The odd things K-Dramas taught me about Korea!


That is so true. Usually one or the other is rich (or secretly rich or suddenly becomes rich). It never seems that it’s two people of about the same status fall in love - if there is one I want to know what it is so I can watch it! LOL


yes first snow lol sorry


“Goblin” did amnesia and so did “I can hear your voice”, “Secret Garden” but I still liked it hahaha.

  • Also - they somehow live in the same space either because of safety or circumstances and they fall in love hehehe.

But I still love K drama and this Pandemic gave me the K drama fan starter kit, truthfully. No turning back now. I love it! lol


If they’re drinking with their equals or juniors, they’ll face forward. But when drinking with their senior, they’ll turn to the side when drinking to show respect.


Thank you. What an amazing cultural practice.


have you noticed drinking tea, looks like just hot water to me, and those tiny bowls! and sometimes when they drink that wine or soju, in those large bowls, and as for respect, yeah I think thats neat too. thanks for that one


I loved “I can hear your voice”! I liked parts of “Goblin” (mostly the bromance).

That’s true… k-dramas are amazing. Even with the repetitiveness I’ve been watching for years and can’t get enough of them!!


Fight My Way (both poor)
Just Between Lovers (both poor)
Once Again (two doctors)
The Beauty Inside (rich chaebol - famous actress)
Where Stars Land (they work at the same office, none is rich)
Love Affairs in the Afternoon (housewife-teacher)
Go Back Couple
Five Children
Another Oh Hae Young (I don’t even remember the male lead’s family, I think he’s an orphan or something)


Swan (two plastic surgeons).


from what i can see, they’re more like bathhouses or resthouses for travellers than just saunas…

ikr! half the kdramas in the world have them living together because someone barged in/ attacked them and all their friends are busy and idk they have no family :joy:
Whatever it is, the cliches are what make kdramas so beloved and different ig :heart_eyes:

Recently I was watching this drama where it started raining and THE GIRL PULLED OUT AN UMBRELLA!!! I was so shocked like WOW only guys carry umbrellas these days!! :joy::joy:

Descendants of the Sun (doctor and soldier)
Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo (sports students- swimmer and weightlifter)
Touch Your Heart (lawyer and actress)


I still have “Fight My Way” on my watch list but haven’t started it yet. I was just thinking about watching “Go Back Couple” when I finish… at least 5 more other shows first lol

“Once Again” - the one with 100 episodes? Wow that’s probably the reason I haven’t started that one. There was another show on my watchlist like that and I’m curious because it must be a good show to have gone on that long but that’s a lot!

I didn’t think about “The Beauty Inside”… 2nd leads were the rich/poor but 1st leads were both rich. That was a really good show though took me a while to watch since I disliked the movie so much and saw that first. It looks like I have to watch more shows on my watch list soon!


I hadn’t heard of that one. I will check into that too! :slight_smile:


I know it seems like everyone loved and has watched “Descendants of the Sun”… I haven’t yet. I think I’ll start watching it and then can’t. lol I’m not fond of fighting/war themed shows though I have 3 of my watchlist I do kind of want to see eventually.

Weightlifting Fairy… I thought his family had a lot of money and hers was normal-ish? It’s been a while since I watched that so I’d have to re-watch. I could be confusing that with My Mr. Mermaid though… I have watched so many sports/swimming dramas and am watching 2 right now.

I’ll put Touch Your Heart on my watch list! I know I’ve looked at it before but never started watching it. I need variety in my dramas so I tend to watch them in cycles.


I haven’t!

Nor this …

Nor this …

Nor this …

OMG, I’m so behind! :rofl:


Me neither for the same reasons anything with army, military theme I have a hard time watching it, even other violence in dramas …


That’s the only one I watched and for me it was okay, but it took me long to take it up, I am not the type for too much fluff in drama, thankfully it wasn’t all that fluffy.


Descendants of the Sun is really not heavy military or violence. DOTS is a very excellent romance!!! Yes, I was reluctant to watch it because of the same reason, but I was delightfully surprised.


You might be surprised of how many popular romances I have not watched in the past years. It’s not only Descendant of the Sun.


Same here. For no particular reason so far I never watched:

  • Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
  • Heirs
  • Pinocchio
  • While You Were Sleeping
  • W
  • Oh My Venus
  • Hotel del Luna
  • Cheese In The Trap
  • Bride Of The WaterGod

The list is endless. :joy:


It’s ok , I’m still a starter K Drama Fan so I haven’t seen alot either :sweat_smile:

They sure know how to give “the feels” though. The Umbrella “feels”, the I’m-going-to-reach-for-a-cup-right-above-the-cupboard from behind-you feels :joy: The “consumation” feels when the girl “comes back” to spend the night. The reaching-out-for-the-seatbelt feels etc

One thing that I find awkward though is when a guy pats a girl’s head and kind of strokes her hair :sweat_smile:

But I love how some dramas pay tribute to fangirls (woohoo) in a way through characters like Ahn Yuna (?) in Kill me Heal me.

Anyone recognize the set from a drama that is used again in a another drama? The house in Secretary Kim is the house from Secret Garden etc…

:joy: The chaebol character of course - glad that don’t use it as much anymore though.