Things that you want to buy after watching a drama!


Exactly, and the book is so true for couples!!
You have to find love in everything to maintain the relationship!!!


I seriously want him to do my hair - but it’s no longer long - but I love it - In “Love Is Science” the guy is a hairdresser and he washes her hair it is the sexiest thing I have ever seen - I need a hottie hairdresser! hahahahahaha I actually had one once - he was gorgeous


I had a similar thread once, so I will link it here in case you want to check the answers there :slight_smile:
I find PPLs quite amusing but seldom do they tempt me, even less in recent years :laughing:
i just think “cool” and move on I guess :blush:



This is the compact you see a lot where they dab their faces - It is very moisturizing I need to use it more


Hi from which website online shop u took this



Ok I ordered both both these books and the 2nd dating volume - I did find the couples dating one in English - How cute is that - I might use these as wedding gifts once I see them! HOW CUTE!


The link is in @brickout’s post


The website lists the online boutique, and I chased down their new website I think, but I believe this top is from several seasons ago and isn’t made anymore. Helaas.


I thought of another thing. Those containers that Korean moms always fill with banchan and then take over to their adult children’s houses and stock their refrigerators? (And the children are usually ungrateful little @#$%s who don’t eat that good stuff. What I’d give to have a Korean mom come and fill my fridge with containers of pre-made foods to eat over rice! but I digress…)

I don’t think it was a product placement, but I coveted those Korean containers. I was so happy to see this ahjummaware at the Korean grocery, I bought my own. Here it is filled with Maangchi’s radish salad.



I was the Dutch mod for I’ll go to you when the weather is nice.
After seeing and working on this series, I decided to buy the book:

The right book contains the story and the left book contains blog posts that the main character I’m Seob wrote. I’m not entirely sure yet if I should read the 2 books at the same time or if I should read the ‘blogbook’ after I read the main book.


I really miss my mom in that kind of scene, we live in different cities and she’s just like that. Sometimes I’m struggling trying to pack everything when I come back to my home :joy:
She has a lot of these containers so, I have to bring them full of food and then take them empty to my parent’s home (sometimes I buy some stuff and put it in there for them).
My parents are really lovely and sweet.


I didn’t know that it has a book!!


If you’re interested, I got it from Hanbooks. An American website with a lot of Korean books.


The book vs. the blog posts of the main character. Tough choice indeed.


I’m reading the main story first. I don’t really know what to do with the other book or how to read it in relation to the main story, because it kind of look like a collection of poems or random thoughts written out. I guess I’ll find out when I read it later.


Are there no translated versions? :sweat_smile:


I the U.S., similar containers can be purchased through one of the popular online sales websites such as QVC. They are called Lock and Lock. I have the glass cake pan and it is awesome!


That’s the brand that my mom uses.


home decorations and clothes


I trust you have already ordered your pack of page tabs? How else is LJS going to know which 10 things you want to do each day?