Things that you want to buy after watching a drama!


Sounds great, can you give me the name?



Junho was holding the MUSK in his latest 2021 GQ shoot - I bought the lotion because I can’t wear perfume! This stuff is so YUMMY and I know how good he smells - ok I’m Kookadoodles don’t get me started


I’m going to try it!


You see these snacks in dramas! I love these things! I know I have bought more stuff - I’m advertising sucker! I like the just honey ones

I started eating at Korean Restaurants because of DRAMAS - I love Tteok-bokki


I want to try this!!!


That is what Junho makes in Wok of Love - Its YUMMY very rich though



Cute! :dress::womans_clothes::sparkles::wink: Love these, but I’d pass on the popsicle on my dress.


Sharp! Sharp! Sharp! :sparkles:Mint :sparkles:


You’re able to take screenshots? :scream: I just get a black screen!! :sob::sob:


Naw! I don’t want none of these :dress: passing.


It works with this complement for chrome!


Agree, I loved her clothes in that drama… They looked a little too formal to actually wear, but for someone who can pull them off (not this ahjumma!) they are beautiful.


I try that one it’s extremely salty and not the best in my opinion. It was kind of unhealthy the spicyness with high sodium is high cholesterol calamity.


So probably it’s not for me, I can’t eat really salty food. It’s just that it looks tasty for me and I was curious hehe.


Exactly!! I really think it looks beautiful in her!


Something that I saw in “My Love from the star” and bought immediately haha was this book and I just love it:

It’s just amazing!! (if you love that kind of books)
And I have in my list of items to buy, the books from “W: Two Worlds”



I forgot I bought this ACTUALLY I bought 2. One as a gift. This is the poetry book Park Bo Gum had in Encounter

Oh I want those other two now


Wow. Now I have two books to buy on my list!! hahaha


The DATING book - Oh everyone wants to sit with Lee Jong Suk and go through that Dating book he was so SWEET