Things that you want to buy after watching a drama!


I’m still loving this from The King: Eternal Monarch

You can use it as a lip balm too


many things because I got some money after took some dorama surveys


I WANT Lee Je Hoon’s Range Rover in Tomorrow With You. Don’t ask me why, I probably won’t give you a coherent answr because I’m kinda high on love right now :sweat_smile:
The product placement was so on point in this one :joy::joy: you’re watching romantic scenes all over with the Range Rover staring into your face! And it wasn’t even ANNOYING!


No need for us to ask why, from that comment we can work out what you ACTUALLY want is to be in the passenger seat of the Range Rover that LJH is driving. :rofl:


Okay, you got me there :joy::joy:


I want the white sports car with him in it!
tee hee hee hee hee


Great at least we don’t covet each other’s cars :joy::joy:


hahaha yes, we made different choices in here! hahaha


Food!! Let’s make it a reality :wink::+1:t5:!!


Idea good in real might have obstacles.
The geotagging shows the Rakuten online in France and it looks they just sell european stuff… and some asian… but looking at it, some articles are sold like on ebay and also second hand, some sellers require a minimum purchase… the shipping outside of France I haven’t figured it out yet… subtitles for Korean movie is mostly French, English so other languages… nada…

If I switch to German it tells to create an account first… and it’s only to get award points when you do purchase at various brands/companies… it’s all chaotic to me…

You checked out US Rakuten online items??


Hi @simi11,
So the focus is to order your country’s, and area’s, restaurant food for delivery. This was orginally written in the thread called What are your favorite foods? My thinking is, instead of us posting about what we want to eat we could make it possible for that person to put in a order locally. So begun the idea :sob: And because I know Rakuten gives cash back bonus, I’m thinking, w :star_struck: w! We could build that up, and it would go to the volunteers! :smile::smile: So the actual nitty gritty of how it would all come together, is what I need help with :smile: what you said is so true

So. . .


I’m not the type doing food orders so I couldn’t really participate… The last pizza I made was months ago… it depends what country you are, if people order a lot of take out, distances to deliver and food allergies issue… just like in the US not every restaurant or bakery does a home delivery… it depends how big the company is also…


So true, a very realistic analysis. :blush:Thanks simi! :+1:t5:


I finished watching The Untamed a few weeks ago and now I need this accessory…for reasons…:joy:


If I’m right, that looks like the Lotus flower, blub, and a slice of the burdock root.


This is Not for me, but maybe you’ll like it, totally gloved!


You are correct!


burdock root is straight, I think you wanted say the slice is like the lotus root.
I see 2 carved small pieces then carved lotus flower, slice of lotus root, 2 tan colored pieces look like the parts of the bloom after blooming (seeds pod) and the 2 white pieces are likely carved lotus seeds.
The tassel is perhaps made with silk or nylon… It’s a really original pretty ornament :heart_eyes:


Ta-da!! :wink::+1:t5:(*❛‿❛)→ :point_down:t5:

But yes, since everything is lotus related, it’s more likely a slice of the lotus root :joy:




Oh I just saw it again - Joon - Joon is using it in At a Distance, Spring is Green

It’s good stuff