applies equally to both.

Natural rope swing from trees have extraordinary arcs from being hung from the lowest branch of a tree yet it’s so high as to require copious lengths of rope.
Notable examples The Tale Of NokDu (K -Kim So Hyun :heart_eyes:) Bloody Romance (C -Li Yi Tong also :heart_eyes:) both of which would need the skill set of a trapeze artist to operate. Yet despite the resulting horrific injury and disfigurement were you to leap off at full swing is always favoured by females.
The swing in Bloody Romance as well as holding the record for the longest length is also doubly dangerous as the arc swings out over a cliff! (but perhaps mitigated as the female in question has supernatural martial art skills)


1: What, you never used a rope to swing off a bridge into a river? :face_with_hand_over_mouth: It’s a heck of a lot of fun! Just don’t go in head first! :crazy_face: Actually, we always swam it first to see how deep the water was and where the deep hole was so we didn’t break a leg. :woman_scientist:

2: ahahahaha Yea. In your dreams… :smile: Our teachers would have LOVED to do that to us unruly teenagers. But it would backfire and cause huge resentment. :laughing:




You can see the turned up toes.

I wonder how comfortable that could be … :thinking:


The curve is beyond your toes, Your toes don’t curl up, just the ends of the shoe.


lol. That’s not what is says…

The odd things K-Dramas taught me about Korea!

Barely concealed plagarism follows” means I stole the K-Drama idea and made one for C-Dramas. :laughing: :rofl:

The Odd Things C-Dramas taught me about China :sunglasses: