The odd things K-Dramas taught me about Korea!


That the modern Korean language is chock full of loan words , much like American English


You will get a kick out of this video.


soooo funny! my laugh for the day! thanks for sharing!


Indeed …I was called on the carpet about instructions I wrote and asked to remove the Latin terms I had used in a document since it was intended for an audience whom English was not their first langauge


Architecture - Whether it is a set built specifically for a show or real buildings and rooms, the preference is narrow and long, strange after 500-600 episodes of dramas you notice this


If English wasn’t their first language maybe Latin terms would have been even more comfortable for them - depending on what their first language was, of course. For instance, if it were South Europeans like French, Italian, Spanish or Romanian, or even North Africans (very used to French)…


South Indian ,the English they speak there is very British , and the slang or terms they would use don’t match well with American English


lol Yea, my mother in law (who uses a washer and dryer) always said I should use ‘solar’ to dry the clothes. I never liked line dried in Idaho because all the blowing farm dust spoils the laundry. lol


hmm. I can’t touch silver, I leave my finger prints all over it and it tarnishes. FAST.


I am sitting here wondering why it is when I get emotionally distressed, I don’t develop a fever :slight_smile:


The odd common thing in Korean dramas, they start a relationship all ‘‘lovey dovey’’ just to break up in the next episode, and at the end of the drama, they leave ‘‘overseas’’ to study for 1 to 3 years while the sucker waits for them to come back, and they come back not knowing a word of English in those 1 to 3 years. So far on ntfx I saw this week alone 3 like that. lol


i hope my language teachers think the same and show us some english or hindi movies sometimes :sunglasses::sunglasses:


if there is a relationship at the start of a k-drama, there is like 99.99999 percent chance they’ll break up, especially if it is a high school drama :joy: that’s why I was so surprised that the couple in Flower of Evil just gritted it out and stayed together no matter what.
also, I think it is quite possible to not know much English even if you go overseas to study. I moved from one state to another where a different language was spoken, but I was just not interested in learning the language and for almost seven years I could hardly speak a sentence. Just a year ago I actually started wanting to learn and I’ve really made huge progress and picked it up.
of course, if they had to actually study in English it would be weird if they couldn’t speak it. :thinking:


Yes …the two separation …always when they go to the States or Europe, but if they go to Somolia, they never come back


And the sucker will not date anyone else! Not knowing if the other is still alive, if he will come back at all and will come back alone.
Once one have made a decision, there are no alternatives at all


The drama I’m talking about is not about them going to study and learning the English language, they were working for a multi millionaire company so there was no excuse for them to come back knowing only three words (one of them only stuttered 2 full sentence). If I was the Director of that drama I would have dubbed the English parts since I’ve seen it done in many Chinese modern dramas and it makes more sense.

You had a chance of a lifetime learning a different language as you moved to different places (a big plus that you are young which makes it easier to learn a new language) You had a gift most of us don’t have but is never too late, and I’m glad you was successful in learning English in such short amount of time. But like I said, it has been scientifically proven that the younger we are, the faster we can learn any new language, and if we learn it before the age of 14, we won’t have pronunciation issues so take advantage of this since you still young now.


lmao that’s a good one.


That’s my pet peeve: who waits 3 years for a person not knowing what awaits them? People in 3 year can stop loving a person and fall in love with someone else. Ugh it’s so annoying to me and lately in dramas you see this very often and the modern Chinese dramas are doing it too (except I’ve seen just 1 year wait).


The worst ‘two year’ separation I have ever seen was oddly enough in the first drama I watched, The Abyss …they just had the dude go transparent for two years while the Aybss was re-charging and he came back and they got married, I think it comes up when they just don’t know how to end the story.



I watched the Abyss (k drama) on ntfx. is that the one you talking about? I don’t remember that part lol Gotta go and watch it again. You saw coffee prince? After they hook up she decides to leave to study abroad and i believe it was 3 years and i was furious when she comes back like nothing. Start up they were in a relationship and they break up and he leaves for 3 whole year and the first day he comes back they already hooking up again ugh! My sassy girl from the joseon era the ending is she goes to study I believe to China and i think it was a year? I am so fed up of those ridiculous ending that I don’t even watch the ending.

PS Just realized in the Abyss drama, maybe after he went transparent I stopped watching the drama and is why I can’t remember that part lol