Things that you want to buy after watching a drama!


It is sooo good. Nice and spicy. You cook the ramen and freeze dried veggies in a 20 ounces of water then remove most of the water then kind of stir fry in in the pot with the black bean sauce.

I add black fungus mushrooms to the boiling water and sometimes real (cooked) chicken after I remove most of the water. If the chicken chunks are raw, then just boil them in the water before adding the ramen. Of course you can add other veggies if you like.


thanks for the link! I’ll try it!


I must have this!!!


Those mugs are AMAZING!


The one I had from Haewoondae, the restaurant! :yum:surprise, surprise it had chunks of pork. It wasn’t no plain mary-jane.


Amazon!, :sunglasses:

I thought you might go for this one. Just cross out oppa and replace with hottie!

But of course, she needs purple hair.


I bought this one for my 1 kdrama friend who is a veternarian - she keeps it on her desk. I just don’t like to admit that I’m addicted to drama! I’m so addicted.



Easy solve, start that Merch lineup you’ve been putting off :wink: :smile:


I would so love to do it!!! Can I meet with all the participants of Hottie Posse!


I just finished going through every post in this thread yet again, and enjoyed it, all because I got a ‘nice share’ for it :slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile: hahaha-ha! Who else does the same?


Congratulations, dear Badger!! :heart:



I seriously want these mugs!!!


OMG did you find it? I want it too!!!


Depending on drama, I wanted to buy

  • Korean sheet beauty masks
  • fancy chopsticks
  • instant ramen


Video is 15:19