Things that you want to buy after watching a drama!


Just be honest with me hehe, there are a lot of things in the product placements or different things that they show in the dramas and we start thinking: I need that!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:
I have a lot!! The last one was on the last episode of “Taxi Driver”.
I’m going to start with that one and I’ll add a little more during the process hehe

BTW. Don’t make me talk about food hahaha

You Know You've Been Watching Too Many Kdramas When

Mostly food for me, since I have access to plenty here on the NYC side.:yum::rice_cracker::rice_ball::oden::ramen::yum:


I want the clothes! Never the ones I could actually still find in stores, though.

This not sold anymore sweater from Dating Not Marriage:
Popsicle Sweater

And Xiao Ling’s shark skirt and top from Love O2O:


I love their vacuum’s but they sell here so expensive 500 to 700 and you know those break easily.

Their blow driers look amazing and have several features.


I know that it’s really weird and I probably don’t fit on it but I just love the clothes of Seo Ye-ji in It’s okay to not be okay.


Totally!! I want one too!


I saw this baby in a couple of shows and I’m just in love, but… :sob:


I see a few of those cars around where I live. They look very uncomfortable to get in (the seats are really low) and you kind of feel they struggle to get in (especially if they are chubby to get out is a mission) lol :rofl::rofl:

That design in your pic is different from the ones I’m talking about in my area they are designed like batman’s car (very low to the floor).


Oh, it’s not what it seems hahaha


I NEED a clean and shiny black Maserati, I don’t need it to get from A to B, just to lean on like an expensive bean bag.


Can I get a package? (with the actor included) :rofl::rofl::rofl:


That optional extra cost more than the car!:sunglasses:


I love their vaccums and haridryers, too. I’ve only bought the “D” vacuum and it works really well. As for the “D” supersonic haridryer, I’ve been told it’s really good and quiet, but I won’t splurge that much on one or I’ll have no peace of mind for a long time lol.

CR: Bestbuy

Another item I love… their kimchi fridge. OMG! Freaking awesome! Just the best there is! No, I don’t own one, not yet. I’ve no reason to buy one since my current fridge is still in good condition. But my MIL has it and we love it!

CR: Bestbuy

There are more, but may I stray a little OT now? How about things you want to try?
For me, glamping is on my list of to-do when visiting SK again.


This is the moisturizer used on The King: Eternal Monarch - I love this STUFF!

I bought one of the compact with the little dabbing powder buff you see all the girls using (I bought the foundation they use)


It’s in Taxi Driver too!


I have purchased it 3 times! I love it!

@natyh you can like even use it as a chapstick - I think its awesome


Oh, I have to try it!!


Can I buy this WOK - and JUNHO come with it!!! Just Wondering!

And the yummy food they make - so YUMMY


Oo, here is my list:


I’m going to quote this :sweat_smile: