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The other day, I was hangin’ with a friend. This friend calls herself a Christian, but doesn’t always act like it. 😢 Some days she’s on fire for the LORD, some days life’s struggles seem to get the best of her. So, as our eyes met, I really wanted to say something about it to her, but decided to just let the Lord speak to her heart, knowing nothing I could say could ever possibly have the impact that the Lord making Himself real in her heart would make. So I prayed with her, and finally, after some time, I winked… and, walked away from the mirror. ♥️❤️❤️

this was borrowed from a friend


Good one! You had me going for a minute there. :grin:

Oh! I had to go to the post office today. BEAUTIFUL 50 degree, sunny weather. only a few clouds… and I saw that they had sprayed that de-icer all over the the roads today… Hmmm. Must be weather coming? Will it rally snow or poop out?

Looked at the forecast when I got home and they expect 80% chance of snow but not that much really, just enough to trash the roads.


PLEASE PLEASE WEAR YOUR MASK and be extra careful when going out. Make sure you wash your hands and use sanitizer. My 36 year old neighbor father of two children and one on the way passed away yesterday night from covid. They took him away on Tuesday at 11:20 am, he was blue and with oxygen. I looked out the window and he looked up at me with such a sad face; it broke my heart bc just last week another neighbor and myself scold him for not wearing a mask. HE NEVER WORE A MASK.


awe. I’m sorry to hear that. My condolences.






I just found this one, its an old one but good for today, enjoy