The Perverts Club

Wol Ryung was something else…Still have rapid heartbeats thinking about him. This psycho evil side is seeming very appealing to me as well. I just now figured out why your name is so familiar so you know all about my OCD LOVE for NMW in B and P then! :smiley:

Discount days on home perm kits!

More like…No PERMS for KOREANS period!!! :smiley: Okay! That is a bit harsh! lol!

Where were these taken? #1 looks like a drama, but #2 looks like a spy cam.

I think he looks better in black.

ROFL…Are we starting a war against evil towels??? ;D btw, is that Choi Jin Hyuk in pic # 2?

LOL!!! Yup the ONLY reason I continued to watch was ep 11 he showed up and I was OMG!!! -_- I really should of looked at the cast…Not to put the show down BUT for me that was the turning point of when I started to enjoy it. He did an AMAZING job on playing the psycho bad boy when he had that whip…first thing that pops into my head was the song “sticks and stones may break my bones but whips and chains excite me”…

No idea I googled No Min Woo in towel in images coughs cuz ummmmm doesn’t everyone check…slinks away to the corner


ROFL…Rihanna Fan??? :smiley: Now that you said it…Thanks that song is stuck in my head now!!! >_<

…damn lucky lollipop…


Episode # 11 was a major turning point for me as well. You can ask bkiss who is the CM of B and P what an excited PM i sent her when I got the news. Good Times! What to do? He is an amazing looker, actor and singer. I have his Icon CD playing in my car everyday now! :smiley: BTW this is the link to the full song he sung for The B and P :

well, well,well.What have I missed?? more perverts came into the club with strong protests against towels. Melliebean, I am right there with you if you wanna start a petition against those damned towels.

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Ppfftt re watch that scene!!! With that running in your head… whole different experience coughs yeah I think this place just might be my new home… I’m really not a pervert but my mind tends to wander a bit into the naughty… T_T.

LMAO!!! you totally googled that!? …i just cant!

Dont worry, we are all perverts…WE ARE ONE! XD

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OMG! Now that’s hot,hot,hot!!

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I still haven’t gotten around to watching the complete episodes of that drama. I really need to get back on it like ASAP

Yes… YES I did!!! Google and me are great buddies when it comes to actors I’m curious about…but do NOT type naked …my poor innocent eyes…granted if they had been the person I was looking for…coughs goes back to hide in the corner

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Talking about this:::: :smiley:


awwwwwww love his voice tysvm for sharing this added to my folder NMW folder in youtube :smiley:

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dies soul floats out of body … HELLO yup I remember that scene coughs better turn up the A/C starting to get hot in here…

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