The odd things K-Dramas taught me about Korea!


:joy: cherry-blossoms are stage two of the falling in love process. stage one is cute girl caught in the rain and her hair is like DRIPPING wet and the rest of her clothes and body are just fine. Perfect scenario for love at first sight. normal ppl look like drowned dogs in that kinda rain tho lol

:joy: :joy: on point
(though after ‘Kill Me, Heal Me’ its advisable that a male with ANY girl around him should observe strict social-distancing or just go blind :flushed:)


Right?! Sometimes I just like to pause the drama before an inevitable embarrassing situation happens and I like to come up with as many possible cliche things that might happen. Then I play it, and most of the time my guesses are right. I would like it if more dramas had original stories, instead of the classical 20 that seem to be recycled all the time.


Those heroic guys are way beyond Olympic level sprinting… They are GALACTIC FRANCIUM MEDAL SPRINTERS!
(either that or they teleport)

" francium -the most expensive natural element is francium. Although francium occurs naturally, it decays so quickly that it cannot be collected for use. Only a few atoms of francium have been produced commercially, so if you wanted to produce 100 grams of francium, you could expect to pay a few billion U.S. dollars for it."


I was watching a drama , yeah you are right, and up hill and curves, wow what a sprinter!! um he didn’t catch up!


oh and the chasing each other on the beach scenes :joy::joy:
almost as good as the Indian version of playing hide-and-seek in the forest and running around trees
when you’re crazy enough to do those things, you are DEFINITELY in love :sweat_smile::joy:


I feel like however cringy or cliche these scenes are, we still unconsciously WAIT for them Like when it seems like a scene like that is going to start this involuntary smile spreads across my face and I’m like “Let’s see how THIS couple does it :joy:
I feel like the cliche and the weirdness is all just part of the drama culture and you’re lying if you say you don’t enjoy it or wait for it at least sometimes.


That would depend, I haven’t seen enough K-dramas yet to have a good sampling[1] for statistical analysis of whether the same law that all anime must have a beach episode is also a truth in drama scripting. :chart_with_upwards_trend::beach_umbrella:

[1] Exclusionary samples - hot spring\bathhouse visits


and washing someones back?? whats with that? give me the ole back scrubber!! and they can stay overnight in a sauna? wow!


This is true. I actually know a Korean guy who immigrated to Germany and who didn’t have a place to stay anymore in his last days in Korea (because the house was rented by his employer and as soon as he quit his job he had to get out of the house). So he spent his last few nights in Korea in a public sauna.


I don’t know if someone mentioned this, but I just saw this one and it really irks me:
K-dramas teach me that Koreans confuse the horn of their car for their brakes when someone is crossing the street.

Instead of slamming on their brakes, they just hit the horn repeatedly. In 80% of cases this results in them hitting the person, but they still haven’t fixed this ‘fault’ in their car system. I wonder why :thinking:

And for some magical reason (I know that this happens irl too), these people hardly get sued or put in prison.


And when they go to the crime scene or a criminal’s hideout to investigate by themselves, without telling anyone, and without backup in the night. That’s really smart; it’s not like you’re going to get killed lol. :roll_eyes:


Sometimes without even a flashlight.


You need to understand this from the drivers perspective. Most people cross the street like the chicken, to get to the other side. There are individuals who on seeing their love interest walking away/a killer walking pass in the crowd.

are in an emotional bubble or flash-backing to happier times. These people standing in the middle of the crossing like a cow munching on grass can be there for ages, further slowing you down when you are in a mad rush to get to the airport to board that plane to the US. (with anxiety levels already raised by a fast approaching man in the rear view mirror)
To test if the individual is daydreaming you beep the car horn for a long time to try and wake them, failing that you shove them out the way with the car, since like jay walking is a no no, so is crossing emotions. Which is why they are rarely sued as it’s accepted by the rest of society for you to then ‘run their asses over’


oh yeah when they go into a dark room to investigate, they use those small flashlights to see, instead of turning on the lights those small pen lights even!, flip a switch!!


Doubly so when they leave the station or home without letting at least one other person know where they are heading out to, but on finding an entrance to underground tunnels or lairs, fail to at least inform someone there before going in where it’s most likely the tunnel is carved out of solid bedrock or the walls stone lined and any chance of getting a signal falls to you deserved to get killed levels.


I was talking about people who cross the street on the crosswalk when the light is green (for the people, not for the cars) or just crosswalks where the car is supposed to stop for the people who cross :wink:

In the drama I was watching, this girl was walking on the crosswalk (no traffic lights) and this car approached from far, hit the horn and then hit her with the car. Dude, you were supposed to hit the brakes…


Ah, in that case yes. Highway codes dictates that the driver should give the pedestrian right of way, and their car destroyed like grim reaper did in Guardian:The Lonely and Great God (Goblin).


ok this cracked me up :laughing:

i still remember that scene in school 2015 where the ML hits a car running , does a beautiful somersault, falls down, injures ONLY his shoulder, gets up and continues running(all the passers-by are like oh sure continue no need for first aid), runs all the way up the stairs and into a classroom, does what he came to do, walks out, clutches his shoulder and then collapses.
And I’m sitting there frozen thinking, wAIT wHAT???


Women are not allowed to be taught how to ride a bicycle by parents at a young age. Cycling proficiency can only be taught from first love onward and only permitted during the hours of a date.


We even have bicycle scenes in a historic drama, King Maker which is set in the 19th century. Actually, riding a bicycle in Seoul is not easy as the city is very very hilly. The government decided years ago, however, to encourage bicycle riding as being ecologically friendly and I guess they convinced the screenwriters to include bicycle scenes whenever possible.