The odd things K-Dramas taught me about Korea!

K-Dramas opened up a new world of knowledge for me. Below is a small list of what I learned from K- Dramas about Korea.

Korea is a very rich country. People live only in palaces, penthouses, large apartments or detached country houses. The very few people that live in small places are just eccentrics that hide their huge fortunes for their own reasons.

The majority of the Korean population are entrepreneurs, lawyers, prosecutors or policemen.

Korean men are all very very tall.
They are well dressed and they wear all of them a lot of make up and lipstick too.
All Korean men favour also the same haircut. Short at the back with bangs in the front.

Korean women unfortunately don’t seem to be that tall. They are all of them two heads shorter than their men. But they are immune to cold and that is probably the reason why they wear the shortest of skirts even in arctic cold conditions.
They wear also a lot of make up and they favour lipsticks in very bright neon pink colours.

Both males and females are fond of their slippers. So they wear them indoors with any possible outfit. Tuxedos, evening gowns, suits or dresses, all have their matching pair of slippers!

Koreans are very romantic people. According to what I saw in K-Dramas they can fall in love with everyone and everything that is exotic enough to excite their romantic fantasies. Humans and Humanoids, Ghosts and Goblins, Extra Terrestrials and Androids, Mermaids and Demons but also Royals and non royals, all species and sub species deserve according to K-Dramas to be loved and they will eventually be loved in Korea.

Koreans are also very emotional people. They can cry their eyes out for any existent or non existent reason, in any possible or impossible place. They cry alone or with company, in private or public places, in their jobs, in their houses, in the living room or in their bathroom, inside Korean borders or abroad, inside the train stations, or air terminals, everywhere and anywhere they feel the need to do so …They cry a LOT! But thought they cry that much they never have red or swollen eyes. So they can cry their eyes out, stop and repeat.

According to K-Dramas Koreans reproduce by kissing. I wasn’t able to find any indication that they might have sex like all other people in this world. But they are such good kissers that is a pleasure to watch them kissing.

Koreans are also very fit and healthy people. The reason why they are so fit is that they are constantly in love and run after their subject of love. They run even after the vehicles that their subject of love is in, with a special preference towards trains. Their reasoning probably is that the fastest it is the vehicle then most effective the workout will be… or something similar.

When they don’t run after trains or other vehicles they drive either only KIA cars, or only Hyundai cars, or only Maserati cars. But you’ll never see all these different brands of cars mixed together in the streets’ traffic. I suspect that there must be a law that forbids to Koreans to drive different brands of cars simultaneously on the same street, probably for purist reasons. Or that they might have dedicated some days to specific car brands… who knows…

There are some certain chain restaurants that Koreans visit everyday from the day they born to the day they die.

According to K-Dramas Korea has only two cities Seoul and Busan. Seoul is probably a very small city with very few streets and that is the reason why K-Dramas take place always on the same streets. All people walk on these few streets because there are no other places to go.

The other city has very few streets too, but its train is infected with zombies so those who are not fans of the genre don’t use it that often. So the trains towards the only other Korean city, come and go empty in order to provide the appropriate workout for Seoul citizens.

Seoul has a river too that according K Dramas has only one bridge. The motor way of this bridge has a lot of traffic, but as I said previously the traffic is consistent either by all KIAs or all Hyundais or all Mazeratis.

And that’s about all I learned from K-Dramas about Korea! I’m sure though that there might be many other things that those of you who are are more familiar with K- Dramas already know. So if I missed something please enlighten me by joining this thread.


:rofl::rofl: I got to the part about the male hairstyles and realized this was a poke in the back at Kdramas. I laughed so hard at the train part! Well, I’ll add something too. :upside_down_face:

The mother-in-laws almost always reject the choice of partner of their children. Like, it seems to be a universal thing.

In high school, there seems to be only one guy or a small group of guys that all the girls fangirl over. He just needs to walk down the hall and everyone squeals. Why weren’t there halls in my high school, and popular and hot guys to walk down the halls?

Both guys and girls seem to be okay with wrist-grabbing. Maybe just calling their name isn’t gonna cut it. There must be a magnet around their wrists…

Korean guys need to be fit to carry their partners when they get drunk. Sometimes, the women do so as well. Ah, the famed piggyback…


Most Koreans end up with their first loves. They never seem to forget them, no matter how young they were when they first fell in love (or one of them fell in love) and they almost always have met as young children. That’s how they get paired up with each other. The person you fall in love with as a child, will most likely end up being your partner.

If you are rich, your parents choose your partner. If you reject the partner and choose someone with a different status, that partner should be prepared to receive an envelop with money or a cold shower of water-from-a-cup/mug.

When people like a certain product, they make sure to tell all their friends or co-worker about it and tell them that surely they would love it too if they used it!

Looking forward to more life-lessons :laughing:

Edit: Oh one more thing I forgot! Despite Koreans being really fit, a lot of them seem to have very rare diseases! Face blindness (prosopagnosia) and allergy to humans or most things for example, seem to be more prevalent these days.


[quote=“helenama73_911, post:2, topic:25742”]
The mother-in-laws almost always reject the choice of partner of their children. Like, it seems to be a universal thing. [/quote]

Ha ha ha yes indeed. The reason why this happens is because Korean in laws are like the Golum. They have something really prrreeeciousss to protect! Who is going to pamper their middle aged son or daughter?

