The odd things C-Dramas taught me about China!


It’s to make you aware that you are stepping into someones house. If the high threshold wasn’t there you’d stroll in the door without a second thought, but if you have to step over a threshold every time to not trip up, then it reminds you that you are entering someones else’s house and should show respect accordingly.
Secondary purpose is small flood defence.


Bang goes the anonymity of being behind a keyboard. :busts_in_silhouette::sunglasses:


I just have this vivid head cinema, that the entire workers of the call centre line up transferring chi as if they are fighting a demon overlord. Or the chi-phone vampire the costumer that never stops talking until hes got every bonus out there is possible and once to get down to the contract the costumer starts to barter, XD


Oh!I Call Centers! I worked in a computer tech support call center for years We sure could have used chi rechargers! It is mentally exhausting to have your brains constantly picked over. We had to know our stuff. there were no cheat sheets or written scripts… every call was different and people expected us to know the most intricate, obscure things right off the top of our heads… (so unrealistic) but we managed… mainly because we wrote our own tech tips based on the most likely calls. the more esoteric calls had to go to us senior techs who have been in IT technology since the 80’s (me) I’d been working in computers since the Commodore 64 days… (at least that’s newer than ENIAC.) :smiley:. oh and I worked at a university… you’d be surprised at how entrenched in ANTI technology some professors were! Absolutely no patience at all. and they could not adequately describe their issue… you had to figure it out pronto…mystery support… lol. (PHD may mean Piled Higher and Dumber - but what do I KNOW? I just have a degree in Applied Electronics and a whole boatload of certifications, most of which are now obsolete - the industry rolls over every two years - you hafto keep up.) yea… my brain is fried… I EARNED my retirement! lol. so… what do I do for fun? I decided to learn Korean… there is no one in this town who speaks Korean… but that has never stopped me from learning a language before… piece of cake! (got plenty of time since we are all basically under house arrest with this flu avoidance. lol) but what does this have to do with c-dramas? easy… I want CHI power now! without having to purify and train myself for years…


well that was onion ninjas invention. he has to make it real, I just claim the rights of the chi phone name :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, aww commodore days I was a kiddo back then…atari…that was good stuff, the 8 bit sounds…at playing lemmings to good to good.

I just want to add…got a bit carried away by nostalgia sorry :3
But yeah I can imagine those that work at call centres need mental strength as a mithril metal forged castle or something like that. I used to work as a cashier…I seen all sorts of things, and they all have my respect.


Ah one other thing,

The taverns.

Chinese people must have a black hole in their stomach, because they can hold their liquor in dozens of litres and still get a proper fight done without to miss their targets.


[quote=“faywartune_545, post:46, topic:30443, full:true”]Ah one other thing,
The taverns.
Chinese people must have a black hole in their stomach, because they can hold their liquor in dozens of litres and still get a proper fight done without to miss their targets.[/quote]

I loved Jackie Chan in Drunken Master… Did you know he does his own stunts?

I first taught myself programming on a Commodore 64. I diligently followed the instructions:

  • 10 [PRINT] "Hello, I’m the Commodore 64 - What is your name ";:[INPUT] A$ {enter}
  • 20 PRINT "Hello " A$ {enter}
  • 30 [END] {enter}
    etc… and wondered why the program failed. I later learned that anything within the {brackets} was what you were supposed to do, not type. lol

Ah! My son! I swear he was a changeling! I got him a Timex Sinclair with a 16K ram pack. It was one of those little McDonald’s cash register types of computer that you could wipe down. (He was only 4).

So there we were driving down the freeway, he in his booster seat in the back. “Hey Mommie! You want to hear my program?”

I glanced in the rearview mirror, “Sure.”

That little squirt proceeded to tell me LINE BY LINE a 300 line code! (This is not it but it’s this kind of stuff.)
10 REM: Rocket Blastoff Program
20 X% = 15
30 X = 23.5
40 X$ = “TOTAL:”
50 Y = X% + X
60 ? X$;Y
etc. THAT kind of stuff, EVERY SINGLE %, *, remark, LINE BY LINE! In the car without reading it! He created that program! FOUR YEARS OLD!

I just stared at him in the rearview wondering which fairies stole my kid!

When we got to the house, he excitedly said, 'Look Mommie." He squatted his skinny, little self at that little computer on the floor and typed out all that code and pressed enter.

A rocket ship took form, then a countdown and it shot off the top of the screen LIFTOFF!

I was flabbergasted. It was like, “Yea, The fairies swapped him out! He’s only 4! Where’s my baby!”

So here I was thinking I have some really genius kid who would excel in computers later on and be the second generation in IT and follow his ‘mommie’… Along comes high school, he got into a computer class where I just knew he’d ace it.

That BRAT FLUNKED! FLUNKED! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :scream: :rage: :crazy_face: :dizzy_face:

I was SOOOO mad at him! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: THAT WAS A SUPER EASY A+ for him! Dumb kid could have gotten scholarships! GRRRRRR :rage: Found out the teacher had given them a sample game so they could take it apart and learn how it was made so they could make their own game but nope! My smarty pants teenager was so arrogant! He already knew that stuff and was bored with it so he just screwed around during class with his buddies in the back.

As a punishment I refused to let him take any technology courses the rest of his high school career. GRRRRR :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: And that kid just would not turn in his assignments if he was bored with a class! His teacher told me that yes, he knew everything because she could ask him and he knew it all. But he just refused to do, “Stupid paperwork.” as he called it because it was a waste of time." So she flunked him for poor attitude and non-compliance. He was not able to go up with his class at graduation to get his diploma and had to go to summer school. He was FURIOUS! BURNING MAD! I had absolutely NO SYMPATHY for my overgrown, smarty-pants brat. I told him, “That’s what you get for not towing the line. It’s part of growing up. The adult world is full of things you’d rather not spend time doing. You think I like commuting for 2 hours every morning and night just to pay the rent and buy food? (I worked in Silicon Valley at that time) Deal with it and go to summer school. At least you don’t have to repeat your senior year.”

