The odd things K-Dramas taught me about Korea!


Let’s not forget people with black hats, masks, clothing, etc. and the potential danger they also pose :laughing:


the ones in disguise? yeah thats a good one! oh ad the kissing, wow you hit the right spot there!

I found another one! they sit down on their knees(not sure how to phrase that) but they bend down on their knees and sit like that for I don’t know how long! I know this is a lif time thing fr them, and sitting cross legged, oh wow! I tried it, was lucky to get one leg to the thigh! but the sitting in the knees is one that amazes me!


:joy: Don´t forget the compulsory pat on the back …when the one you love is sad… Every time:grin:


During police chases, none of the cars pull over to the side of the road…here in America, it’s required that we do so, even when the ambulance or firefighter truck passes by.

When the police officer enters a building, he/she doesn’t find the light switch and turn it on. Instead, he/she relies on his/her flashlight and the horrible fluorescent lights to see where the criminal is…I guess not every building has a light switch?

Plus, they are very reluctant to use their guns, even when the criminal is extremely dangerous, and an easy way to stop him would be to scare him with the gun…maybe I’ve seen too many American thrillers and action movies :sweat_smile:


From what I remember (I researched this once because it also stood out to me), Korean officers rarely use their guns to avoid legal battles. They are allowed to use their guns in specific cases, for example a serious criminal or someone with a deadly weapon, but because police officers are sued so often, they rarely do so and prefer to avoid using it. Although they rarely get convicted for using their weapon, getting dragged to court takes up to much of their time and resources. Instead, they end up being assaulted by criminals on the regular.


Ah, that makes sense then! Thank you for explaining :slight_smile:


oh, dear! found another one!! when a bad guy gets caught, or other people that need to get away, they run up the stairs not down, don’t they realize there’s no escape off the roof?? need to run down the stairs, not up. just watching a drama and that is what the person did. just another one. and (my holo love) face recognition. wow, we get a lot from our Asian friends!! Got another one, when they drink, they turn away from another person. Guess that’s respect or courtesy

heres a tholught, maybe of those romances its guys writing the story? their viewpoint??


All white people , no matter where they are from , speak English with an Australian accent.

If a Kdrama begins on Mars, it somehow winds back in the center of the universe, Seoul.

DNA tests come back in hours.

And the real Whoa thing …Men reject premarital sex out of respect for the woman !!! Yeah, right, how do you call BS in Hangul ?


Love it!! anthony!


개 풀 which is short of 개 풀 뜯어먹는 소리 (sound which dogs make when they eat grass).


heres a couple of them

  1. they drink out of those cups that measure like your two or 3 fingers
    2 they drink that beer thats famous, in Korea,go to a grave and pour it on the grave of a deceased person
    3 oh yeah in a drama I am watching I saw that white truck that was mentioned earlier!!


Recién soy una Doramaniaca confesa, y he leído con mucha gracia y expresaste lo que que siempre pensé hay pautas que siguen los escritores y de una otra forma se repite ciertos patrones. Seré sincera que me fascina la imaginación que se las trae los guionistas.
Algo que he notado hay muchos Directores, Presidentes de corporaciones que dan la sensación que no trabajan y sólo viven para su amor!! eso me causa un cierto estres porque hay que trabajar duro hoy en día jajajaaj


drama maniac? hmmm sounds interesting. maybe I am. and yes the writers are awesome, how they do thiose twists %& turns to make the story flow, imagination is the key. I sure wish I could write like that!

name a few Healer, and a guy running over house tops? what about the cars racing down a street and never a policeman you see, the drama Black was in a curve started and went back to where it started. and some of the new dramas are doing twisty turns in their stories. awesome dramamaniac, will think on it


Whenever you need to go “undercover”, go kill someone, plant a bomb, tamper with car brakes, a black baseball cap and black clothes makes you blend right in with the women dressed in bright high fashion, men in pristine suits in the office/shopping mall/airport/subway, so much so that no one bats an eyelid apart from the one person you are committing the crime against, who always only become aware of you after you walk past them.


The Koreans are a very clean bunch, always vacuuming the spotless floor with a Dyson cordless.


A few more

If you stand out in the rain you’ll catch a cold but don’t worry your love interest is sure to nurse you back to health.

It’s not uncommon to go to the doctor for everything, a cold a minor sprain and then you’ll get medicine that gets you back to health often the next day.

The women eat a lot but stay extremely skinny, I think they must burn all those extra calories off balancing on those extremely high heals.

If you’re a chaebol you’re likely to be kidnapped.

Every Korean has the latest phone, and just like with cars (above) everyone you know has the same one.

Almost every secretary in Korea’s surname is Kim

If you’re a girl and you like a guy just when you think he might be starting to like you back his ex-girlfriend is going to show up and eventually reveal that she left either because she was terminally ill or because it was in his best interest.


I forgot…

People in Korea go to cafes a lot and order drinks they never even take a sip of.

If you’re a woman who works and your boyfriend’s mother or ex-girlfriend wants to talk to you during work hours the employers are obviously very understanding and don’t mind you leaving at the drop of a hat. God forbid anyone would actually say ‘no’ lol


Love all of these threads and comments. These are spot on. My two cents:
1 shot of Soju and you are drunk, on someones back getting dropped off or spent the night with someone and no one says a thing about being out all night {most times}.
2 everyone loves karaoke
3 the ladies at 25 years and up still have high school uniform outfits
4 Whatever Grandma says goes
5 All Koreans are professional criers
6 The kids talk back to their parents
7 employment: Either you own a company or you work for the people who do
8 the leading ladies are extra clumsy so they can somehow trip and fall into the arms of some guy who always catches them =usually followed by staring (for like 5 minutes) and an awkward kiss.
10 it’s sometimes day and night in the same scene lol


I, for one, am VERY WORRIED about the Koreans’ balance and/or the gravity in Korea… They are constantly slipping and falling. However maybe I shouldn’t worry too much because they always seem to land gently pillowed upon their crush’s lips! :wink:

I guess I should also mention how gravity also affects the towels worn after a shower! Those things hit the floor like it is a dance club!


women wearing those high heels and run in them! and not fall flat on their faces! how do they balance in them??