The odd things K-Dramas taught me about Korea!


wow, teaching me a lot today, thanks!


I learned that its always the ones that are most loved in society that end up being the bad guy.
And to learn how to read the room.


One more I just thought of: The scooters :joy: man, it seems their one job in life is to get the girls into the arms of their men :joy:


Yea, some of those steep streets even have San Francisco beat! Yes, In San Francisco, some streets have stairs for sidewalks, but I think Seoul has more of those. But in SF. they put stop signs at the TOP of the hill… Drive a clutch on that! (I did for years. - it’s an art form to not roll back or kill your engine when you pop the clutch. :crazy_face::dizzy_face::rofl:.)

Guys have been wearing earrings in California since the 70’s . (Yikes! That’s over 50 years ago!:dizzy_face: Man! I’m getting old :crazy_face: :sunglasses: ! Earrings are no big deal. Some guys wear 1 others two, and others have an earful of them and some have those huge plug/gauges things.


wonder if there’s a reason for the biggy earrings in the guys’ ears? or they just do it oh yeah I am getting older too, 50 years? wow.
I see the whole lobe covered with earrings, be it guys or girls, they made a statement or what, that’s what I am wondering, or the saying, cause I can?? and the other places for earrings too, not just those big plug things.


That Koreans are lousy at drowning. Either from accidental falling into the seas and rivers or attempts to commit suicide. This phenomenon is aided by the fact that despite being unconscious and slowly sinking into the darkening depths, they don’t involuntarily breath in the surrounding water. This enables them to be rescued by passing future love interests or mermaids.
This results in zero success rates in suicide by drowning but has a better rate of hastening future love interest to appear in their lives than dating agencies.


Aww! :disappointed_relieved: I haven’t seen that drama yet…


Ooops, It seems in my enthusiasm for foreign travel advisory for Korean nationals, I have inadvertently let slip a mild spoiler. I have gone back and removed the title of the show so only those who have seen it will know of the scene I mentioned.
Rest assured when you do eventually see the drama, it has not spoiled too much as the scene was filmed in such a leading way by the director that you’d wish you had the same predicting ability when picking lotto numbers!


maybe I am an old stick in the mud, but really these dramas are refreshing to me, some are funny, some serious, and well just an enlightening drama, these actors & actresses put them all into it, some did training for their part. what they taught me? perseverance, a honest to goodness way to be friends, be friendly, love someone, care for someone, respect, is another one, being kind without going overboard. a lot of good stories here!

another thing is they go to bed with clothes on, and even a coat or jacket


There are more than 24 hours in a day where a poor girl is involved, as she works four part time jobs, all with changes in uniform…


I have found these “ingredients” everyone listed in every Asian drama, whether Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, Filipino, Thai, Malaysian, Vietnamese, etc. :wink: We could add the long list of tropes, superstitions, traditions, and expectations!

The first snowfall together guarantees your love will last, or just hang a wish from a special tree! The accidental kiss and the fall back into his arms because he’s so deft that he always catches you! And oh my, sharing the umbrella, then raindrops always trigger your tears, loss and sadness!

Extreme makeovers from frizzy, crazy hairstyles, huge weight loss, and a sloppy wardrobe, but I never see the female lead wear those specific dresses and outfits he bought for her, after she modeled these for his agreeable nod! It’s regular for females to dress as males, but no character can recognize their true gender or lack of an Adam’s apple. However, my hubby easily exclaims, “That’s a woman! What does this mean?”

There must be a separation before you earn your happily ever after. You must forgive and forget and prove you’re a lovable, kind person so Karma grants you love and happiness. You must lavish a feast for your dead loved ones and pour liquor on the ground or they will go thirsty. Bowing three times, saving face, marrying up, lost royalty, miracle plot twists or sudden death…

I noticed how one lead recognizes the other from the past, but the other one must remain oblivious and clueless. Why? Because that lead must have emotional issues until s/he remembers their past together! Let’s not forget that contract/fake/arranged relationships become the love of your life. The world is full of flower boys. People become blind then must recover their sight, and when they become blind again, you must prove to them how much you truly love!

