The odd things K-Dramas taught me about Korea!


oh my god please make a chinese one! I would love to read it!

your post is actually pretty thought out and fun and sweet and personable and I’m a Zh-En subber so my world is all c-dramas… :slight_smile:


@linda_cameron Dramas reflect reality.
If you ever watch variety shows or even the viki shoutout on Flower Crew, you will often see the actresses putting a pillow, blanket, or jacket on their lap because the skirt is so short so we won’t have any over revealing shots.
And speaking of high heels, when I went to visit the Seokguram, which is a famous Buddhist shrine in a grotto on the side of a mountain (750 metres above sea level), I saw a woman, perhaps in her thirties who was climbing up rough stone stairs in four inch (10 cm) heels!!


honeybuns why not start it? c dramas and otjher ones??