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This little girl is growing up so well, if I was her, I would have ate that chocolate, gave a “not me” smile and blamed the play doh.




angel light where do you get those pictures? those avitars(?)


I click on [Get image description from Google]

Or I go SEARCH GOOGLE and write [ Archangel Michael images] or [Angels] or whatever image you want to see and they have many.


thank you!!


yea, well, that… It is designed to make you fearful, because if you are afraid that your immortal soul will be plunged into hell for all eternity - you had better listen to those ‘who can help you out of that mess’. But those stories go on every generation. I mean, people form all regions of the world think that denying themselves or beating themselves up will somehow help them get to heaven.

(Monty Python Holy Grail)

Yea, that is predatory fear tactics. Don’t fall for it. It’s like Really? If you are evil your whole life, do you REALLY think that a final act of contrition or asking Jesus to save your carcass will keep your soul from roasting? (If you believe that sort of thing) or if you live your life trembling in fear of terrible retribution? What kind of living is that? Nonsense!


wow where did that come from?? the words faith , believe , we know the wind blows but we don’t see it, we take what the Bible says by faith, yeah I am one of the older folk that does believe in Jesus as my lord & savior,

sure theres questions I am not really able to find at this time, sure theres other religions I question also, reincarnation, soul hopping??? not sure, sure we hear of “kids” recalling a past life and all, but is it?

so many things, ssure we can question stuff.

But again that faith is the key. the one thing I learned, God said it, I believe it, that settles it. aaaawwwwww not gonna preach to y’all thats not what I want to do. but you do have a good point I think. the feaqr thing…
was Atlantis a real place, or was it that guys imagination, what about those myths & legends and all

being evil thats another story in itself, this guy played Hannibal, a cruel vicious guy, what I mean being evil, and turning to the “light” the lord Jesus , that is not a myth, and yes I believe with my whole heart Jesus christ saved me many years ago . I’d rather believe in Jesus christ, and God, and later I find out its true. Jesus is my solid rock,
I will stop here, I am sorry you feel that way. and I pray I am not offensive to you

hows that??






The reason we have 17000 pages in our law books is because we cannot follow 10 lines on a tablet made of stone.

~Ravi Zacharias


You are fine as long as you don’t try to force me to convert. :slightly_smiling_face:


I am not a Bible thumper, and no I won’t force you to convert, but I will talk about the love of Jesus, anyway no converting, and thank you. sure hate to lose a friend



heres an idea for all of us to consider, this is from someone else which I thought was a neat idea




I thoiught this was neat