The replay button doesn't work

Hello guys. I’m experiencing some problems with segmenting. The replay option doesn’t work properly. When I click on the segmented part and then the replay button, the green line doesn’t move and it doesn’t allow me to replay that part which is really troublesome - if I can’t replay it, I can’t segment it properly.

Is this temporary, has anyone had a similar problem? It’s driving me crazy :slight_smile: Thanks in advance

Just FYI, you can edit a discussion post to change the title, etc.

In any case, I don’t use the replay button, so I’m not sure about that in particular.
But I often have issues seeking through a video; like, I can’t. And segmenting is hard when you can’t go to replay stuff… I usually just have to refresh my page (maybe a few times) before things work properly for awhile.

If it’s a recurring issue for you, your best bet is to send in the details to the help center.

Thanks scirus! :slight_smile: It is weird because I haven’t had this problem until now. I can segment, but it is really hard to go back a couple of segments in order to fix the current one and so on. If this goes on, I’ll contact the help center.