The odd things K-Dramas taught me about Korea!


Also the alternative to the piggyback ambulance is the forklift ambulance. The one where the man picks up the woman with his forearms like a forklift truck to run to the nearest hospital or infirmary.
If the female is conscious, she can wrap her arms around the back of his neck and rest her head gently against his chest to hear his tender beating heart.
Of course if I tried this heroics, she would not hear the dulcet tones of “be still my beating heart, you’re revealing my true feelings for this woman I’m falling in love with” but the 175bpm of a man struggling to not drop the dead weight of a fully grown woman in his arms after a mere walk of about 30 meter.
The sound of a man who would struggle to even get 2 heavy bags of groceries back from the supermarket, much less a woman to a far away hospital, without dropping her flat on her bottom adding yet another injury to the original reason why she needed to get to a hospital.


On the subject of ambulances.
If you’re wealthy and live in a mansion or just so happen to have a secret science lab in the basement. You can take up the ambulance resources of the Korean public health service to deliver you with blaring sirens and flashing lights, to your mansion of choice regardless of the severity of your injuries. A very considerate service that those of us outside of Korea can only dream of with our lowly to the nearest hospital service.
However, just as money can’t buy you love, a cautionary tale to the wealthy. One of your fellow elite, a CEO, collapses and nearly dies on a beach on Geoje Island, his mansion located in Seoul means a near cross country journey, he is treated to the priority package ambulance service, including crashing gurney ride all the way to his bedroom (now that’s service!) only to be urgently given 0.3 units of epinephrine by IV, hooked up to an oxygen mask and beeping monitor. A long journey and delay in time that could have been avoided had he humbled himself to a piggyback or forklift ambulance to the nearest Geoje hospital where the exact same treatment could have been administered.

Recently in this thread I spoke of an unfortunate soul who had an international encounter with a white truck of death. This same individual, with the aide of wealthy family also took up the ambulance resources of the Czech health system and had his body carted to a mansion of choice, bypassing and insulting the hard working men and women of the Czech health service.
There is also the possibility that the ambulance was stolen, as it was driven by the mother’s assistant and crewed by the mother alone, with neither a Czechoslovakian driver or ambulance crew in sight.
Either that or the hospital in question knocked an entire ambulance out of service by freely lending it to the wealthy, perhaps to curry financial favours.


uhoh white truck again!!


Awwwwwww! You mean that doesn’t really happen! (And here I was hoping some cute guy would rescue me. :pensive: :smirk: :rofl:)

Sounds like any drivers in LA or the Bay Area…

I mean, it’s like, youse gotta sell shoes? Capisce?


In Fort Hall, (Shoshone-Bannock tribe’s reservation in Idaho) the deceased person’s close personal belongings are burned (at home) while their other things, like movies, music, furniture, even houses are given away. Nothing is burnt at the cemetery. The reason personal things are burnt rather than given away is dual motive - you don’t want their spirit hanging around you because you are wearing their clothes but, mostly it’s because it’s their time to move on and they’ll need it (the spirit version) over there on the other side. This is a simplified explanation. The real meanings are much more complex.


Don’t give up hope! Maybe @cgwm808 just went there in the wrong season … :wink:


I feel your pain! Give the copious amount of piggybacks in J/K/C/T dramas and the title of this thread what they teach us about those countries, is that piggybacks are a COMMON occurrence.

Some years ago, I heard a lot of loud talking and shouting in the quiet street outside, on looking out the window I saw 4 or 5 twenty somethings’ passing by. They were vociferous and obviously quite drunk. They were walking in the middle of the road (very little traffic at night on this road) when one of the boys squatted down and the girl climbed onto his back. He squat lifted her, her arm wrapped around his neck like a scarf, and with a last slight bouncing motion to ensure she was balanced and secured proceeded to sprint down the middle of the street to the delightfully loud screams (both laughter and terror at the same time no doubt) of the girl.

Seriously Asia (I’m looking at you Japan and Korea in particular), you’re letting your country down if I manged to witness YOUR phenomenon here in the west!
No Public Display of Affection be damned! Your dramas are giving you a free pass on this one!

