The odd things K-Dramas taught me about Korea!


@porkypine90_261, I’ve seen pork being called “the other white meat” and I do like using lean pork for katsu or mabo tofu and I love bacon but I can’t stomach the fatty pork belly.

@anthonyparker80_342, Yep, I use scissors for grilling (tabletop) meat at home. It’s also very useful for cutting long strands of noodles.


heres one, about sleeping habits, ever notice how their necks are when they lay on a pillow? looks awfully uncomfortable, and I think the C dramas do that too!


You left out the eating! If you are sad, you have comfort food. If you are happy you eat to celebrate. If you are in love, you go out to eat with him/her. You cook for him/her.

I watch K-Dramas on Netflix, and the number of times I have to pause and go research the latest food mention. As a result I got so curious, I bought the ingredients and made: Tteok Bokki, Sundubu Jiggae, Kimchi Jiggae, Rameon. As I am a vegetarian, this involved some substitutions, but overall I really liked the intense, salty/sour savoury and non-sugared taste. I have eaten out and had Bibimbap and Sundubu Jiggae. None of the BBQ dishes of course.

Oh, and I am now an official kimchi addict. One of these days, I will have a go at making it.

It has been fun and educational.


It may work well , as they show many sleeping on the floor atop a pallete, I know my back feels better when I sleep on a hard surface


I know, Before I met my hubby, I just slept on the floor and rolled up my bedding so I’d have room. Hubby dearest does not like ‘hard’ floors so we got a mattress that is actually too soft for me and puts my back out. lol Oh well, stuck with that mattress now. My knees are too bad for me to get off the floor now.


I have always wondered why they ran a humidifier in a hospital room. and sometimes in a persons home.

I discovered that when the air is stuffy the patient doesn’t breathe as they should.

my son got me one and I have been using mine since yesterday and I can breathe better!! you may laugh but have had a hard time to breathe lately, but since I have started this, I can breathe! I took a deep breath just now and so much better to take that deep breath!! no struggle…


That must feel so good!! Hope you don’t have to struggle again.
It’s not only stuffiness, less humidity+low temperature gives your respiratory system a hard time. I have seen it aggravate asthma in my relatives too; thankfully, we live in one of the most humid places in India, my brother doesn’t have to struggle to breathe like my American cousins.


I am sure enhanced humdity helps also with the ‘fine dust’ of a metro area of 25 million people where 60 percent of the cars are diesel …


gochujang addict here!


Me too. And black sesame oil.


EVERYONE. owns a chicken shop. E.V.E.R.Y.O.N.E. :rofl:


I know the feeling! I was the only one in my family who adopted this habit, until my mom started catching on. It’s just us two, though. Everyone else still walks inside with their shoes :sob::sob:


Yes, especially if they are running down the street or sidewalk after the car/truck in their slippers yelling and waving their hands in the air. :smiley: I think that pause might even be a comedic pause because it’s like “I have something important to tell you–wait, I need to put on my shoes–come back!”


Here are the things I got to know:

  1. Men crying is normal.
  2. Their beauty standards are extremely high
  3. They look awfully young
  4. Wearing matching hoodies, rings, etc is normal there
  5. Very few people have an arranged marriage


My hubby is a kiwi, and he is more fanatical than me about taking shoes off at the door. He likes bare feet.


Fact; nearly 90,000 in South Korea , by comparison , there are 38,000 Mc Donalds on the entire planet. This is how this happened:

How Korean fried chicken – the other KFC – became a huge hit in South Korea and then the world | South China Morning Post (


Woah! :scream: It really must be something to try then^^ I can’t watch some dramas on an empty stomach; the way they zoom in on that fried chicken is downright RUDE :confounded:


Yea. I am 5’10" I can’t even find clothes in the US. :smirk::sunglasses:


Isn’t that the ‘recycled’ coffee? (pooped out coffee)


:laughing: Recycled coffee, I love that! I used to recycle coffee by growing mushrooms on it with a kit, but you just gave it another meaning :rofl: