The odd things K-Dramas taught me about Korea!



OhMYGoodness! I thought I was been paranoid bc every time I ate pork I use to get a migraine headache so I stopped eating any pork and I did had less headaches. But it so happens on Thursday I had a craving for a boneless thin pork chops I saw while doing food shopping, and bought them (dear me!), after I ate them yesterday, all day long I had to drink something every 6 hours to calm down the damn headaches.

Like you mentioned here it could be the additives but is weird that you mentioning this gave me the certainty is the pork. No more for me the pleasure is not worth the pain afterwards.


First Kisses cause space-time to warp. For the observer it is always seen from three angles first , then is frozen in time to the credits. I joke , but that style of shot is pretty damned dramatic, and I actually like it.


Ok I got another one that is so GROSSSSSSSS (puke) so in k drama the real kicker of emotions is the BUGGERS in the NOSE Ughhhhhhhhhhh ^&&**(())())))&&%$# That guy in Mr. Queen for crying out loud pig! He ruined my plans for dinner. I’m fasting today!




be glad you haven’t seen some Indian serial romances then :woman_facepalming: if an episode is half an hour long and includes a romantic/dramatic moment, they will spend fifteen to twenty minutes showing each character from every angle possible, adding all sorts of dramatic special effects and make that action repeat again and again, in slow motion, fast and from all angles playing at least two songs in the background.
Watch this to know what I’m talking about–you’ll want to pull your hair out…I seriously dare you to watch it to the end without skipping


Aw SBS blocked it! Click the Watch on YouTube link. You can see it there.

So Funny! - Go way back in a time machine - back when JAWS was new, There was this soap opera teaser of some lady treading water in the ocean, waiting for someone to notice and rescue her. That REALLY ANNOYING scene played for WEEKS! We were rooting for the shark to finish her off so we didn’t have to see that teaser anymore. lol


It must be true! These guys don’t have girlfriends to grab by the wrist.


This video is gold! It makes me wonder if there are any kdramas that have used this idea: two soulmates are literally ‘blown’ into each other’s arms because of the crazy wind; or maybe they clung to each other as the wind attempted to blow them across the street.


LMAO …Bollywood is tops when it comes to OVER THE TOP …, the action movies are even worse/better…they have taken hold in America for the crowd that likes to get stoned and watch a dumb movie


I’ve watched a k-drama clip in which a guy tries to protect a girl from the wind and she ends up with his jacket over her head :joy:
other than Korean, there must be million of c-dramas where they fly like birds, it must be verrrrry windy there lol-- recent one for me was Romance of Tiger and Rose where they first meet when she gets thrown of her horse and he jumps to save her, they literally fly and meet mid-air, then come twirling down in their long robes :joy::roll_eyes:


It’s just not the C-Dramas that have lots of flight …the action movies as well, years back when Crouching Tiger , Hidden Dragon came out , they spent maybe 20 minutes of the two hour movie flying around; there is even a joke about it in the movie.


Too funny! Thanks for sharing the video! :joy:


Check this out : The Funniest Indian Action Movies Compilation 2017 - YouTube


This is so true I stopped watching Hindi dramas bc I couldn’t take it anymore. I only go for their movies that are based on comedy bc in dramas with serious scenes is the never ending scene.

What’s even more annoying than the repeated scene is ONE whole sentence in English the rest in Tamil language (the ones I watched). They should do a video on that. It use to drive me crazy. Btw, their English was quite good no heavy accents or anything like that nice good English sentence. Let me know if they have a video on the one English sentence only.


Os coreanos desmaiam facilmente devido ao estresse psicológico.
Se a pessoa não apresentar uma condição de risco de vida, uma bolsa de solução IV geralmente cura a perda de consciência assim que a bolsa se esgota. A solução intravenosa é ótima para perda de consciência, gripe, desidratação, exaustão mental ou física ou praticamente qualquer doença.

Ri muito!! exatamente assim … kkkkkk:::rofl::rofl:


:face_with_hand_over_mouth: I like quite a few Bollywood movies but I don’t get stoned to watch them. But then again. I have not indulged in Bollywood versions of Conan the Barbarian either. :rofl:


I loved


That’s an excellent movie. I watched it twice with my kids and we all loved it!


I think the worst are he blockbuster action movies and serial melodramas…other than those two, a lot of other genres especially rom-com have been made quite well.

oh they do this a lot in many regional languages along with Hindi…I guess it’s to up their coolness quotient? (“you’re fired” “It’s not my problem”, etc.) I’ve seen that in a lot of k-dramas as well.

For one thing, Indian languages include almost every sound in their phonetics so it’s not hard for us to pronounce a lot of English (unlike Koreans who struggle to say ‘v’ and ‘f’)
Secondly, almost everyone who was educated three to four generations before us were taught directly by the British.


Bahubali was great fun, though.