The Viki Experience Across Devices

Share your thoughts and experiences!^^

I recently downloaded the Viki app on my iPhone SE. It’s got a pretty tiny screen so I wondered if I’d come across any problems. Compared to the desktop website,
I really liked that the Comments section was much more out in the open and accessible. Idk why they call it ‘Discussions’ though…
The layout of the channel pages, in my opinion, was super convenient and sleek. Loved everything about it! No switching tabs and scrolling for ages before reaching comments! :heart_eyes:
The way you can scroll through timed comments.

The Timed Comments. They go way too fast and are SO BIG they cover half the screen. They’re bigger than even the subtitles. I like how they look on the desktop more, inside that little black box at the corner of the screen.
There’s no button to turn off TCs when I’m out of full-screen mode. That’s a little inconvenient but oh well.

I still prefer the desktop because I have easy access to Discussions and my Inbox with a huge screen to watch, but overall I did like the app too.


I like the Android app.
There are just two things I’d like to have.

  1. Maybe, an inbox, so I don’t need to log in to check my messages and I can easily receive notifications about new messages.
  2. The option to browse profiles. In the current version, if I click on any profile from comment section, I can only see a selected things, I would like if the profiles on the app were more like on the web.

And as you mentioned, just a slower pace of the timed comments would be perfect. I need to stop the video in order to read what’s on the screen. I don’t find the size of TCs any problematic on my app though.


That’s probably because you have a bigger screen. The iPhone SE has such a teeny screen, about 4x2 inches so it’s problematic fr me :slight_smile:

Liked your suggestions, though!

The recent changes, yesterday’s, to be exact, June 8th’s. I’m mainly on my mobile.
I noticed for both the App, and the website, these changes.
Unable to add shows to shows I follow.
AKA: “Following”
Unable to add celebrities to celebrities I follow.
AKA: “Celebrities”
Screenshots_2021-06-09-04-08-16 Screenshots_2021-06-09-04-09-51
These buttons, circled in green below are no longer found.
Is “Watch List” replacing “Following”?
The shows under “Following”, are shows I’ve actually watched.
The shows on my “Watch List”, are shows I would like to watch.
These changes is a lost.

Must be a bug on the mobile version or something…I can still follow shows on my PC and it’s a separate list from my Watchliist🤔

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Whenever I follow a show, it automatically gets into my watchlist. So, if it is not a bug, they might be replacing the following button.

Even for me, there is no follow button,

However, I can follow a show through explore page

But I can’t follow through the channel page

I never got to know the function of “follow”. I never received any notification about episode release or completion of subtitles except for the show to just appear on my profile page. I have all my notifications switched on.


Sorry, to get a bit off-topic, I did not want to open a new one.

Anyone else having this problem? Unable to see request form.

Using a laptop, Win 10, Moz FF

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I can see the form. I’m on my laptop, MacBook and chrome

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No, This is not bug related. A few functions is no longer visible.
Can you add new shows to the list of “Follow”?
This is what I can no longer do, not on the app, or the website. :frowning:

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I think they combined the Watchlist and Follow because if I click on the little bell next to watchlist, the watchlist automatically gets clicked on as well, and then the show appears in both my Watchlist and in my Following. But you can take it out of your Watchlist and still keep it in your following by unclicking watchlist :slight_smile:


Oooh! The bell! Let me try that, I’ll be right back to let you know. Thanks! :blush:

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I do remember using that bell before, but now, it’s not visible. The bell is also a change. It must be something else, or my mobile. I even made sure to update the Viki App in the App store.

Poo-poo! I might have to do a help ticket.

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So I just opened the app and I also didn’t see any bells there, but! The bell appeared in the upper right corner once I clicked on add to watchlist:


These changes, poof!
I don’t even have a bell that appears.


Did you scroll down?
I think they embedded the form.
I see the form, and it’s fillable.
Place your cursor, and start typing.
The rest of the form has the black drop down arrow.

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I moved my cursor all over the blank space no change, so for me there is nothing. I already made a request about it. I was just wondering if I am the only one …


As we in Germany say, “white eagle on white ground”

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Whaow! I wonder how many other things are no longer visible? It seems to be a chronic issue. I’m sure others will have other issues, popping up for the help tickets.


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All right everyone, I solved the mystery of the missing bell icon. You can follow only On-Air or Coming Soon dramas. Once the drama finishes its run, it stays in your Following list. However, you can follow whatever show you want from the Explore page.
Anyway, I never get notifications, so I don’t see the point of following anything.

@lutra I can see the Request form with no problems


Detective Vivi solved the mystery :open_mouth:


It’s not the same on this end.
I am not able to add shows.
They took away the function to add.

I think the “watch party” (corrected, thanks @ninjas_with_onions) button is in too many places.

I’ll give it a few more days. I’ll see if I get any updates from the app store. This may iron out the issue.
Thanks! :blush: