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There are so many good ones, but I have to post my favorite from Hwarang, I’ll be Here, sung by my second love Park Hyung Sik

From Beauty Inside, Run, sung by 2Morrow


From “The Taoism Grandmaster”. English name: Asked by Yan Yidan & Huihui


From Word of Honor: Return by Wang JiaCheng


From: We Best Love: Fighting Mr. 2nd. Unbreakable Love by Eric Chou

The Untamed OSTs


Hey, is this drama good, many recommended this drama to me, is it very good ???


Sorry, which one?


Part 2
The devil judge


Just watch it, if its your type, you’ll know rather quickly. I watched it too, partially from the hype, but I liked it for myself :blush:


Sure, thank you very much for the contribution !! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


Does no one listen to Songs ?? Why is no one posting any of them ?? !!!


Any is better be it Chinese/Korean/Japanese/Taiwanese no worries, just post them here !!
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I have playlists of my favorite OSTs. Lots of them (mine and others) have been posted in this thread.


One I haven’t posted yet is from the Drama ‘Should We Kiss First’


I mostly post in the other thread so I don’t really know what to post here :sweat_smile:


Post the same here as you do there !!! :heart::heart::heart:


Back when I saw the drama, I didn’t find any official clip. However now after many months I found this video in my list, but no longer knew what drama it was …
Do you know it?

Answer: You Are My Destiny C-Drama


I just finished Fated to Love You this morning. My favorites from this series:


Post songs from every dramas you listen !!! Fighting !!


I think Go Ahead’s OST is one of the best collections ever. It’s full of healing, motivating songs that encourage you to you push forward and live life well. Just like the drama itself :gift_heart::gift_heart:

One day
We will be brave
I know
We will

If rain starts to fall down
So wear it and carry on
Those days with love and bound
Turn to be my sun
Ready to be strong

If rain starts to fall down
Maybe it just got lost
There’ll be a sunbow somehow
When you look up high
It will shine sometime

You Are My Hero’s OST is also really good