Things that you want to buy after watching a drama!


I need page tabs! I forgot! I got both the 1st book and the 2nd dating book!!! So excited


I’m going to order it on my birthday.
From: Me
To: Me



I keep looking for Lee Jong Suk - Where is he???

Sukkie needed to bring my page tabs! @ninjas_with_onions


Very nice, you’ve even page tabbed with hearts for the extra touch!
Searches around the house looking for portals to open and a hottie to step through.:laughing::laughing::laughing:


Mirror Mirror on the Wall -
Please bring a KHOTTIE to the BALL


I don’t think there are :(, maybe you can find translated versions of other Korean books on that website?


I got the English versions of the DATING Books! One was in W 2 Worlds


It originally comes in both languages (Korean and English)


Page tabs at the kawaii stationery store might be another addition to this list… and pens with little figurines on the ends, and…and…and…


Especially in J-Dramas, those dangly toy things that they hang from their school bags. Usually they buy two and share between BF and GF, or to cement a friendship between two girls to lay the foundation for the falling out over a boy plot.

Mischievous kiss: Love in Tokyo. When Naoki asks if Kotoko had a pen he could use and he gets this…:joy:


I did this once. There was a Pusheen cat lamp in I think Game Towards Zero that one of the victims received. So I bought myself a cat lamp:


I have to recognize that I have a lot of that kind of pen.
Of course, I’m a grown-up girl hahaha and I’m a professional. My boss once saw that and told me: I was thinking that you’re so professional and serious until I saw that hahaha
It was kind of shocking for him!


Very professional. Let me guess, you also have lots of small kawaii toys lined up like ducks in a row along the top of your monitor. Something a lot of the women staff at work did before the clear desk policy came into effect, and some of the men too, but with football (soccer) player bobble heads.


Nop, just a plant hahaha


This skirt! OMGosh!! So cute!


As a Finn, Soju. x)


That’s some strong liquor. :rofl:


Not really, the imported ones that we get here are 20%. Which is why I like it, it looks and tastes strong, without actually being 45%+. Though read that there are stronger versions in Korea. The Korean alcohol culture has more similarities with the Finnish one than with the feeble and embarrasing West European one. Drinking red wine for dinner, pah. x)


I’m with you on that :clinking_glasses: I missed to buy it in NYC at the Korean shop, I was so disappointed.
But I was fortunate to find one bottle in a tiny Korean shop in Prague!! I still have some in the fridge, I need it to last long! :rofl: I should have taken at least 2! :cry:
I wouldn’t mind trying the Magkeolli or whatever they call it :laughing:
I didn’t like particularly the Japanese Sake…


:star_struck::heart_eyes::yum: Love this stuff!