He hated school because it was not challenging for him. Well after he graduated I told him he had his last summer of childhood, enjoy it… “Come fall you either go to college Full Time or get a job Full Time. I will co-sign your student loans if you go in the fall semester.”
“I hate school” he snarled.
“Well, I guess you will be a poor working stiff then. Enjoy your summer, and get a job. If you decide to go to school later, you are on your own for student loans.” I was not having a perfectly healthy young man just hanging around the house being lazy. (I was also still paying off my own student loans so I knew how expensive it was to ignore scholarships if you qualified). But my kid had to learn the hard way.

Well, he hated school with a passion! He opted for work. Of course, being a teenager in the San Francisco Bay Area with no job skills and a dubious scholastic record didn’t earn him very many brownie points. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :rofl: So he ended up working at McDonalds for 2 years, which he hated, :nauseated_face: then he went to Dominoes pizza, which is the same kind of work, which he also hated, :nauseated_face: :hot_face: when it finally dawned on him that he was going nowhere.

That and girlfriend who was going to UC Berkeley caused him to see the dawning glory of day and the value of an education. I also told him, “Hey kiddo, Something is wrong here. Here you have a girlfriend who is attending an ivy league class university to be a lawyer and you are content to work at McDonalds? How long do you think this romance will last.”
I guess he listened, either to me or his girlfriend because he enrolled in Cal State Hayward and got his bachelors in Computer Science, which he aced of course. All he needed was the correct incentive.:smirk: His SAT scores were great but his poor high school grades blew it for Cal Tech so he had to go to Cal State Hayward. (can we say, s-l-o-w- l-e-a-r-n-er?) :rofl:

Over the years, he’s worked his way through several Silicon Valley companies as a programmer.-, Nintendo, EA, and a whole bunch of other companies. etc. (IT industry jobs are mostly contract jobs which turn over every 6 moths to a couple of years. The industry EATS techs. {no job security in IT unless you luck out to work for a good company or work for the government like I did later on.}) Oh! He married his lawyer girl friend. :grin:


Aww I loved your story. You have such a beautiful way to write, to my dyslexic mind its so vivid its become alive.

And yes I know that Jackie chan does his own stunts, he to write and compose entire movies. I find him a very light hearted and an inspiring person. There is a cool series he made:

If you haven’t seen it already, I do highly recommend it.


oh I did and really enjoyed it, also the ancient detective too

there is a Jackie Chan drama on here, really cute too, his character was awesome! and no fighting would you beleave? its a heartfelt drama, I believe you would really enjoy.

NAMIYA, Jackie Chan movie


NO FIGHTING!!! NOOOOOOO…alright ill behave :3 its also on Viki?


yes its on viki!! I have watched it twice, I am not much of a jackie chan fan, don’t get me wrong, I do love watching him, but this little drama, I have changed my thoughts about him. loved his character!!


cool, ill watch it thank you for the advice.


go for it, I am sure you will like it


It isn’t available in my region for some reasons…


The odd things K dramas taught me about China is, that there’s no comparison between the 2 of them. Although Chinese dramas/movies has vast special effects, and their stories are very different, to me Korean dramas will always be number 1 in my book.

No matter how much I complain about the piggy rides, drunken girl, those are the ones I pick to see over any Chinese drama. There are times that for the sake of variety I watch a Chinese drama but sadly more than half of the time, it ends up in a tragic ending.

The exception where I find no flaws in the Chinese movies are the ones by Jackie Chan. The best Director, actor and even writer of the best Chinese movies.


Legend of Awakening



I find there are many Chinese dramas with a considerable happy ending, although a good ending narrows down per persons expectations and ideals. I as example love open endings, this leaves room for making up yourself an idea how it could have end. To I don’t need a happy ending although if I got attached to certain roles I do not like seeing them being killed off or having other tragical endings. Like at one drama called “Evernight”, the drama wasn’t really my cup of tea though but I loved the role of the grandmaster so much when he was out of the picture it killed the series for me. I wasn’t a fan of the main lead couple, their relationship was so unhealthy, off putting… I cant say more but they had many lovely side characters also the sceneries, how it was recorded was truly an astonishing artwork. That made me keep watching.


the historical dramas, those hair pieces, did they really have that much hair to put them up like that? and those gowns, even men wore them? the long robe piece, that was on the floor, how did they wash their clothes. and how did they get around without tripping over them?? and pu-le-ze, ride a horse in those gowns, really? the swords, how can they kill someone at a full gallop? and riding on those swords(the fantacy ones) how did they stay on without falling off? and spewing blood when they are hit or whatever?
tghats all I could think of at the moment


That men were worse than the women when getting ready to go out. Spending lengthy times in the bathroom shaving half a head and plating Rapunzel length hair, much to the frustration of waiting girlfriend/wife.


The magic of hair pieces my friend. It was like in our rococo era, fake hair mainly made of human or horse hair. as you can see mostly the hight society had those fancy artworks piling up their head, the more fantastic the higher rank at the society. Also what I recognised at these hairdos was there is also a difference between an unmarried lady and a married one. Its quite interesting, I should do some lore research. Imagine how long it must have taken to get that hairdresses done everyday. Also must have been heavy with all the jewellery but they look fantastic.

Maybe these funny shoes they where wearing, was the purpose to not fall over their robes but I don’t know…

My imagination for those shoes go thus far, it prevent them to fall over their door steps after a long night getting drunk at the taverns. After all they seem to shove it down like waters…


Here some history on their hair: