The odd things K-Dramas taught me about Korea!


There are no bankruptcy protection laws in Korea. As sooooo, as dad goes broke, the creditors come in and red tag EVERYTHING and boot you to the streets. You’re lucky if you get to keep the clothes on your back and lunch money.

However! There does not seem to be a debtors prison so all you have to do is hide from the loan shark gangsters who are allowed to operate in broad daylight and are probably getting kickbacks from the big banks.


Thankfully here in the Brooklyn and Manhattan area hospital if the person is dying they let the family round the clock they have a limit upto 6 ppl. during the day but sleep over only 1 person is allowed. We rather take turns taking care of our dying loved ones bc is very draining when they are dying to witness that.

I remember I was with my dying mother in law and her own grown man sons used to take their time to come in so it was 11:30 pm something and I was anxious since i knew the time was approaching, I also had my 3 kids at home waiting for me. I had bathe her (helped by a nurse too), I combed her hair and talked until she fell asleep. Her older son finally shows up and when he kissed her she woke up, she said thank you to me in her short breaths, and we said goodbye I kissed her and left. As I’m entering my front door I hear my house phone ring and I run to pick it up, her son told me that she asked him to get her some water so he went to the nurse station and when he went back she had a smile in her face and had passed away with a peaceful look and a smile in her face and he was thanking me bc. it was the first time she looked so much at peace (it took 11 days before she passed away).
Of course now ppl die all alone and my heart breaks bc i know having someone there makes all the difference.

I noticed in K dramas they omit the Hospital’s theme; unless is a Doctor’s theme drama.


that was definitely one of the hardest things to watch EVER. also the both-poop-in-a-car scene which is in both Welcome to Waikiki and Shopaholic Louis, like why is that even a thing??!
one scene that broke the trope was Go Back Couple and I respect the writers for that.


raise your hands if you want to watch a drama whose main character is the driver of the infamous White Truck of Doom??
personally I’d pay to watch a drama whose main team consists of the drivers of the White Truck of Doom, the scooter that pushes couples onto each other and the iconic cars without brakes. Would make a killer show, pun totally intended :wink:


Ah, so you haven’t watched Love With Flaws, have you? The male lead constantly has or is about to have bowel incidents like that. I had to drop the drama after 4 episodes - not only because of that, it was super-lame in many other aspects as well.


the other one is the passing gas or burping,


esp with the cvirus around, really a shame thay cant be with their family when they pass


hey thats right! haven’t seen one lately, unless they changed to black!!


That’s me and my autocorrect paired up and determined to destroy this world. :rofl::rofl:


I am sure that is on the way , you know of course the driver will be a Grim Reaper who has to take a certain number of souls by a specific time or some dead person having to do their 49 days of penance before moving on …


I thought about Grim Reapers, but their job is to reap already dead souls and never interfere with human life…these guys kill people themselves :sweat_smile:


But they make interesting characters …as in Black and Goblin


Yes, so true! Grim Reapers and psychopaths are always interesting characters to watch and observe the actors themselves. Some take the comedy route and some the angsty one, but most of the actors have done amazing jobs! It’s fun to see how writers create the same character but give it a different style/attitude that totally changes perspective.


Korean women can literally eat a horse at one sitting and remain a size Zero.


It was an interesting experience shopping in Korea. Many women’s clothing comes in one size. Unfortunately, they seem to be made for sizes 0 to 6. According to Google search, the average women’s size in the US is size 14, but you will have hard time finding any clothes in that size in Korea.


Which is a shame considering if a woman has an Idol’s face, she is built like Olive Oil


Hahaha…:rofl: I assume you mean Olive Oyl, of the cartoon Popeye.


Yes ! Scpelling iz emportunt :slight_smile:


I thought about this and think the oddest place to slip a Sh*t gag was in Strong Woman Boon Soon …where they went on about the youth giving properties of her grandmother’ feces tea …


Something I felt I had to comment on…men and women in formal attire threatening each other over their companies while wearing slippers. I have a hard time taking those scenes seriously because of the slippers! :rofl: I just find those scenes ironic (by the way, I have nothing against wearing slippers inside the house; I do that too, and that’s because I learned to do so from the dramas).