The odd things K-Dramas taught me about Korea!


I’ll go with PHS too :rofl::rofl:


Proof that you are a ‘good guy’ … there will be a scene where you help a grandma recycling paper up a hill with her cart …OR you are on your way or back from the only country on the continent of Africa that exists…Somalia where you worked as a doctor in the most remote regions of the country ( that incidentally have perfect cell phone service )


Kdramas are often slow-burn romances, but recently I encountered some eye-openers that made me turn around and check that my family is not in the area!

Ex-boyfriends are almost always cheaters, but new boyfriends are always faithful.
The first kiss is always accidental!
They are poor and frustrated at the start of the drama, and always doing better financially, or sleek and polished at the end, or the financial roles reverse.
I find Kdramas are always wonderful to experience!
i am always thankful for Kdramas!


You have ‘arrived’ when you have one of these bad boys in your bedroom !


Well, there’s a reason they have become “ex”. Everything new and fresh seems perfect, doesn’t it? In real life as well. Until of course you find out that it wasn’t, after all.


Fried Chicken with radish and beer can be purchased 24/7 :slight_smile: and be delivered …


From what I’ve seen and read, Korea’s food delivery services are really, REALLY good. This article sums it all up:


wow! another one to watch!! thanks vivi, the more y’all put things like this on here, the better I will know about different countries! bet those "kids have a tough time doing deliveries,


Evidenced by the Drama Strongest Deliveryman :slight_smile:


They have some kick ass cake decorating skills !


so right!!


how was the drama as a whole? worth your time?


Just started Deliveryman


looks like anothjer one to watch, as long as he isn’t a prince, that will be good


Michael Jackson ain’t dead ! Check out the number of K-Pop videos that feature the lead dancer/group moves made popular in pop music by the Thriller video, I wondered where I had seen this style before…and Good Lord , these acts can dance



You can be 62 and still be s bombshell ! -JANG MI HEE


Omo! :open_mouth::open_mouth:
Is she really 62? She looks younger than 18 year old me!!


Saw her in ‘Marry Me Now’ and couldn’t pay attention to any of the younger actresses !


Jang Mihee is one of the three Korean beauties from the 70s.

Jang Mihee

The “New Troika” of Korean actresses of the 70s: Yu Ji-in, Jang Mihee, & Jung Yoonhui

Jang Mihee, Jung Yoonhee, and Yu Ji-in

Jang Mihee and Yu Jiin are still active, so you can still see them on TV.

Yu Ji-in


That Koreans realize a van is far more comfortable to be catered around in than a limousine…