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I’m surprised no one had the pic of NMW Full House 2 removal of towel…DAMN tv!!!LOL


He was so skinny in this drama!! I am currently watching my girlfriend is a gumiho and he was really much more cute than on this drama! And his hairs… But I think if he had only a couple of pounds more, I would have became crazy lollll :slight_smile:

ROFL!!! I am a big NMW fan!!! Here’s another one…DAMN Towel??? kekekeke ;D


Agree, but like I told you before: OPPA does needs help and Preena is there to help…

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You’re crazy lolllllllllll

(D’you need some help?)

Hahahahaha :slight_smile:


HAHAHAHAHA…NO I do not need HELP!!!
If I get help, It would not be the unique me…you will have some BORING person in my place! I know you don’t want that to happen! ^^
This CRAZYYY is ESPECIAL!! Peace >_<



agreed, too skinny in full house, and that perm… OH THAT PERM!

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Gosh, that perm was AWFUL…thank goodness! They had moments when his hair was straight. Actually even for the main lead actress the perm was horrible. They should have FIRED the hairstylist! :frowning:

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THAT IS ONE GREAT PICTURE YOU GOT THERE XD love it! describes our feelings so well bahahah


Yeah…actually I would have loved to be that sword. From what I heard he LOVED that thing and carried it everywhere. Even when the shooting was over. I wonder if he took it with him after the drama was over! :smiley:

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Thank goodness they had a mid-season hair fix, I was having a hard time with both of them.

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I fell in love with him after the first ep of Full House 2 while waiting for the next release I watched the ENTIRE drama of My Girlfriend is a Gumiho which you are going to LOVE it’s one of my favorites, than I watched Pasta which I actually really enjoyed which surprised me to be honest I just want to OD on NMW hotness in it man he was drop dead gorgeous in that one love his hair!!! I haven’t watch Midas yet I heard it was really sad and I know he dies soooo yeah can just imagine the meltdown I might have…

Preena we really need that iphone that was in the ads for like ever that removes the dude that jumps in front at graduation…bye bye you EVIL towel!!! ^_______________________^ kekekeke

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And Wol Ryung was the main reason I watched Gu Family Book though I must admit it is currently my all time fav drama and considering how many I’ve watched that’s saying alot. I’m beginning to see a pattern in my liking hot guys that are kinda on the psycho evil side LOVED NMW in Blade and Petal…liked Wol Ryung better when he came back all dark and demonlike… O_O

He was cute in Pasta, that’s true!
Maybe I could have find him sexy in FH2 too if I have knew gumiho before, but the hairs leaved me with a trauma lolllll
But when I saw him in gumiho, I was like “gosh, he’s so sexy…”

Yeah I’m not really sure what the idea behind the freaky hairstyles were…maybe was to focus on their acting not their looks but everytime either of them were on I just kept staring at their hair going WTF??? o_O

Rofl…I always wanted to jump into my screen with my hair straightener ^o^

LMAOOOO…OMG! Is there an app for that? Or should I upgrade my iphone?

More EVIL towels that really most go!!! I say we protest against the use of towels… >>…<<…O_O