The Perverts Club

YUP!!! MILIE used to get the CHILLS :smiley: TRUE STORY
PS: Milie is contagious…I used to make fun of her and her chills but then I started getting them pretty bad too…

Okay…That KISS would make anyone jealous

Gosh, pree!!! You kill me!!!

hhhhhhhhhhhh i can exciuse the commenter this sries lee was byond emaginig


ROFL…Absolutely. Like I said that whole series was great!!! LMH FOREVER!!! lol

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Just came here to say a quick hello to my pervert buddies. I would be back later.

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yeaaaaa XD love that drama. I laughed every episode

HELLO MY FELLOW PERVERTS!!. Isn’t a lovely day to talk about how we would like to be the rain that falls on Lee Min- Ho’s body (jk lol…i think…)
Following Preena0003 's idea, if you find any comment that just gives off a pervy vibe, feel free to take a pic of it (or just tell us about it) :slight_smile:


I still have to complete seeing KOD :smiley:

DID you say RAIN that falls on LMH’s body??? LOL!


Me too. I made it to episode 8 or 10.

have fun finishing it. It’s awesome.
LOLOLOLOL I looove the pic of LMH XD yes I want to be the rain on LMH body XDD

I don’t know but i thought it started out strong and then fizzled out a bit…I think I lost interest :frowning: But I will complete it one day!

I am a BIG Minoz! I have seen faith like 12 times already! :smiley: But I thought this pic was great representation of my feelings as being THE RAIN…I am going “Ahhhhhhhh…” and LMH is saying “I know!” lol!

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LOL. Me too. it seems we all have to complete it!.. These days, i start a drama but just abandon it halfway.

Yeah the beginning was pretty awesome but around like episode 5…i think i stopped at episode 5, i started losing interest

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Really ? faith wasn’t that GREAT in my books but I really liked the romantic parts…i think the two leads had good chemistry


I know what you mean, I am too busy talking to ppl or making games, or moderating to complete seeing the episode :smiley: