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A blame-placing party hosted by insecure, uninformed, and biased Internet posers is not a party I want to attend.

I don’t believe in reincarnation for human beings, but I’m pretty sure some of the “opinionators” I read are going to come back as slugs, misspelled words, or bags of gummy bears in flavors nobody wants.

“Who wants some toe-jam gummy bears?”

Racism exists, certainly, and painting certain groups with a broad “those people” kind of brush is nothing new.

Accusing an individual of doing bad things simply because they are a member of a certain group is the basis of a lot of fear-mongering and devaluing from the school yard to the halls of government.

It’s common, it’s stupid, and it produces nothing but ill will.

Life is too short for that. End of grumpy rant.





@leerla73 Ive seen this before… everyone sees or experiences short death differently, I just think, we are nothing else but atoms and other materia in a shell… perhaps there is a soul and will be reborn, but when I look at the universe it looks very different to me…


Mary where are thou?? For some reason I’m missing your quotes in this forum.
Are you well, are you too busy? Whatever it is, I’m thinking of you :heart: and wish you well :hugs:


Uhmmmm . . .


Wir fliegen durch diese Welt, durch Jahrhunderte hindurch, Zukunft ist Vergangenheit, Leben ist ewig, die Zeit prescht wie im Zeitraffer bis Giganten aufeinanderprallen…
Feuer, Wasser, Luft und Eis die Szenarien Erwachen und werden zur Wirklichkeit

Doch alles Ende wird ein Anfang haben und ein Gänseblümchen neu Erblühen… :slight_smile: :blossom:

We fly through this world, through centuries, the future is the past, life is eternal, time speeds by until giants collide…
Fire, water, air and ice the scenarios awaken and become reality

But all endings will have a beginning and a daisy will bloom anew :slight_smile: :blossom:


Der Gedanke daran einfach zu Staub zu verfallen und dann ist da nix mehr, will ich nicht akzeptieren :laughing:
Ich kenne auch die Geschichten, das das Hirn einem Bilder und oder Träume schickt um das Sterben zu erleichtern… :thinking: Ist aber wieder mit anderen Geschichten rätselhaft…
So oder so irgendwann werden wir alle es erfahren.

I don’t want to accept the thought of just turning to dust and then there’s nothing left :laughing: I also know stories about the brain sending you pictures or dreams to make dying easier.
:thinking: But is with other stories puzzling…
Either way someday we will all find out.

But it is extremely exciting, It’s like the aliens…
I don’t have to believe everything, but I also don’t have to believe that everything comes from a certain imagination.


That’s for sure, the excitement is only in thinking of it, as no one, absolutely no one can really know in detail as there is a divide. That’s why I find the dramas that has realms so fascinating! :slight_smile:


Sounds like Rainer Maria Rilke just a bit . . .


Maria? :hushed: ! Is there a custom for the middle name being female?


I feel the same way :slight_smile:
That’s why I find Ashes of Love so well done and fascinating.The thought of it would be nice :hugs:


I don’t know who that is, but I find it funny :sweat_smile: at least we two have similar thoughts :partying_face:


Gaby, there was a Austrian actor “Klaus Maria Brandauer” (his allias), do you remember him??
And “Christoph Maria Herbst”, German actor…


:partying_face::partying_face: Is right, :smiley:! check it here: Rainer Maria Rilke


So it’s likely a Austrian custom, and not German?
@misswillowinlove @gaby_heitmann_975

I just looked at the article link @simi11 A very interesting read. On naming boys Maria, from

Why boys are allowed to be called Maria and girls not allowed to be called Joseph

Sunday, 09/29/2013 | 09:46

Actor Klaus Maria Brandauer, composer Carl-Maria von Weber and even the actor of ZDF commissioner Viktor Siska (Wolfgang Maria Bauer) have one thing in common: a woman’s name. “Maria is allowed as the only maiden name for men,” explains the guardian of the birth register in Munich , Gerhardt Wirsing. “However, a clearly male first name must then be chosen.”

Name researcher Gerhard Müller from the Society for German Language knows the reason for this: “Maria is often to be found as a middle name in regions with a predominantly Catholic population.” the Virgin Mary plays a central role as Mother of God, parents are allowed to give their son the nickname Mary as an expression of deep religiosity.

Religious tradition counts

Less veneration, on the other hand, experiences the biblical figure of Joseph, so that his name is not an acceptable nickname for girls in religious families. By the way: Jesus is also not allowed for girls - for boys only for some time.


I didn’t finish reading it and thanks for the translation, I had to rush away… and leaving soon again. Anyway, perhaps it’s just a custom in some European countries. I have to read it up :wink:


I love learning things about world history. Human beings are all so fascinating, wherever you go!

But I’m not allowed to say more than that. I just got admonished by Discobot.

I like too many people and too many things.

I am very fussy about food, but when it comes to enjoying and exploring the world, I want all the feelz!



Today is Friday the 13th by the calendar my culture uses. It is considered unlucky by many people. So unlucky, in fact, that many tall buildings in the United States have no 13th floor.

I have always considered Friday the 13th my lucky day. Something good and unexpected has always happened to me on any Friday the 13th.

Sometimes it takes a while for the actual good thing to manifest itself in my life, but when it shows up, I can always trace its orgins back to Friday the 13th.

So happy Friday, everyone! Maybe somehow I’ll end up marrying the owner of a Korean restaurant and get free gimbap for the rest of my life. That would be the luckiest thing ever!


“Uh, Miss Willow, it doesn’t work quite like that. If you want it, you make it.”