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I always found it hilarious how whenever I’m watching a k-drama with a hotty or a pretty girl in it, there is always a person who says a pervy but ridiculously funny comment like “I wish i was the cup he was drinking!!”(weird, i know, but they get weirder!!) . So i created this topic form for all of you guys to discuss your favorite k-drama actors and how “hot” they are. (of cource within the viki guidlines XD)


Why yes, I do belong here!

The hotness factor level of the actors is 90% of the reason I start a new drama, usually.


Please can I get a membership to this forum??? lol!

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Pree I am getting off viki now. Would be back later today or tomorrow

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No that comment is not weird! I have seen weirder!!! lol! Here’s something similar, although I don’t think I can blame this person because I had similar thoughts…Yes, I can admit it!!! :smiley:


Hmm…he is one of those actors that is super cute but i feel no attraction for…i used to be that way with Lee Jong Suk but After “I HEAR YOUR VOICE”…oh la la…my blood be raging

You are talking about Jung Il Woo??? :smiley: He is SOOOO cute!


I was going to just click the little heart… but I feel I also need to add Sigh

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There is something about Lee Jung Suk & Jung IL Woo that are very similar to me, although I can’t quite put my finger on what it is…

Maybe cause both have such boyish features. I love JIW’s smile, he kinda looks different when he smiles :smiley:

I totally know what you mean Hesto. Like I usually view actors in certain categories because they give the same VIBE/FEEL…you get what I mean?? Let me give you some examples :
category 1: Lee jong su & sung Il woo

category 2: Lee Hyeong joon(who are you)& No min woo(My Gf is a gumiho)~ The Rocker/bad boy feel

category 3:kim Hyung Joong & Blank face

category 4:Shin se Kyung( when a man loves ) & Jin Se-yeo( Bridal mask)~ both kinda popular but give me a BORING FEEL

category 5: Cha Seung won( The greatest love) ,Won Bin( Autumn in my heart), song Seung Hyun( when a man loves/Dr Jin) So Ji Sub( Master’s Sun), & Jo In Sung ( The wind, the winter that blows.)~ the gentleman/older hotties feel

xxxMANY MORE CATEGORIES IN MY MIND but these are just some of them .


omg i could have sworn I saw that comment when I was watching the Great Doctor XD

haha that’s funny. I really thought I was the only one who did that!

HAHAHAHA…Well it is LMH! Maybe we should do this…If we find something super weird…We could post it here! lol!


Don’t forget guys… SHOWER SCENES XD


ROFL…CDD Alice? Good times! Shower Scenes are the best for weird perverts including yours truly! I think I saw a comment once of this girl wanting to jump in the shower and give a massage or something! lol!


@preena0003 omgg fangirls are crazyyy lolol

just wanted to share that my altime favorite shower scene is this (BTW love SIWONNN < 33)


I have to admit that, making exception of my hormones fury that I had with WR, the kiss that KC gave to YW made me SO FR**K*NG JEALOUS…

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I am not really a fan of his so I am not that affected…my fan girl screams are totally in check

LMAOOO…Is this from King of Dramas? :smiley:

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