What OST Do YOU OWN/Play Non-Stop/LOVE - Do Any Songs Bring You Back and Make You Cry? ๐Ÿ˜ญ


Just to further the discussion on the beautiful music that is in our favorite DRAMAS

Did you actually purchase the CD - I did!!! They are beautifully made!

Can the song bring you back to the drama and make you CRY? :sob::sob::sob:

I am currently listening to the GOBLIN OST

Nevertheless - Friends with Romance - Song Kang ๐Ÿ’œ
The OST Hub
The OST Hub

I like



This Song Makes Me CRY! Beautiful

Fated to Love You makes me CRY EVERY TIME

And this ONE - My NEW ONE @shraddhasingh



I should not have started this one!!! Now I bawling my EYES OUT!


I donโ€™t think it is sort of any OST but I really love Show Me by Tea Party (Imitation) and Malo by Shax (Imitation).

Also, Breaking Down, (at first I thought the title of that song is My Last Favor)


my favorites


Even though my Korean pronunciation isnโ€™t perfect, I know all the lyrics of this song by heart :heart:


We LOVE him! OUR DOOM - I hear he might sing on the DOOM OST - I am hwaiting!
Heโ€™s singing a John Legend Song - but oh his voice - All of ME LOVES all of YOU


In love withh alll thee ostss of doom at your service !


Specifically This Song I absolutely Love W 2 Worlds
I donโ€™t talk about my secret crush on Lee Jong Suk โ€œOppaโ€ much!!!


My VERY VERY VERY 1st Kdrama and there was no looking back! Although I have grown away from it with all the wonderful dramas I have watched - It will always be my 1st



Listening to these is so fun - Iโ€™m cleaning and it is taking me back to ALL my favorite DRAMAS!


Flower of Evil was my favorite drama ever! I listen to the same OST over and over again, which reminds me of the sad moments in the drama or the ones where youโ€™re filled with emotionsโ€ฆ :sob:


Same for me! and I have to add this two:


Uncontrollably Fond!!! :sob:


FATED is oh so GOOD - I can see all the scenes when that OST is played! AW, such a good drama!


Especially when they lose gae ddong :sob:


dog poopie!!!


I could not have chosen between Gunnie and Daniel - Gunnie oh so sweet perfection - and Daniel that proposal with sand almost through me over the edge and he is GORGEOUS and so sweet


I own one OST but I didnโ€™t buy it actually I won it at Viki. Years and years and years ago, MIDAS โ€ฆ
I have listened to it quite some time but now I have less time to listen to CDs so itโ€™s there waiting โ€ฆ