The Viki Experience Across Devices


This function exists, as we have been doing it on our current watch parties here in Discussions. I have never been the host, but @porkypine90_261 and @kdrama2020ali have done it. I assume from their laptops, using the browser version of Viki.


In that case, maybe I missed something. I’ve usually had to end and restart it, but it could be on my end then. :sweat_smile: Whoops!


I wish I could tell you what the trick is. The first time we did it, we were doing ep by ep like you described, but then someone discovered the way to do it with episode continuation. The only drawback is that you then have to start at ep 1 every time, so you have to skip through previous episodes (with the 'next episode button) if you are starting a watch party in the middle of a drama.


In that case, I think there is still room for some UX refinement-- maybe something along the lines of a simplified episode list for the host, where it shows the name of each episode and progress bar in a small scroll view with no per-episode pictures.


If however you want feedback from Viki, you need to put these here
either as a request or an open post.

Well, so many things involved, the browser, the screen, your Viki profile where you can choose the setting of the transmission quality.


Yep you don’t go episode by episode you have to start the watch party as a whole for the drama then there is a fast forward button



I tell you honestly, the mobile version of Viki is incredibly slick and super awesome. Dare I say, it’s even better than the one from Netflix, which has remained really archaic. It reminds me of an old Internet browser from the 90s. Not so with Viki’s app. I just love scrolling and tapping on things without actually watching anything. :sweat_smile: :iphone:

PS: I have a relatively large phone screen. But a tablet is definitely the way to go.


Yeah, I really like the interface. The design is appealing and very cool :heart_eyes: and for me, the TCs give Viki an advantage over NF.


Downloaded Viki on an Android phone recently -_-
There was no option to reply to comments on the channel page!! I could see others’ replies, but I couldn’t reply to anyone. It’s pretty frustrating to search for stuff and realise it isn’t there on the app.


It’s true the app isn’t exactly replete with social features. But what streaming app is?


But why would you display replies if you aren’t going to let users reply? I understand that I can’t access the inbox or discussions from the app, but this is just a bug.


I like to watch on TV. But unfortunately there is no sorting function by language. That’s too bad.


There are many similar sites in Russia that feature thousands of films from Asia. There is even a voice-over. Unfortunately, you can’t watch them on TV. I would like to see more films here, more progress. I would like to see a new series not every month, but at least every week.