I assume that this happens because they are all very thin and Korea is probably a very windy country. Better safe than sorry if you know what I mean! lol

Epic observations! :smiley: :smiley:
The last one though makes the most sense. It seems that it is those very rare ( for other people) diseases that have forced K-Drama Koreans to try their chances with other, out of this world species.
If for instance they have allergy to humans they try to get an affair with a ghost or an alien. There are after all so many lonelyheart ghosts and aliens out there! Why stick with the same old stock that trigers their allergies!


Oh, let’s add to the list.

  • Whenever you see a white truck on the road, run for your life. They are the preferred vehicle for psychopath drivers who always go for the kill. Unfortunately, these trucks also have a sort of eye magnet: the moment the victim sees them, she is unable to move, and has to stay in the middle of the road to get killed.
  • Best skills upgrade, as well as superior medicine is only in the US. No other country applies. With the exception of cooking (France) and coffee/barista (Italy). But the US is able to cure every strange or incurable medicine almost completely. Even the ones of robot limbs. The problem is that while there, you get a sort of amnesia called “communication barrier”: you forget your friends’ and lover’s e-mail, phone number, skype ID etc.,- and arguably, even their existence! - so it’s impossible to communicate with them for the whole duration of your stay. The people in Korea are very understanding of that, however, so it’s no big problem for you when you do go back, you will be instantly forgiven even if you give a crappy excuse like “If I heard your voice, I’d miss you so much that I’d want to come back immediately”. (This excuse always works wonders, so note it down in case you need it in the future).

Of course! How did I miss that with the white trucks.
BUT what is the brand of the white killing trucks? I bet that it is always the same! :rofl:


LOL! I have one more, they are the kings’ of blind date. Don’t worry, if you are already in a certain age, someone will make you have as many as blind date you need to get married, and probaly you will not like none of the guys.


Another thing that K-Dramas taught me about Korean men is that they never sleep next to their girlfriends on the bed. They either sleep on the floor, or at another bed in the same room, or in the sofa.
They sleep also with all their clothes on, probably because they want to protect their modesty, but their clothes never get creased after a night on the floor. They wake up in immaculate condition, with freshly ironed clothes, combed hair, freshly shaved and with full make up on their faces ready to kiss their girlfriend.
K-Drama men are obviously very low maintanance guys; the dream of every woman in this world. Once you give them a freshly ironed shirt you’ve done with them for the rest of their existence.


You forgot the chase the love of your life to the airport one.


This one has scarred me. I can never look at a white trucks (sometimes blue trucks) the same way again :laughing:

What if it was the same exact truck (or trucks)…


:rofl: Labelled as “The killers truck. Always for repair!”.


@gatalito_114 I read your list not all Korean men are tall, They also sometime wear a lift in their shoes to give and add more height, some of BIG BANG members was known to do that. What you forgot to add is Korean women and some men are Plastic Surgery addicted and made over.

Not all you see that is handsome or beautiful in K drama are not all natural from birth.Cosmetic Surgery can even change their face Shape. It is a known fact That “South Korean is the Plastic Surgery Capital Of The World”. Also not all Koreans live in Palaces that from watching too many K drama. :smile: I enjoy reading your list.


The one that has always bothered me: 2 and even 3 guys fighting and in love with the same woman/girl, and the other poor girls/woman in the drama begging for the guys to love them, and they (the guys) rather stay alone, if they can’t have that one (1) girl. It’s happening in the Greatest Show drama right now. When are these writers ever going to get more creative and start writing something different in the dramas?


As long as these cliché dramas are successful, the recipe is not going to change.


I just noticed another one!

Koreans are allergic to / terrified of blood, even if it’s from the smallest, insignificant cut. They’ll exclaim “pi! (blood!)” and immediately require you to get some kind of oitment or cream treatment, sometimes with a bandaid. They proceed with the utmost care, as if tending to a surgery.

Those cuts and/or bruises are the mortal enemy to their beauty, so they need to take care of it asap. Those unwilling, get forced to partake in the emergency treatment, as they’d offend others by showing off their battlewound.


This is a humouristic thread about the extravagant and odd things that are presented as the epitome of the Korean every day life in K-Dramas.So it doesn’t really matter what tricks are used to show us the one or the other characteristic or situation. The fun factor comes from the characteristics or/and the situations themselves.

I’m more than sure that not all Korean guys are super tall, baby faced, with bangs in their forehead, wearing red lipstick running after trains when they are in love.
BUT that is what we watch so often in K-Dramas and it is repeated sooo often that it ends up been hilariously funny.


And here is another one. After watching some Korean historical dramas, I’m now certain, ( and with proofs) that Ancient Koreans invented laminate floors, nail varnish, rubber soles and synthetic fabrics! :smile::smile::smile:


If you see otherwise happening, you know it’s a comedy.


That is why I personally rather and love watching Chinese Drama that are Historical or Fantasy, the Chinese are the best at what they do. Not keep repeating the same old same old story line that is sometime found in K- Drama. I do watch K- Drama but it depend on who the Actor and actress is, and the story line. A perfect example of an outstanding Korean Drama that take you to a high level of acting is “Money Flower” and “Misty.” but again I did enjoy your list. :slight_smile:


thanks for the laugh for the day! loved it!