The vicious criminal cannot be caught until the episode near the end. The couple’s happiness must have ups and downs! Life would not be normal without misunderstandings! And those misunderstandings must be caused by the interference of selfish, vindictive second leads!

The world is full of geniuses who can cook and do everything perfectly! Every couple is fated to meet and the magic number is three before the sparks or chemistry kicks in. People have uncanny abilities like hyper-sensitive smell, body switching, flying by giant leaps, transforming to different ages and life forms, super athletes, star musicians, jumping worlds, thawing after cryogenics, deja vu, one-sided/unrequited love that magically wasn’t one-sided after all, angelic characters who can endure/enable abuse yet never suffer depression, and getting drunk always advances your romance!

And I must add that the shot of the moon always stays full or a crescent, but surely romantic.


You would think the so called expert doctor that tells the relatives and love interest that the blindness or memory loss is only temporary would learn by now to ask if was it caused by a blow to the head? If they reply yes then fetch the rubber mallet and WHACK! deliver another blow to the head, sight or memory recovered, with the chances of recovery increasing the more in love/loved a person is.
Pay my fees on your way out. Bye!


lol kdrama characters have this amazing superpower to literally resurrect from the dead even after their car FLIPS OVER in an amazingly done car crash. However, if you’re a side character, too bad, a whack on the head is fatal.

this is the reason why villains die so easily-- nobody loves them. However, if you’re a psychopath, you can survive almost anything, no problem.


Sensacional a sua colocação.

Concordo com tudo, pensei que só eu não entendia como eles se reproduzem, já assisti muuuiiiiitooooossss dramas, mas acho que não vi nenhuma cena de sexo.

Quanto correr atras dos trens… hilário !!!

Parabéns !!!


  • They somehow “met” before, either through childhood or some time in the past before their fated meeting.
  • Some characters must have bought and use the same hair color brand.
  • English-speaking, non-Korean actors (aka white people in K dramas) are props and they’re so bad that it’s so good.
  • You grab their wrist when they’re walking away in slow-mo.
  • blood is highly oxygenated as evidenced by the bright red color in bleeding and wound scenes.
  • Silla Era youths had dance choreographers that incorporates a little bit of hip hop (with swords).
  • The “subtle” indication that you’re a bad guy/gangster because of your suit and 70s polyester dress shirt.
  • They have amnesia.
  • They can have surgery, come out of anesthesia , get up , pull their lines and go after the bad guys.


I’m back as I’m really enjoying this thread :smiley: , I know all is in fun and jest about the topic itself here are a few more

  • Thanks to Korean dramas, I now look forward to the first snow.
  • Petal showers are also romantic.
  • Someone mentioned they reproduce by kissing - I agree, and back hugs, and shoe-lace tying, hair tucking, gazing at each other while standing across each other…
  • They appreciate food and I came to appreciate the sound of noodle slurping
  • I’m still curious as to why they drink from shot glasses a certain way - sometimes they turn their head and cover it with their hand and sometimes they face forward.
  • I want to wear flowered pants, long sleeves and a vest like an ahjumma
  • They have very nice skin and clothes. They like facial masks.
  • What is a sauna? What is it like? Why do they sleep there?
  • Physiological afflictions that I have to give an A for creativity.
  • When you get your ear pinched and pulled there’s nothing you can do about it.
  • They like friend chicken with drinks.
  • They are really cute when they’re drunk.


Yes, I’ve seen this in multiple dramas (not just k-dramas) and it makes me cringe every time!!


You mean snow?


I’m soo done with the “they met when they were 3 years old and it takes 20 episodes for them to realize this”. I was watching a drama and thought “Yes!! No storyline that they met as children”… and of course it turned out they had some childhood connection and actually had. I was so disappointed.

I’ve been happy they aren’t doing the “amnesia” line quite so much now. I’ve skipped multiple episodes in a drama if this happens because they do it so much and it’s frustrating. I think I stopped watching at least 2 dramas this happened in because I couldn’t continue watching after all the progress the couple made and then bam! Amnesia.


Love this thread! I don’t know if anyone has already mentioned this but many K-dramas seem to incorporate the theme of forbidden love between non-biological siblings. Also, unbeknownst to the hero or heroine, he/she is the sole heir/heiress to a mega-fortune.