  • When it’s raining, no need to bring your own umbrella. Surely there’ll be some random guy that happens to be there with you that’ll lend you theirs leaving them dripping wet who you will eventually end up dating.
  • If you’re sad or shocked or surprised, stand in the middle of the road for an hour why don’t you. It’s not like you’re going to get hit by a car or anything. :rofl:
  • You can drink 10 bottles of soju every day but still be healthy.
  • If you finally discover who the love of your life is or find the need to apologize for something, go run after her on foot while she’s in a car going to the airport. You’re definitely going to get there in time to stop her from going to the US. I still don’t get how these men are able to outrun a car that left an hour ago to the airport. :thinking: :rofl: Or if it’s raining outside, you shouldn’t wait until it stops raining, no, you should definitely go outside, run in the rain all the way to your significant other’s doorstep no matter how dangerous it may be and dramatically apologize for all your wrongdoings while dripping wet like that’s going to help. There seems to be an abundancy of those “wet” scenes.
  • A necessity when eating dinner seems to be that your table has to be covered with dishes which only about half are even touched most of the time. And in some dramas only eating two dumplings is enough to fill your stomach.
  • Cafes seem to have a tendency to make people mad. You’ll always find someone getting angry in them and leaving their delicious smoothie untouched while storming off to who knows where.


Wow, what an amazing dating tip! I’m going to stock up on umbrellas and start ‘randomly’ lurk near that woman I’ve taken a liking to… now what’s the weather forecast for the next couple of days?


Maybe they know they are quite safe if they keep it to five minutes or less!


I’m really getting a blast reading this. You know those Pay Day Loan companies that we have in the U.S.? I think Koreans invented it, but they have their own enforcement and have the right to go after the loaners relatives if they are not paid.


heres another, people crossed legged on the floor at a dinner table with all that food, the food may just be about a cup each, but you are right most are not touched, and how do they get up after sitting an hour like that?

as for that soki(sorry misspelled) how in the world can they even stand up after all that? and by the way anyone know whats it made out of??


Indeed, for some it might be very hard to get up afterwards.

Do you mean soju? It’s traditionally made of rice (or sometimes other grains), but nowadays sometimes also from potatoes. It can be flavored or unflavored and the amount of alcohol can differ from comparable to wine to comparable to strong spirit.


yes and thanks for the spelling! I thought it was rice, fermented? for me It would be awfully hard for me to get up!


come on. it’s like hollywood’s centre of the universe: New York :joy:


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: the way the car skids like that IN THE MIDDLE of a junction lol

the hilarious pointy sideburns are the old school style, i doubt they do that anymore



any time there’s a cute girl nearby, the rain will just pour don’t worry :joy:


I don’t believe that dead ppl. needs anything material from this (filthy) world. Much less, alcohol like I see it happens Korean dramas (and where my son is buried; they offer alcohol in the graves a lot, too). I always wonder if they offer alcohol to children or is it only for the adult’s grave?

Like not everyone drinks so if a person doesn’t drink, by the Korean custom they will offer that person alcohol, too? I find that a disrespect but that’s in my culture (Puertorican). YES in PR. if a person is a heavy drinker, the funeral will revolve around alcohol. But if the person didn’t drink alcohol, no one dares to offer alcohol in the funeral services.

Oddly enough, my cousin’s husband was a cop killed in 1981 during a robbery in the corner of his own house while he was off duty, and when I went to the Funeral Home they had so much alcohol in there, and all his family was blasted (I had to leave bc I felt uncomfortable I was only 20 back then) By the way, he was 100% Irish.

But like you mentioned before the real meanings goes back from generation to generation, and some are so complex that you can only try to understand them more or less. At the beginning when they burned stuff by my son’s grave I didn’t say anything but after several fires and seeing the cemetery getting ruined; I put my foot down and was going to sue them if they didn’t stop that from continuing, so they removed every garbage can and that thankfully solved the problem. Now we are working on getting the garbage cans back bc we have to clean the graves and that’s another issue now.

Because of the Pandemic we have no access to the cemetery and just recently they let us know they will open on Sunday’s only but if you go to that cemetery now the stench of dead corpses can be smelled all around and several blocks away. It’s incredible how full it got in this past few months. I think I’ll wait for fall or winter that the cold will help to diminish that overpowering smell.


Point made. But here is Irony…jut got into ‘Oh My Venus’ and she is from Daegu , and known as the Daegu Venus.


The really cute girls do not get rained on, they get cherry blossomed. This phenomenon seemingly occurring even out of season. Just as low temperatures turns rain into snow flurries, the cuteness level renders any rain within their vicinity to blushing snowflakes to fall gently around them giving the illusion of falling cherry blossom petals.:snowflake::cloud_with_snow::blush:
This cuteness level is also know to be the cause of Second Lead Syndrome, and any males with pre-existing friendships are advised to observe strict social distancing.