The odd things K-Dramas taught me about Korea!


VIP hospital rooms are a real thing


You are not kidding about that! They have a fridge and a dining table for 4 people and is a miracle they don’t have a stove too. I wonder if that’s real bc in my eyes is the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen. Hospitals are to heal the sick not to be used as a 5 Star Hotel stay no matter how rich you are. Hospital is sacred to the sick and in need of medical attention.


lmaoo i thought u were being for real at first and they i realised
S a R c A s M


When my wife was a nurse she arraigned a transfer from one unit that had a Women’s Hospital, because she said it was just a place for rich women to get away from their husbands and that no serious medical care actually took place there, and that was here in the dead center of the United States…


Yes, I know is possible for ridiculous stuff like that to happen anywhere in the world, and sadly some ppl don’t get medical attention in a proper room bc there are no ‘‘beds’’ in the Hospital available, but money talks, bullsh*t walks. My cousin got married to a Specialist Doctor in Obstetrics and Gynecology and when she gave birth she had one of those rooms in a very high end hospital, and I was paralyzed in shock on how it looked just like a 5 star hotel room with a breathtaking view. The only difference that it had no fridge or dining table (like I’ve seen in K-dramas), but it had a pretty decent size ‘‘living room’’ with a large screen TV, and the bathroom looked like a fully supplied spa. It was huge though. I felt I was in a section of a real condo apartment too. Nice experience it was for me to see it twice (hope she has a third child so I can go and enjoy a day there) :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


The one she worked at did, in fact have a fridge …and this was in the late 90’s , no telling what it has now.


By chance, was it on the Upper East side in Manhattan?

PS They even have a special Chef cooking for them


probably a home theatre system and walk-in fashion studio :joy:


I was reminded of this trope when I watched a recent drama:

When you are doing some sort of covert operation, it is impossible to put your phone on silent, which leads to the character getting flustered when suddenly their phone starts ringing and they have to turn it completely off. Vibrate or silent mode doesn’t seem to exist :neutral_face::laughing:



Thank Goodness they stopped those ridiculous scenes where they would take the batteries out of their cell phone (in a fit of obvious anger) instead of turning the darn thing off! It was so common in K-drama that when I saw a cell phone scene I already knew what was coming next.


Memphis, Tennessee


Or …spending 30 seconds on what to say in a text, deleting everything that sounded goofy and then accidentally hitting send on the dumbest selection


hahahahaha I just saw that scene in a young ppl. Korean drama never miss. You are so on point, very observant.


Two types of humor are a must in K-Drama , a poop related joke or a turd that won’t flush requiring someone to put effort in unclogging the toilet or b) the female lead making a self deprecating reference to the size of her breasts


You killed it there ugh those toilet humor scenes are so disgusting I have dropped the drama as soon as I see those. Revolutionary Love has the most disgusting toilet noise/scenes and I was traumatized. Well about them breast…they are so flat I don’t think anyone can say they are breast (Mr. Queen the Queen MFL I wonder if she removed them bc she’s extremely too flat maybe is the clothes that makes them look flat chested?

Now what they need to improve how ppl swim under water for long periods of time with their mouth open. Flower of Evil, again Mr. Queen, and Bring it on, Ghost. Why they think we believe a person can be underwater without drowning when they have their mouth open/screaming even?


Well, that is not humor. That is reality. Most k-drama heroines are completely flat-chested and practically no butt either. Not to mention the bow legs.


I am laughing my a$$ off here as you mentioned Revolutionary Love - all I can hear is the “Oh My God !” after each sound , but you were right on that one.

Other scenes of poop culture that stick in my head is the unflushable turd talk in While you were sleeping and the “Show you care” scene in My Girlfriend is a Guhimo , where the guy covers for the woman farting in the elevator by taking the blame …or the real whammy in were the lead female actually craps her pants in Marriage , not Dating


Agreed. But there are notable exceptions that I admittedly can’t help but notice ; Clara ( Clara Lee ) kicks up the silicon quite a bit and Kim Yoo Jung ( Backstreet Rookie , Clean with Passion ) stand clearly outside of South Korea’s ‘committee’ and Han Groo’s figure clearly indicates she was a professional dancer and Lee Min Jung has real world hips that make any man’s heart flutter :slight_smile: …just call me a dirty
Haraboji for noticing all this in detail :slight_smile:

Sad thing about this industry imposed anorexia is that you notice women off camera as extras, that have real-world body mass; I expect this to change in the future as they have effectively been shut out of the Chinese market for political reasons and as they turn their prospects West, marketing will put them in a position to make them more palatable to Western standards …in K-Pop it has already started , literally Jesse and Cardi B look like they have the same plastic surgeon from the neck down , and Rania ( Black Swan ) has diversified by adding African and Latina singers to the act


No one eats fruit without a fork apparently everyone cuts it into bite size pieces and serves with a fork, no matter what , never seen anyone eat the skin of an apple either …


Oh! My hubby, when he was in ICU in Salt Lake had a mini fridge in his room but the room was cramped. Not much room to move around at all. And unlike Pocatello, I was not allowed to stay with him round the clock. They made me go home every night and since home was so far away I had to get a motel.

You know many cultures do not leave the ill alone. Someone stays with them round the clock but too many American hospitals kick out family.